Nicolas Vial aboard L’Astrolabe: Mayotte and its brands

astrolabe, under the command of the frigate captain Stephen Cogantleaving Madagascar, he arrived in front of Mayotte on Friday, May 13, contenting himself with making circles in the water.

A brand from Madagascar, reminiscent of the industrialization of the country, with an oil tanker built in Diego Suarez.

It’s time to pick up a few passengers and leave, and Nicolas Viala will use the Internet to send some photos and reproductions of his drawings. Direction: Glorious.

Mayotte letter of 1868, postage

Mayotte, ceded to Madagascar, has belonged to France since 1841. A few years later, a postal service was established there.

Mayotte, Group type, unperforated 1878, postmark 1889, Gartner sale.  The cost is 1,600 euros for four single stamps.

The French possessions first used the “general issue” stamps of the French colonies (among others, the Eagle type, then the Non-perforated Group), and then, from 1892 to 1912, the Group’s colony stamps. type. , created by Louis-Eugene Mushon (1843-1914), where the name of the colony “Mayotte” is printed in a cartridge in different colors.

Variety of printing Mayotte / Senegal.

Meanwhile, other islands of the archipelago joined the colony: then came the stamps of the Sultanate of Anjouan (1892), Grand Comoros (1897) and, finally, Moheli (1906 and 1907).

The first stamp of the Comoros archipelago was issued in 1950.

From 1911, Mayotte used the stamps of Madagascar, and from 1950 to 1975 – the stamps “Archipelago of the Comoros”, in turn the French colony, and then the French overseas territory.

Diego Suarez, drawing by Nicolas Viala.

Ahmed Abdullah proclaims the independence of the Comoros in July 1975. Mayotte decides to stay French.

Airmail stamp of the Comoros archipelago in 1974.

At that time, Mayotte had the status of a territorial community, but did not issue its own stamps, using metropolitan stamps (as in Reunion) until December 31, 1996.

Airmail stamp of the Comoros archipelago in 1971.

Then, on January 2, 1997, the first stamps of the territorial community of Mayotte were released, according to a philatelic status similar to that of Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon, which has had its own stamps since 1985. – based on local cultural and historical themes. However, “Marianne” in mainland France remains used initially, in the overloaded version of “Mayotte”.

Version for 0.46 euros

The symbol of this conversion – and the changeover to the euro in 2002 – the stamp with the coat of arms of Mayotte has two versions: one denomination of 3 francs signed “French Republic / Mayotte” in 1997, the other 0.46 euros “French Republic / Department of Mayotte” in 2002 year.

Many specialist dealers sell Mayotte brands of all periods, rarities that can reach several thousand euros. Important: Yvefrt and Tellier catalog “French colonies and French offices abroad” (2022).

Picture taken in the sea by Nicolas Vialom,

New status of the department (101and and the fifth overseas department, acquired in 2011 (after the 2009 referendum) after Guadeloupe, Guyana, Martinique and Reunion, led Mayotta to abandon its own stamps to use those used in the French capital from 2 January 2012. year.

A stamp from the French southern and Antarctic lands with the image of
The last Mayotte stamp, published in 2011, representing Marion-Dufresne, was issued as part of a joint issue with TAAF.

The last Mayotte stamp was issued on 31 December 2011 as part of a joint issue with the French Southern and Antarctic Lands (TAAF), representing Marion Dufresne in Mamuzu Lagoon, which the mission sailed into the Indian Ocean in April 2011 with a stop in Mayotte, while this vessel is more accustomed to rotation to the southern French islands. The program of the event, which was once told by the Nanterre Philatelic Association.

The French stamp of Mayotte was published in 1992.
The French stamp was published in 2011 in Mayotte.

France, for its part, issued stamps in 1992 for 150and anniversary of the voluntary accession of Mayotte to France (1841-1991), and in 2011 on Mount Chungi, the most visited mountain on the island, with in the foreground a canoe floating near the baobab, Mayotte is the only French department that owns this entity …

View of Diego Suarez.
View of Diego Suarez.
Drawing made at sea on board the Astrolabe, work on paper and motif.

Nicolas Vial and Astrolabe

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