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The 2022 Cannes Film Festival opens on Tuesday, May 17. Discover the choice of this 75and edition, the jury of which is headed by Vincent Lyndon.

Russia 1 – Ukraine 2

Since he announced the presence at the competition of Russian Kirill Serebrennikov, recently exiled to Berlin, with “Madame Tchaikovsky”, the general delegate of the Festival, Thierry Fremo, is being pressured to remove it from the billboard. The Ukrainian Institute, in particular, criticizes the film for being funded by oligarch Roman Abramovich. When we know the political support of Serebrennikov, who joined the dissident movement and pays him with his freedom, the situation is grotesque: propaganda is raging on all sides during the war.

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“Madame Tchaikovsky”, Kirill Serebrennikov. (BAC MOVIES)

What Ukrainian Serhiy Loznytsia should remind of in his documentary “Natural history of destruction” (Special session). After his dismissal from the European Film Academy, whose reaction to the Russian invasion he believed “toothless”The director was fired from his Ukrainian counterpart for failing to support a call to boycott Russian artists.

Ukraine will also be represented at Un Certain Regard “Butterfly Vision”Maxim Nakonechny’s first film about the return of a pregnant soldier to Donbas after she was raped by a prison guard.

The hope of the palm tree gives life

They have often competed for the championship palm, but are still hoping for it. This is David Cronenberg, who is making his first film in eight years, “Crimes of the Future”twilight waiting for a couple of artists (Viggo Mortensen and Lea Seydou) who are developing new organs to exhibit them during secret performances.

Never awarded, not even shouted for such wonderful films as “Night belongs to us” or “Two Lovers”, James Gray is happy for the fifth time with “Time of Armageddon”, inspired by his adolescence in New York, in the shadow of Trump and their growing power. In the composition: Anne Hathaway, Anthony Hopkins and Jeremy Strong.

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For his eighth participation, Arno Depleschen shoots, c ” Brother and sister “the reunion of the actress (Marion Cotillard) and her brother-writer (Melville Pupo) after a long argument.

As for Korean Pak Chan Wook, whose “Old Boy” (2004 Grand Jury Prize) has just missed the highest consecration, will he be luckier with his new erotic thriller, “The decision to leave” ?

girl gang

There are four of them in the competition. Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, whose meeting with Patrice Chereau was decisive, plunges back into the heat “Almond tree” from Nanterre to portray a group of young actors in the 1980s who suffered from AIDS. In the role of a director known for never giving up, Louis Garrel, who claims to have worked on it “Impressions of Shero”.

Identical temporary connection with Claire Denny, director of desires and bodies, p “Noon stars”the ardent love of an American journalist and a British businessman forced him to leave Nicaragua amid the revolution.

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Leonor Serray (Golden Camera 2017 for the film “Young Woman”) holds “Little brother” the usual chronicle of an African family in the suburbs of Paris.

Annabel Langron in Leonor Serray's Younger Brother.  (DIAPHANA DISTRIBUTION)
Annabel Langron in Leonor Serray’s Younger Brother. (DIAPHANA DISTRIBUTION)

Kelly Reichardt (“The First Cow”), a figure of American indie cinema, a taste for minimalism, the stubborn art of shooting almost nothing in a setting of stunning beauty, follows in “Appear”artist (Michelle Williams, her favorite actress) in chaos on the eve of the opening.

Membrane recurrences

Already intertwined, they have napkin rings on a Croisette. The Dardenne brothers, covered in gold for Rosetta in 1999 and for L’Enfant in 2005, celebrate the friendship of two young African migrants in Belgium in “Tori and Lokita”.

After “Square”, the first American film by the Swede Ruben Ostlund, Triangle of Sorrow sees him still ridiculing the shortcomings of time over a luxury cruise led by Woody Harrelson that turned into a disaster.

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Japanese Hirokazu Kore-ed (“Family Business”) filmed in Korea with the actor “Parasites” Song Kang Ho, a family road cartoon, “Good stars”around the local phenomenon of boxes where babies are thrown.

And in MRIRomanian Christian Mungiu (“4 months, 3 weeks, 2 days”) researches “Effects of European Policy on Rural Communities in Transylvania”, according to Thierry Fremo.

RMN, Christian Munjiu.  (PACT)
RMN, Christian Munjiu. (PACT)

The Middle East is in force

The competition has never relied so much on updates with the first nine entrants, Belgian Lucas Dont (2018 Golden Camera for Girls), with “Close”to the Spaniard Albert Serra, whose “Flour on the islands” plunges Benoit Magimel into French Polynesia and the decline of nuclear tests.

Not forgetting the three dazzling revelations of genre film in the Middle East. After the “Law of Tehran”, Saeed Ruste, p The Layla Brotherssigns a family mural between the Godfather and the Iranian Ettore Scola.

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Reinforced by the uniqueness of the “Border”, Ali Abbasi follows, c Mashhad Nightshis father decided to clean up his city by killing prostitutes.

Nights of Mashhad Ali Abbasi.  (METROPOLIT FILMEXPORT)
Nights of Mashhad Ali Abbasi. (METROPOLIT FILMEXPORT)

And in “Boy from heaven”Egyptian Tariq Saleh, who has returned from “confidential Cairo”, is waging wars of influence over the succession of the Cairo imam.

french touch

And France, how many divisions? Enlarged shot of two weeks of directors, which is fun to build six attractive French films.

“Good morning”author Mia Hansen-Love, a story of support for a sick father by his daughter Lea Seydou and Melville Pupo.

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“Five Devils”Lea Misius, a fable about the power of smells, with Adele Exarkopoulos.

“Overview of Paris”author Alice Winocour, around the attack in the capital, with Virginia Ether (also the mistress of ceremonies).

“Harks”from Philip Focona, finally returned to Cannes after “Fatima” and “Amina”.

Les Harkis, Philip Focon.  (PYRAMID OF DISTRIBUTION)
Les Harkis, Philip Focon. (PYRAMID OF DISTRIBUTION)

“Super 8 years”an intimate documentary by Annie Erno and her son David, based on her own family films between 1976 and 1981.

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Fence with “Green fragrance”a very spy comedy “The Man from Rio” starring Vincent Lacoste and Sandrine Cyberlen starring Nicolas Pariser.

Star Ac ‘

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The vapors planned for the Croisette are all areas together, where Tom Cruise, an eternal young man of 60, is going to overcome the sound barrier in Top Gun: Maverick, Joseph Kosinsky; Tom Hanks will build the myth of Presley Elvis, Baz Luhrmann; Kristen Stewart plays the scalpel of David Cronenberg; and former rapper Diam to look back on his life and his conversion to Islam “Hello”a documentary co-produced with Hood Benjamin and Ann Ciss√©.

Tom Cruise in Joseph Kosinski's Top Gun: Maverick.  (PARAMULAR PHOTOS)
Tom Cruise in Joseph Kosinski’s Top Gun: Maverick. (PARAMULAR PHOTOS)

Tilda Swinton “Three thousand years waiting for you”George Miller, Julianne Moore “When you finish saving the world”Jesse Eisenberg and Isabelle Huppert “Hello Khan”author Jerzy Skolimowski, also (among many others) will be part of the campaign in Cannes.

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