of Pas-de-Calais municipalities at the service of Pink October

With approximately 60,000 new cases in France each year, breast cancer is the most common cancer in women. Almost everywhere in the Pas-de-Calais department, municipalities are multiplying initiatives to raise public awareness of screening.

There are all sizes and all colors. Nearly a hundred bras now line the red brick of Nordauskes Town Hall. Size A, B, C or D, color yellow, blue, green or pink, it doesn’t matter, all women are welcome to come and donate this underwear.

We want to shock public opinion“Gilles Debov, the mayor of the city, explains, a pink scarf tied around his neck.”We all know someone who has been a victim of cancer, and we know the devastating effects of crab on the healing process. Hence the importance of raising awareness to be able to diagnose the disease early and avoid chemotherapy and any treatment.

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The mayor of Nordauskes explains the reasons for this commitment

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Early detected breast cancer is curable in 90% of cases! More than 3 out of 4 cases of breast cancer are curable thanks to screening, which allows early diagnosis. But, according to Gilles Debove, many women do not dare to undergo testing, in particular because of modesty.

Therefore, he decided to go even further, renaming his city.

By the end of October, it is no longer Nordausques, but Rosedausques. It’s also a good way to raise awareness. The village is on a national road, so people crossing the town see the sign Rosedausques instead of Nordausques, and this inevitably causes a challenge.

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The mayor’s assistant mobilized for a good cause

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This double operation was successful. City Hall employees have already received almost 200 bras since the beginning of the month. The goal is to catch them all. An approach that is generally supported by residents and that sparks children’s curiosity: “many people wonder and ask me why all these bras are hanging on the wall. This is an opportunity to engage in pedagogy.”

The bras will then be recycled and given to women in need.
The Pink March is planned for this Saturday, and on Sunday more than 400 vintage cars will be on display in the city.

About twenty kilometers away, the city of Guinness is also dedicated to breast cancer. The association Guînes Accueil détente et Loisirs organizes a collection of bras on October 19 and 29. “We accept all bras, old, new, used, etc. if they are in good condition– reports the president of the association, Colette Flao.

“Breast cancer accounts for 33% of cancer cases in women. »

National Cancer Institute

The bras will then be given to Abracadabra Upcycling, a Nordic company that recovers the underwear. “The company resells them as new at attractive prices and also makes special bras for women with breast cancer.– continues the President.

Ecological and solidarity collection in the service of fighting breast cancer, the most common cancer in women. According to the National Cancer Institute, it accounts for 33% of cancers in women.

Fight, joint football club Guînes. This Sunday, the city team is having a pink ribbon sale before the championship game. A woman with breast cancer kicks off.

Breast cancer affects less than 1% of men who also have a chest, albeit less developed. As with women, the risk of developing breast cancer in men increases with age. Therefore, it is important to undergo an examination in case of symptoms such as breast pain or swelling.

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