My Chateau d’If: Bella Ciao by Baru.

Meeting with Baru by Bella Ciao (Tre) in the reserve in Bulla (Marseille) 20/10/2022.

He is on time, and that is not common among writers. “Hello EDIKA ! I launched to check the humor of a guy who is on a world tour for his third volume of Bella Ciao. “Ah, sure,” replies a handsome 75-year-old in good shape, like a retired PE teacher. “I have an anecdote with him, finally, with his brother Caralli. I guess he thought I was Jewish with that name. My name is BarUela, what an Italian! That’s it, let’s digress for thirty minutes around Giuseppe Garibaldi, on the left, the mines in the East… See the topos?

When I was a child, I did well in school and my father wanted me to become an engineer. ” At that time ; An engineer is a parent’s dream, just like a computer scientist in the 80s or an influential person today. In short, someone who serves as a bone.

I change the direction. I wanted a job wherewhere I’m not spending my life earning it. We understand each other: I, this is a job on which I do not waste my life. point. So sports, let’s talk a little? And boxing, about which he recorded two albums, a proletarian sport like cycling? ” I hit my nose with my fist and stopped. For a bicycle, Ileft the vein to Christian Lax”(designer Eagle without fingers). I cautiously recommend a few boxing albums, such as Eddie Vaccaro’s, Chhasp.m.Ieleven oris a boxer from Kleist. (also available at your bookstore)

Baru or the Italy of the poor.

My thing is to talk about my people, about the sons of workers, how theyrentheir fate is in their hands, byd sports for example.A close look at the Baru boards is enough to see the movement, especially among the children: real effort has been put into the movement of the bodies. And nostalgia for slim and active bodies. At Bella Ciao Tre, the family spends their time partying, from Sunday to Holy Monday. In Italy, if you know, we kept the party on Sunday. This is what Baru keeps because the world of work is a forbidden world. Except for the child who takes his bowl to his father, who spends his sixteen hours (out!) in the blast furnaces at Wilrup.

And this second album then? ? The third answers to me. I don’t dilute myself because I usually say bigger things. (Ask the CQFD team). Then I have the pleasure of seeing in these albums a supposed approximation of the boy. Phew. Anyway, Futuropolis, channel usualdidn’t even send me the albums so…

In this album, I talk about the price you have to pay to be transparent. I deconstruct historical stages. It is not easy to navigate in these historical dives between the Garibaldians who took part in the First World War and were destroyed on the Marne fields, and a dreamy childhood, reinterpreted. Baru in these albums is not shy to tell us about his wanderings and mistakes, a bit like Sfar.

This third album is built around the story of others, children from the east of France, whose parents or grandparents came from Italy, fleeing poverty or war, to become main fodder.

The comic, at the Bar, it happened with Vaillant, the youth publication of the Communist Party, then in high school he came across Har Keery, then Charlie Mansuel and ” there Riser opened the door for me. I wanted to express myself not necessarily in comics, then it was Wolinsky I voted for the computer while reading Harakiri, and I have rather a headache with my friends about this topic. says someone who votes for Mélenchon today.

I do not suffer, except from old age. I have no problem filling out the sheet. I take a sheet of A4, which I fold and then arrange my characters. I spend 8 hours a day drawing. I managed to do this as a physical education teacher. “That’s still a lot of hours on the bar floor. Like his family, these Italian “pasta”, he tells the story of industry in the Northeast, the price of work, dangerous and expensive in life, like Ali’s father, who dies under a poorly fixed pipe, and who makes him next on the list.

But these are all stories, the Baru family never fought either with Garibaldi’s red shirts or with Italian anti-fascists. “They were poor in my family.» We exchange a moment for Garibaldi, this Italian superhero whose biography he read in Milza, and I for Max Gallo, thinking he was a real comic book character. ” My grandfather was not a Garibaldian, but he was a watchman in the baths and showers.(not the box where the youth of the 80s got into trouble), but those with his blood.

All this created three picture albums, written also to tell about the life of Italians in France, but in a certain confusion for the reader. We get lost among the heroes of the family or community. Hell, I think Baru lost his way too trying to fit all of Italian immigration into three volumes. He even summons Emmanuel Todd to explain the concept of an egalitarian family in Calabria, but when he bites into an Italian coffee maker, we’re definitely talking about Italy.

Baru, when he was a child, loved his friends, as he loves his friends today, Igor, Hippie or Jean-Christophe Chauzi, who works a lot with Jonquet. As for comics, he always appreciates like a child waiting for the release of Wayan, Muñoz, Tardi, who has just released the last section of Adele Blanc, Larsen, Davodo or Lax, authors who turn the history of the people with their shovel, a shovel in the shape of a pencil.

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