Narbonne: The Association of Mayors of Aude wants to unite elected officials of the department

Eric Menassi, President of the Association of Mayors of Aude (AMA), at a press conference at the Arena in Narbonne announced the first edition of the Salon of Communes and Territories of Aude on October 14, 2022.

“This fair will be aimed at developing relations between municipalities, companies that support our cities, as well as the state”, says Didier Muli, Mayor of Narbonne, attending the conference with Eric Menassi. According to him, the event will be described as simple, but effective and friendly.

“The very essence of the Association of Mayors of Od is its plurality”, explains Eric Menassi. It was a real pride. And no wonder this is the first time in France. This Aude association decided to set up a meeting dedicated exclusively to local elected officials. “Such measures already exist, but they are very rare near us. Thanks to this fair, all elected officials will be able to attend and receive the necessary assistance. “he continues.

Conceived as a partnership action, this event will be nothing more than an event not to be missed for exchanges, meetings and friendly communication between the public and private sectors. Five months before the launch of the first edition, there are several goals. The main goal is to create a real space for exchange between professionals, local elected officials and technicians. Then promote the AMA and strengthen the bonds between members. But above all, the goal of the Salon des Communes et des Terroitoires de l’Aude will be to dedicate the whole day to the problems and various problems of communities and government agencies, about 80 stands focusing on national and local issues. . “After the pandemic, a break was created between the municipalities of France. Thanks to this initiative, we can strengthen the ties and develop everyone’s network by sharing and sharing. “admits Claude Focon-Megan, mayor of Brahma and vice president of the AMA.

The Association of Mayors of Od comes out of silence

After the health crisis, which limited elected officials to “essentials”, it was time to meet again. Founded in 1972, the AMA today unites almost all elected representatives of the Department of Aude, ie almost 430 municipalities. “Of the 432 municipalities, more than 85 are considered rural. Therefore, it is very difficult for the state to settle all the concerns of these small towns in time. This fair will also allow this “continues Eric Menassi.

The AMA insists on its function of assisting municipalities to make it easier for mayors to perform their functions more smoothly by supporting them at different poles of communities. “There is no school to be mayor or elected. We learn along the way and we all know unanswered questions. The best weapon is the one made on earth. This event will also allow everyone to get answers.”, sums up the president of AMA. The first issue will take place at the Arena de Narbonne, and the association will try to rotate the show in different cities every year.

Restricted entry

Even if many elected officials and civil servants are expected to work closely with the municipalities, the show will not be open to the public. Indeed, apart from mayors and local elected officials, territorial commissioners or public sector buyers, no other visitors are expected. However, online registration remains open to all public and private sectors, as well as to selected officials from other agencies wishing to join the event. “We will be happy to welcome other brothers and sisters from neighboring departments”says Didier Mule.

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