Montreal is completely a circus La Tohu in the center of the festivities

This Thursday, the circus festival Montréal Complètement announces the titles of the show, which will animate the pole of the Cité du cirque from 7 to 17 July.

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Stephanie Maureen

Stephanie Maureen

More than ever, the Tohu website aims to be its own place for festival goers. Indeed, during the festival, at least six shows will be presented in the main room, under tents, in the area bordering Tohu. Two more productions will take place at the National Circus School, a few steps away.

“The Tohu site will be impressive, very lively,” said Nadine Marchand, director of the Montréal Complètement Circus. “The audience will be able to walk from one show to another, from one universe to another. Like last year, there will be a bistro “with this year’s chef,” says Nadine Marshan, “picnic areas and several indoor and outdoor scenes.”

Last year we tamed the site; this year we are getting even better.

Nadine Marshan, Director of Montreal Completely Circus

“The programs will be very diverse,” continues Nadine Marshan. After two years of pandemic, we can finally welcome international companies and open new universes again. This year there will be several companies from the Scandinavian countries. They offer very refined, very modern, very beautiful shows. »


Show Break designed for babies 2 years and older.

Another fact: two performances for kids have found a place in the program. Breakfrom the company Quebec Crab walk (from 2 years), will be presented outdoors from 9 to 11 July, and Track Track Track (from 4 years), from the Finnish troupe Portmanteau, July 14, 16 and 17 at the National Circus School. “Children’s shows are in great demand, and two productions in the program are a rarity! – says Nadine Marshan.

However, this is a creation for the general public, which will be the opening of the circus Montréal Complètement: After the night, presented in the Tohu building at the time of the festival. Specially designed for this round room with very high ceilings, it is the work of director Benoit Landry (together) will focus on aerial acrobatics as well as music. Indeed, the Chances trio will perform live in the center of the stage surrounded by 12 acrobats and dancers. July 2 and from 5 to 16 July.

Under the great peak erected on site, the Quebec troupe Gypsy Kumbia Orchestra will offer barge. Inspired by Colombian cumbia, this very festive show combines dance, circus and music. Accordion, violin, clarinet, wind instruments and drums will fill the audience’s ears. From 6 to 17 July.

From July 8 to 11, the public is invited to an “amazing experience between circus and dance”, with phase, a show from the Netherlands, presented in the lobby of the main building. Here the bodies of the three performers form a single mobile organism, in constant evolution.

Very colorful The Golden Family, represented by the couple Tamara Busquet and Philippe Trepanier, from “The Peak Two”, returns for the second time, but in an updated formula. This time she will be able to park her motorhome in a place that will be completely reserved for her. In the program: humor and circus, inspired by Florida campsites and their colorful fauna! From 8 to 10 July and from 13 to 17 July.


Show Plastic will be presented by the Swedish company ENT.

The second tent, set up near Tokho, will run from July 12-15 Plastic, Swedish ENT troupe. “This magical spectacle immerses us in a real visual poem,” explains Nadine Marshan.

Finally, the show beautiful squares will unfold on the stage of the National Circus School. Created by the Guadeloupe circus organization Métis’Gwa, this production features four women artists. Combining Caribbean dance and circus, it discusses the place women occupy in society. A great way to celebrate femininity!

Please note that the open-air festival program will be announced later. But Nadine Marshan promises that it will be “very large-scale” and that several novelties will be offered in the Latin Quarter. To be continued.

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