Music Festival 2022. Tri Bleiz Die, EV, Krozal, Aquilonia, Celtas Cortos … 10 Breton and Celtic bands to be (re) opened

June 21, the day of the summer solstice, is also a music festival. We have the opportunity to make you discover or rediscover some Breton bands and Breton songs that are the weight of peanuts. Atmosphere with a completely subjective list.

Tri Bleiz Die (“Three wolves of God”) – Breton punk rock band from Nantes, in the Loire-Atlantique. The Breton-only band was formed in 1998 and disbanded in 2006. The band met at a concert at Le Ferrailleur in Nantes in 2016 and was reformed in 2018. Only 4 albums worth seeing.

And a song, Aï’ta (standing) in honor of the Breton political prisoners of the time, in the late 90’s.

We continue to work in excellent groups that supported the then Breton political prisoners (in particular, through the collection “Songs for themselves to find themselves”, written at the time by Eric Leost). This is Seven Reizh, consisting of the Breton duo of Claude and Gerard, and in the song below – Bleunwenn and his wonderful voice.

Another Celtic and militant rock band that the youngest may not know about is EV E.V. (Strange truth or Genesis-Vroadel, international in Breton) is a French Celtic rock and indie rock band from Nantes, Loire-Atlantique. It was founded in 1981 by four musicians, two Bretons (Gveltaz and Silvain) and two Finnish brothers (Harry and Jari), and ceased operations in 2007. Their musical style is rock with Breton and Celtic influences, as well as a new wave, folk or pop. They define themselves as a Celtic-Finnish rock band. The lyrics of their songs are in Breton, French and Finnish. The band’s fame was shod on stage, with more than 1,000 concerts. We owe them 5 studio albums and two live albums.

We also owe it to them to remember the cover of Glenmore’s song Kan Bale An ARB, the marching song of the Breton Revolutionary Army. Listen below.

Another Breton group, which became famous, in particular, during the new “Celtic wave” of the late 90’s, came from Lorient and was called Armens. This is a group of 6 musicians and who released 6 albums, among which we especially remember the first.

Continuing through Krozal, (Breton “Rumble”) is an ephemeral music group that existed in 2000. It consisted of members of the group Tornaod and Claude Samar. The latter, writing music for the flood withErica, sought out a Breton band to interpret this, and recorded with Tornaod a mini-album of six titles related to the oil spill. We will allow you to open the flagship song of this mini-CD.

Also in Brittany in the 2000s, a band called Aquilonia appeared for the album. The band belongs to the category of “Rock Identity”, which released a quality album on the label Memorial Records (produced by In Memoriam). We suggest you check out this album below

Do we still have to introduce Soldier Louis? Hailing from Lorient, the band mixes traditional Brittany music with classical rock instruments – electric guitar, as well as acoustic, drum, bass, etc. – Scottish flute (Biniu Braz Breton), Irish bagpipes and bombardment related to traditional music. The two founders who are still present in the group are Reno Detresan (pseudonym Gary Wickham) and Serge Dane (pseudonym Soldier Louis). Only 9 albums, thousands of concerts. For an important group in Brittany.

He is a singer, less known than the great Breton bards, but has a voice that makes any music lover tremble. He (or rather he was, because he died in 2012, captured by a crab), Michelle Tonner. In 1970, he founded the band Djiboudjep in Lorient with Mikael Jawanko, with whom he worked for a long time before starting a solo career. We thank him for 9 albums and cult songs in Brittany, so iconic that even after his death, the Tonnerre team took them. We will show you one below.

Now we are going to Spain, or rather to the autonomous province of Castile and Leon. And we continue to spend a year with Celtas Cortos, a group formed in Valladolid in 1986. It consists of eight participants. The name of the group comes from the brand of Spanish cigarettes. A group with Latin influences, of course, but also Celtic. Only 20 albums and some great songs, so below.

And finally, a detour to Australia. The Rumjacks is truly a Sydney band formed in 2008. The band has released 5 albums and had great success during various tours in Europe. To find out below, in conclusion. Congratulations, Sláinte Mhaith, Yec’hed Mat, congratulations!

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