Od: he brought to the screen the youth of the sworn enemy of Harry Potter

Joris Faucon Grimaud has made a short film about Voldemort’s past as a guest of the “Children in Cinema” festival, which takes place in Uvaillon and Salell d’Aude on Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 October. The volunteer but extremely professional “Fanfilm” “House of Gaunt, Origin of Voldemort” collected three million views online and opened new horizons for its director.

When did you discover the Harry Potter universe?

I was in CE1 and we were taken to see it School of wizards (the first part of the franchise, ed.) in the cinema. A year after we went to see the next episode, Secret room. My desire for cinema was born with this experience. I later studied film in Montpellier for two years and then started studying business because I thought film was not for me. But eventually I went back to it because I realized that I could never stay in business!

Why did you want to make a short film about the youth of the hero Voldemort?

Some excerpts from books Harry Potter were never adapted for film, while I adored them during my readings. We were inspired by the parts of the story that are not told in the movies, trying to adapt and develop them, adding something different to them. In particular, I wanted to approach the atmosphere of the books, which can be very dark, especially from the last volumes.

When did the filming take place?

It took place in Ile-de-France and spanned three years, between 2018 and 2021, with multiple filming sessions. I also wanted to shoot in English out of respect for the nationality of most of the characters, the story of Harry Potter takes place in England. We still wanted to give a nice nod to France with these French students of magic who came to “intern” from across the Channel.

The film’s lighting, special effects and original music are very successful, how much money did you have to make this film?

80% of the budget was made thanks to campaigns on self-supporting platforms, the rest I paid from my own pocket. The whole project was managed from start to finish by a team of volunteers, and everything from the beginning was about creating a non-commercial “fan film”. We had two composers, and all special effects were created by a small group of eight people.

Three million views in two months of broadcasting

How was the film received?

It has been viewed three million times in two months online and has received good word of mouth. We also showed it on the big screen in Paris, especially during a screening in front of 1,500 people. It was really incredible. We made this short film with a cinematic format and experience in mind, even though we knew most viewers would see it on a computer screen.

What did you take away from this work?

First, it was an extraordinary adventure that, in particular, allowed for an exchange between students fresh out of school and much more experienced film professionals. It’s the same with the actors: several generations of actors met on the set. however, House of Gaunt was also seen as a kind of calling card, and thanks to this film, I will be able to make my first feature film. But it will not happen in the universe of Harry Potter!

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Shows, exchanges and concerts

The “Kids in Cinema” festival, which will be held in the cities of Uvaillant and Salell d’Aude, will continue this year as well. Sunday, October 9…and events will indeed take place in both municipalities.

HAS 2:30 p.mGerard Philippe’s room at rooms (near the village square), watching a movie Belle and Sebastian Nicolas Vanier (2013), in the presence of members of the film crew (entrance 5 euros). Then to Uweilan in 17 hours, closing concert on the esplanade of the square with the Orchester d’harmonie de Narbonne. The theme of the festival is binding, the emphasis will be on music for films, Pirates of the Caribbean in Lawrence of Arabia Past Gladiator Where The longest dayall under the direction of Lawrence Fress and Bertrand Bale.

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