New: spreaders and tanks for sludge

Fliegl: compact and mobile phase separator

This makes it possible to separate liquid and solid components of the suspension, even digestate, and thus saves on tonnage, therefore less bulky, the phase separator is mounted on four legs and has a galvanized design for increased durability. It is so easy to move that a three-phase power supply is required to drive two electric motors. One of 3 kW for pumping by means of a pump located in a well connected to a pipe 8 m long and 80 mm in diameter, and the other 5.5 kW for phase separation. The liquid product is rich in nutrients and will be readily available to the plant. As for the solid phase, which has lost its odor, it can be reused, for example, as bedding. Fliegl announces a flow rate of 20 to 25 m3 / h depending on the type of sludge, with a power consumption of about 8 kWh. Another advantage is that it cleans pits and reservoirs when it is impossible to enter the sites.

SlurryKat: an easy solution to scatter

It is tempting with its reduced weight, good ability on loose soils and continuous injection, and the Irish manufacturer’s zero-tonne spreading solution is being introduced to French and Belgian soil thanks to Agro Jeannerot. Scattering without a tank or navel allows for early intervention when wet conditions and low soil bearing capacity are a problem, and does not allow the use of tank trucks or heavy self-propelled manures that are scattered by trailer tanks in autumn and winter. This practice, which has many advantages, firstly, includes a special coil connected to a spreading boom, which is transported by a tractor, usually of medium power, which is connected by a pipe weighing up to one ton, a mobile tank or pipeline, connected to the operation or methanizer. As a result, the machine usually weighs less than 10 tons in the fields and will have less impact on the soil structure than a self-propelled machine. The latter, heavier and more expensive, is forced to go and refuel when its tank of 16,000 to 32,000 liters is empty. The solution without a tank, on the contrary, rarely stops and does not require traveling empty on the site, which is already under vegetation. Excessive sealing is also not allowed at the entrances to the areas or near the mobile box, as the supply is provided by a pipe. Continuous spreading without loss of transport or filling time ensures productivity from 100 to 230 m3 / h. The cleanliness of the road is easier to maintain, and work on slopes or slopes will also be safer when the ground is wet. However, the passage of the pipe through the ground, if it does not violate grass crops, cereals are limited. Scattering without a ton will be possible only up to the stage of “one knot” of the plant. And what about the implementation time? Agro Jeannerot estimates that it takes 15 to 20 minutes per kilometer of pipe used, and the time to fold pipes at the end of the work is 20-25 minutes per kilometer.

The Irish manufacturer is adapting to customer demand and has developed a number of solutions, including high-pressure centrifugal pumps with power drive or stand-alone centrifugal pumps with built-in shredder and stone catcher, nitrile or polyurethane flat hoses Oroflex edges, 4 to 6 from 6 to 24 meters or with runners from 6 to 12 meters. They can be used not only for spreading without a tank, but also on tanks with manure. Dental injectors are also available. SlurryKat solutions benefit from Krohne DPAE control with a volume and surface meter. The hose is supported on the front, rear, semi-mounted Bak-Pak reels (attached to the rear of the spreading boom). The 12 bar drainage compressor is designed for front hitch. Finally, SlurryKat has sludge boxes from 45 to 120 m3 that feed the spreader through the umbilical cord.

Holmer: Dual wheels for growing crops

For crops with an interval of 75 cm, the German manufacturer already offers double mounting on its self-propelled machines Terra Variant. This alternative to wide low-pressure tires has so far been rarely used on French soil, but is increasingly in demand to be able to introduce a digestate or suspension during the growth of crops such as maize. This season, the German manufacturer reminds of the interest in its mount VF 380/90 R 46 (MICHELIN Spraybib 173 D TL) and will have a machine that will work throughout the spring.

Joskin is a universal and economical ramp

The attractively priced Pendislide Start ramp is designed for medium capacity. Designed with profiled HLE steel pipes, it also has the advantages of full galvanization, which provides good corrosion protection and long service life. This bar, available in sizes 9 – 10.5 or 12 m, is equipped with slides fixed at intervals of 25 cm (28 cm for the 12 m model), which deposit the suspension at the foot of vegetation without contaminating it, so it is a specialist. in fertilizing meadows. The older sister of the base version, the Pendislide Start guarantees greater productivity without increasing the total weight of the tanker, as it is equipped with a dual folding system at the rear. This ramp is also compatible with a large number of tons. It can not only be installed on those equipped with coupling equipment or pre-equipment for an integrated coupling device, but can also be installed directly on the rear buttresses. As standard with the machine connected directly to the tractor, the Pendislide Start also has all the electro-hydraulic equipment needed to operate it, both in the open and in the closed circuit.

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