Negotiations on the left may take extra time

PARIS: This is, in principle, the last chance weekend: Jean-Luc Melanchon and Insoumis are calling on the left to break out of the “culture of defeat” as the last hours of their parliamentary elections are over, even if there is a resumption scenario until next week.

Sunday night was the deadline for the agreement, which was mentioned by all actors, which caused the imperatives of election propaganda in view of the elections on June 12 and 19.

However, we are “still in the dark,” Alain Coulombel, one of EELV’s negotiators, told AFP as discussions resumed on Saturday afternoon at LFI headquarters with his party.

“It’s progressing,” said Manuel Bompard, LFI’s chief negotiator. His training was dominant after Jean-Luc Melanchon scored 22% on April 10, while all others fell below 5%, entitling them to reimbursement of campaign expenses.

The desire to reach an agreement on Saturday seemed real between LFI and EELV. Over the past two weeks, both organizations have looked in depth at issues that may stand in the way of, for example, Europe, the division of districts, or even how to form an alliance.

After it became clear on Friday morning that the deal was “on the doorstep”, Green leader Julien Baye told AFP on Saturday that EELV had been attentive to discussions with other parties before concluding: “We hope this is progresses with everyone, and between everyone. “

Because the reconciliation with the Socialist Party, which began in the middle of the week, will take time, as the Socialists “suspended” their discussions on Friday at noon. The party leadership argued: “hegemonic” sentiments of the LFI.

The uprisings of some elected officials and minority currents who do not acknowledge that the PS supported the rebels’ ideological demands (retirement at age 60, partial disobedience to Europe, price freezes, etc.) also explain the delays by Olivier Faure and his lieutenants.

However, the “connection is not broken in any way” with the LFI, said on Saturday the negotiator of the AF AFP, who explained: “We hope that the discussions will continue. During the negotiations there are always periods of stops, sudden accelerations. ยป.

According to this socialist, “the only real deadline for the LFI is May 7 (the day of the People’s Union’s investment congress), so they want it to end on that date. But in fact, everything can be managed until May 14.” There is no deadline for anyone. “

Social liberalism

Jean-Luc Melanchon is annoyed by these adventures. The former presidential candidate, who is now targeting Matignon, is urging left-wing parties on Saturday in JDD to break out of a “permanent culture of defeat”, regretting that they “allowed themselves to be absorbed in their internal problems”.

His criticism is also directed at the PS, as well as at EELV – and its “internal mode of operation”, which contributes to the multiplicity of trends – and the PCF.

Communist Fabien Russell, without waiting for an agreement that he thought was too late, announced on Friday his candidacy for re-election in his northern constituency of Saint-Aman-les-O.

The Communists hope to have more constituencies than their incumbent presidents, arguing that they are better established in certain areas. The Communists told AFP on Saturday that “the proposals of La France insoumise, which is primarily responsible for authorizing the meeting, have so far not allowed” an agreement.

Jean-Luc Melanchon “warned” all his potential partners: “People will not agree twice that those who refuse to build this new majority will take away their victory.”

Some mayors, with a majority, voted in favor of the alliance, such as environmentalist Gregory Duce in Lyon or Nantes’s Socialist Johanna Rolland, but former campaign leader Anna Hidalgo, who is silent.

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