Multiverse of Madness: Top 5 Guides to X-Men

Ever since fans heard Patrick Stewart’s voice in the trailer strange doctor in the Multiverse of MadnessThere has been an incredible amount of speculation by fans about the number of other references to the original Fox franchise, The X-Men. As rumors of Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds surfaced among other X-Men, much of it was just rumors.

Fans with eagle eyes and eventually ears may have noticed references to old movies and classic 90s TV shows, while most moviegoers have never encountered Easter eggs before. From Patrick Stewart’s classic yellow chair to Juggernaut’s subtle nod, there were more than a few clues that avid fans must have loved to see.

Charles Xavier

When fans think of mentions of X-Men Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, their first call point – Charles Xavier Patrick Stewart. Ever since his voice was first heard in one of the trailers, fans have wondered if other X-Men will appear. Fans who watched Logan will remember that Charles died at the hands of X-24, a duplicate of Logan.

Based on this, it is clear that Xavier’s Multiverse of madness was not in the previous X-Men universe, but was in fact Charles Xavier from another multiverse. Given that this Xavier later died at the hands of Wanda, fans should certainly not expect Xavier Stewart to appear in any future draft. But, as with Marvel movies, never say never.

The wise words of Charles

Most likely, many people saw Dr. Strange 2 would also see X-Men: Days of Future Past, which became a giant crossover between the original cast and the new cast of the Fox franchise. In a conversation between Xavier Stewart and a younger version of Charles James McEvoy, Stewart tells his junior that “the fact that someone stumbled was lost does not mean that he is lost forever.”

In the previous film, it was a reference to the Mystic Jennifer Lawrence, who was going to kill Bolivar Trask, but in Dr. Strange 2, Xavier told Strange about Wanda, hoping that he would still be able to save her. It was a wonderful call back and showed that although he was not the same Xavier, he still had the same personality and sense of hope for all the lost people.

Theme “X-Men”.

Fans with eagle ears would hear a very familiar sound when Charles Xavier entered the room with other members of the Illuminati. Being a very subtle reference, Multiverse of madness Composer Danny Elfman managed to get into the theme of the animated show “X-Men” in 1997.

Fans know that Tom Holland’s films about Spider-Man also used the classic theme of Spider-Man in the trailers, but this was rarely done outside of these two cases. Finding the right time to turn on the score can be difficult, as the music has to match what is happening on the screen, and it is not always broadcast. Fortunately, Elfman managed to include the theme in a way that was organic in the story, and was a great Easter egg for fans of the original series.

Classic yellow chair

While Charles Xavier looked like the original Xavier from the old Fox movies, his chair was radically different. While Xavier’s chair was much more elegant and modern, the yellow chair was another feedback from the comics (because it was an accurate depiction of a chair on a hover). This was another confirmation that this is not the same Xavier from the original X-Men universe, just in case fans have any doubts.

It can also be difficult to reproduce the exact elements of comics in movies, because not everything translates well from comics to the screen. Elements that have been recreated in the past, including many of the original costumes of comic book characters, may not necessarily match the more modern look that many movies aspire to, but are ideal as a backlash for avid fans. .


In the opening scene of the film, fans saw a variation on how Dr. Strange is haunted by a demon named Tsitorak. Comic book fans can see Zittorak’s connection to the X-Men character Juggernaut, played by Winnie Jones in the original X-Men films and then voiced by none other than Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool 2.

For fans who may not know, Juggernaut’s strengths come from the Crimson Gem of Zittorak. Without a name in the film, fans may have done so when the character first appeared. Dr. Strange had previously used Cytorak tapes as part of a spell to tie Thanos to The Avengers: Infinity War when he tried to get a gauntlet from Thanos.

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