Morgan Kneisky has a project for Louis Pijurle – News

When Morgan Kneisky starts the project, he likes to do well. When he was a runner, he enjoyed leading his pair of Americans to rainbow T-shirts. Now that he is training to get his DEJEPS (Diploma in Public Youth Education and Sports), he has to create a project for a runner from his club AC Bisontine, and this project is an attempt against him. François Lamiro 50,844 km from 2015 (see here and here).

AC Bisontine has a long tradition“recalls the one who was also the world champion in scratching. But there is no more velodrome in Besançon, so the organizer Kneisky has to find a track to hide the attempt.”I discussed with Vincent Jacques the organization of an attempt at the velodrome in Egle, on the day of the Tour de France, but he died two days before our appointment.“- says Morgan Kneisky DirectVelo. Le Bisonten had to reconsider his project, but always on the side of Switzerland. “Finally it will be in Granges, it remains the closest to Besançon and it is a high-performance velodromeSince the change in the design of the Hour Record, there have been three successful attempts, including the current women’s hourly record of 48,405 km, and Joslin Louden and Claudio Imhoff have set a Swiss record of 52,116 km.


So Morgan Kneisky has a project, a velodrome, a date (July 12), and he also has a racer: Louis Pijurle, a newcomer to AC Bisontine this season. “I’ve been thinking about recordingexplains the French champion of the race for points DirectVelo. On “3 Days of the Eagle” last year, Morgan told me “It’s something that will tempt you! », it was good and we talked about it again“Accustomed to running paired with an American, Morgan Kneisky found”with Luis, the perfect runner. He has the physical qualities and austerity to prepare for this goal. He is a horse in training“In another direction, Louis Pigurlet found the man he had disappeared.”What prevented me from trying to record was a large administrative part, and I didn’t see myself managing it alone.Thus, the 26-year-old driver will have to improve the score of Francois Lamiro, his teammate in 2015 on the team Vulco-VC Vaulx-en-Velin and whose self-sacrifice he was able to emulate during training.

At the end of June, Louis Pigurlet will prepare for two goals at the French Championship in Cholet. “These are similar threshold efforts, although hourly recording is a linear effort“. The third French championship in time trial in 2017 has already begun its preparations.”I conducted tests for 30 minutes, where we are approaching record speed. We try to focus on the ideal cadence to develop good strength, given the fatigue. From there we will choose the equipment“.


But one thing is not enough to close the cycle and especially the budget: money. “Priority – material. When you know the price of cotton wool, it’s the biggest expense, but I already have partners, so it won’t cost me anything.“The candidate for the record is already driving his car.”Argon France gives us a bike, Sylvain Chavanel lends us a pair of wheels. I also went to the wind tunnel at the Airoptimum in Nevers. I gained a lot of watts by taking a position I would not have thought of“.

On the other hand, other expenditure items are greedy. “The biggest expense is the velodrome. There are also timing and judges.. Therefore, Morgan Kneisky is still looking for funding to implement his project to the starting line of the hourly record.


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