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The most important thing of the week!

ozarkseason 4 part 2 (29.04.): This is the second and last part of season 4, so it’s time to say goodbye to the Byrd family! After the traumatic completion of the first part of the recovery promises to be under high voltage. Now that Ruth knows who killed Wyatt, what will she do next? Will she be able to survive if she opposes the cartel? What will Xavi do as the new leader of the Navarro cartel? And what about Omar Navarro, who is in prison? Will Byrdy find a way out of this mess, and will they finally be able to escape cartel control and finally find peace? Will Jonas continue to rebel? So many questions that this conclusion must be answered!

Friday, April 29

Grace and Frankie, Season 7, Part 2: Seven years ago, Grace and Frankie’s life turned upside down when their husbands left them … to live together! After both protagonists understood each other as a dog and a cat, they became inseparable, developing ties that are unlikely to face an uncertain future, hand in hand. They laughed, cried, hallucinated and built two successful businesses together. After 94 episodes, Grace and Frankie continue to show their families, their fans and themselves what it means to live a full life, fearless and flawless, through seven seasons of laughter, tears, “small events” and kindness. humor. This may be their last chapter, but it has not yet been written.

Rumspringa: During a trip to Berlin, a young Amish in the middle of the ceremony reconnects with his roots, falls in love and makes an important decision.

Under the palm trees my mother: Jose Luis has just been thrown in front of the altar, and, as if that were not enough, Marie Carmen, his mother hen, hurries to accompany him on his honeymoon on the pretext that he is not losing money. But the more time they spend together in Mauritius, the more depressing Jose Luis. Meanwhile, Marie Carmen is having fun, enjoying all the impressions she has always wanted to get, and revealing the amazing woman she really is that her family doesn’t know about.

Sunday, May 1

La Haine (catalog): A few hours after the riots that put their friend in a coma, three residents of the suburbs of immigrant origin were seized with hatred. A bright film by Mathieu Kasowitz, the cry of ignored youth, falls on the platform. With Vincent Kassel, Hubert Kunde, Saeed Tagmaui

Security guards (catalog): Her sons went to the front, her mother took over the family farm, her daughter and another young woman helped. The arrival of American soldiers will change everything. In this 2016 film, Xavier Beauvoir brings together Natalie Bai and Laura Smet.

Cheetah (catalog): In the 1860s in Sicily, the prince had to come to terms with the fact that his political status changed when his nephew joined the opposition and fell in love with the mayor’s daughter. Lucino Visconti’s masterpiece with hot Alain Delon and Claudia Cardinale.

Past (catalog): After four years of separation, the Iranian Ahmad returns to France and discovers that Marie, his French wife, has built her life with another man. In his first film in France, Iranian director Asgar Farhadi brings together Tahar Rahim and Berenice Bejo in a heartbreaking drama.

Hippocrates (catalog): At a Paris hospital, a young medical student becomes an intern in his father’s department and faces the harsh realities of the profession. Before his series on Canal +, Thomas Lilty played the first act of Hippocrates with Vincent Lacoste and Reda Kateb.

Tuesday, May 3

With apnea: ice crossing: In this documentary, follow freediver Johanna Nordblad as she tries to break the world record for the longest freediving under the ice.

Wednesday, May 4

El Marginal, Season 5: Divorced after an unsuccessful escape attempt, Pastor and Diosito face new dangers that threaten their survival. One was locked up, the other went looking for a place to fall behind the walls, and both had to face the consequences of their actions and reimburse the past. Meanwhile, the struggle for power continues in the Puente Viejo prison. Borges, James and Bardot are going to finally settle accounts with Caesar and Sub-21. All this under the watchful eye of “bleached” director Sergio Antin.

Three meters above the sky, season 3: Summer has finally returned to the Riviera Romagnola. Summer seems to be approaching the new season with uncharacteristic carelessness, Dario receives an offer he can’t refuse, Sofia is afraid that she has become a stranger to her friends, and Ella is tormented by guilt. In these new episodes, Summer, El, Dario, Sophia, Edo and Blue continue their journey to find out who they are, their dreams and their aspirations. Their friendship and the appearance of new people in the group make them realize something important about themselves and their future. In addition to broadening their emotional spectrum, this proactive journey teaches them that love sometimes requires the loss of a part of oneself.

Forty years and surprises: To restore a taste for life after a bitter revelation, the chef travels to Cancun to compete in a culinary competition with his business partner and best friend.

Panic at the power plant: Three Mile Island: Privileged witnesses return to the events, disputes and consequences of the accident at the Three Mile Island nuclear power plant, Pennsylvania.

Thursday, May 5

Pentaverat: What if a secret society of five tries to influence world events for the benefit of all after the Black Death of 1347? At the beginning of this new series, an unlikely Canadian journalist finds himself on a mission to discover the truth and, who knows, save the world. First of all, don’t forget! The existence of a secret society should never be revealed!

Clark: The drama series Clark tells the story of one of the robbers whose story inspired the concept of the Stockholm Syndrome, and who managed to seduce Sweden, despite several accusations of drug trafficking, attempted murder, assault, theft and dozens of bank robberies. Inspired by the truth and lies revealed in the autobiography of Clark Olofsson, the series directed by Jonas Ockerlund evokes through fiction one of the most controversial figures in modern Swedish history. And this is Bill Skarsgård (That, Castle Rock) playing Jonas Ockerlund.

Wild babies: small and wild: Lions, elephants, penguins, lizards … Watch the adventures of cubs as they learn to master the vagaries of wildlife.

It’s already available and you can’t miss it!

7 lives of Leah: After discovering the skeleton of a young man, Lea wakes up in 1991. Embodied in the skin of different people, she tries to prevent this mysterious death. Series created by Charlotte Sanson in collaboration with Dorothy Lasho, Camille Rosse and Frederic Rosse. Based on Natalia Trapp’s novel “7 Lives of Leo Bellamy”.

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