New movies and series on Netflix from April 28 to May 5

Netflix releases several movies and series in its catalog each week, but no one notices them or the platform officially announces it. Ecran Large is looking at new features added by Netflix from April 29 to May 5, 2022, movies and series combined into an incomplete list.

What movies and series can’t be missed this weekend on the streaming platform?

Ozark 4 season 2 part

Available on Netflix – Duration: 7 episodes of 1 hour

“Please suspend my CF account”

What is it about? The devastated Ruth goes to Chicago for revenge, and Marty tries to dissuade her from an act she may regret.

Why do you have to watch it? Originally accepted as a clone everything is bad, ozark will know how to find your own path, the path of the collective spiral to hell. Instead of analyzing human actions or mental sources, the series decided to consider a huge gallery of the main characters who the lure of profit and violence move within a seemingly unstoppable mechanism.

And from the first section of this conclusion the tone is set: ozark will not give rest to his anti-heroes, immediately faced with the consequences of the recent massacre. A dark promise and a process as cruel as it is relentless. Reborn with a more tragic tone, history will pay homage to Marty’s contradictions, more than ever torn between his life choices, their consequences and his ability to bear the burden of a life now inhabited by corpses and bullying. Citizens of Ozarka!

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On Netflix May 1 – Duration: 3:06

Cheetah: photo, Alain Delon, Claudia CardinaleA little invasive, Delaunay

What is it about? In the 1860s in Sicily, the prince had to come to terms with the fact that his political status changed when his nephew joined the opposition and fell in love with the mayor’s daughter.

Why do you have to watch it? A sublime attempt to reflect the beauty of a bygone era, cheetah shines primarily at the request of its author to sign a mentally beautiful melodrama. Taking advantage of a exceptional cast, and one accurate formulation (which, however, suffers from several lengths), the film is one of those works that you should see at least once in your life, even if it means falling asleep before it.

Made in 1963 by Italian master Lucino Visconti, cheetah wants to be a manifesto of the absolute formalism of its author. The main element of French and Italian cinema, a film adapted from the novel of the same name by Prince Lampedusa Giuseppe Tomazi, corresponds tothe aesthetics brought to a climax, and contemplative reflections on the passage of time and the many changes that result from it. A monument to the apotheotic elegance of the film, which won the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival in the year of its release.


On Netflix May 1 – Duration: 1:42

Photo by Vincent LacosteDr. Lacoste

What is it about? At a Paris hospital, a young medical student becomes an intern in his father’s department and faces the harsh reality of the profession.

Why do you have to watch it? Because director Thomas Lilty is not a director like others. This is a former doctor his experience in the field of medicine allows him today to touch with impressive accuracy in his films on a portrait of a state hospital in France.

A particularly significant gesture in Hippocrates where the heroes are and their problems rewritten with disarming simplicity and humanity, vibrating with a sensitive chord of a work that never gets into trouble. Consistency in a director who almost systematically escapes pathos with humor and tenderness that never detract from the action. Vice versa, Hippocrates sounds very true, thanks to very fine writing and fascinating cast, from Vincent Lacoste to Red Kateb through Felix Moati.

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all true

On Netflix May 2 – Duration: 1:41

It's all true: photographer Kenneth Branagh, Judy DenchWilliam Shakespeare and his Anne Hathaway

What is it about? After the destruction of the Globe Theater, the famous playwright William Shakespeare returned to Stratford-upon-Avon to his long-abandoned family.

Why do you have to watch it? Who else but Kenneth Branagh could make a film about Shakespeare’s life and star in it? No one. He is often considered a better actor than a director, he often decides to combine them, playing in most of his films. WITH It’s all true, the actor and director seems to be closing the loop. In fact, a fan of English literature, Branagh repeatedly transferred Shakespeare’s plays to the movies, Lost work of love, Hamlet, Lots of noise in vain, Henry W. and As I would like.

In this original screenplay by playwright Ben Elton, Bran plays an aging Shakespeare who has ended his career. We find him far from the noisy streets of London, in his native village, time for introspection. This is not about showing us the rise of the artist or his creative madness, but rather to show the playwright who decided to stop writing. With Judy Dench and Ian McKellen, It’s all true will delight English lovers.

panic at the power plant: an island of three miles

On Netflix May 4 – Duration: 4 series of about 45 minutes

What is it about? Privileged witnesses return to the events, disputes and aftermath of the accident at the Three Miles Island nuclear power plant in Pennsylvania.

Why do you have to watch it? Because Panic at the power plant: Three Mile Island returns toone of the worst nuclear accidents in American history. The description of the accident, the consequences for the citizens and the controversy surrounding the concealment of this case: this mini-series seems to follow this fascinating and horrific story of the accident on Trimay Island from all sides.

But in addition to drawing from rich and little-known material, a documentary has a way of being a formally interesting object because it seems to mix reconstructions, archival footage, amateur videos and interviews. Add to that the director of a feature-length documentary Ivory Game.Keef Davidson, was responsible for the production here in collaboration with the film’s producers Erin Brokovich, one against alldirected by Steven Soderbergh.


On Netflix May 5 – Duration: 6 episodes of unknown duration

official poster (1)

What is it about? The incredible story of Clark Olofsson, the criminal who inspired the concept of the Stockholm Syndrome. According to his lie and its truth.

Why do you have to watch it? Well, because it’s time to expand your cinematic horizons, and what could be better for that than an explosive Swedish detective series? Here is Bill Skarsgård, the youngest descendant of the Skarsgård family, who love movies fictional version of the famous criminal Clark Olofsson, based on a very objective autobiography of the latter. Director: Jonas Akerlund, director of ultra-violent films polar the nose of Mads Mikkelsen, Clark thus promising an experience shifted to the extreme, which will not soon plunge headlong into the most vulgar turns.

Thus, the series repeats six episodes of lifeone of the most controversial figures in the country, who will be able, despite repeated accusations, to love the whole nation, while promoting the expression “Stockholm Syndrome”. Caustic “Nordic Noir” with extremely incorrect herowhich we will enjoy an incredible ascent to hell.


On Netflix May 5 – Duration: 6 episodes of about 30 minutes

What is it about? A secret society that has influenced history for centuries faces a serious threat from within. Will there be salvation from the Canadian journalist?

Why do you have to watch it? If you want to Austin Powers and you are desperately waiting for the world to see the fourth film, this series is for you. Director: Tim Kirkby, Pentaverat it’s a crazy new idea that came to Mike Myers’ mind. Shrek’s voice actor, the actor, along with Jim Carrey is probably one of the most iconic faces of comedy. After Wayne Campbell’s role Wayne’s worldbut above all his roles as Austin Powers and Dr. Denfer in three films directed by Jay Roach, Myers returns to play not one or two, but several roles.

in Tea Pentaverat, Myers plays a Canadian journalist sent to investigate a secret organization consisting of several members, all playing … Myers. But since he could not play all the characters in the series, Ken Chong (very bad trip, Community) will also be. If the series is not the most successful of the year, it will delight fans of Myers and will a good little pastime that doesn’t eat bread, but that will probably make you laughSunday night.

“The Guardians”, “The Past”, “The Trial of Adolf Eichmann”, “Before You”, “Salt of the Earth”, “Transformers: The Last Knight”, “Failure and Death”, “Our Failure and Death”, “Our Idiot Brother”, “Pachamama, Grace and Frankie “, season 7,” Royal Family “,” Hate, Venom “, Clash of the Titans …


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