On the website of the cinema in L’Aigle “cinema staff spend their time correcting errors”

Cdc President and Vice Presidents recently toured the future Risle complex on stage (© CDC Pays de L’Aigle)

Chosen from Community of Pays de L’Aigle (Orne) communes Last Thursday I worked on various financial documents, including additional costs for the future cinema complex Risle en scène.

Vice President of Finance, Michel Le Glaunec listed and argued for the various changes made to the original contracts.

Previous bug fixes

Lot #2 metal frame, one capital gain of 6,000 euros HT for flocking reinforcement for areas where simple formwork was planned and therefore needs to be supplemented.

Lot No. 3 coating-cladding, units capital gain of 11,748.10 euros HT to install a lifeline on the steel deck roof of room 400 to ensure complete safety of service in the future.

Lot No. 7 ventilation-heating-plumbing, unit capital gain of EUR 3321.40 HT to make changes to the routing of individual networks “that had to be done during construction due to errors in the initial design.”

Lot No. 12 construction metal structures and metalwork, capital gain 8070 euros HT for the installation of stairs and safe access to the terraces of the building, as well as railings. “This additional service is related to errors in the design of the mason present at the beginning, who created level differences between the terraces and made mistakes when laying the stairs. It is therefore necessary to install a ladder to access the roof located on R+2 near the elevator,” explains Michel Le Glaunec.

Lot No. 14 metalworking and landing equipment, a capital gain of 2,400 euros HT to add a guardrail to prevent falling after modifying the stage frame. “This request is important from the point of view of the security of future users and is also imposed by the technical controller.”

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Also, for lot #5, the exterior joinery is a loss of capital EUR 21708.36 HT to modify the door materials of the two entrance locks of the building from powder-coated steel to aluminum.

The president of the Community of Communes, Jean Selye, dots the i’s.

At the construction site, the architect and the teams spend their time correcting the mistakes of the mason who was present at the beginning of the construction site and who did not complete his work. For a lot of construction work valued at €1,960,779 excluding tax when the bid was submitted in 2019, CDC failed to pay €319,105 excluding tax due to the termination of the contract. But we are going to pay more than 600,000 euros, excluding taxes, to the company that undertook the construction work.

John CellierPresident CDC Pays de L’Aigle

When the tenders were submitted in 2019, the total cost of the works for the complex, excluding external equipment, was €5,861,441.90 before taxes, and now it is €6,326,127.30 before taxes. Michel Le Glaunec did not hide the fact that “we will undoubtedly still have to make a few amendments before the end of the work.”

More help for the green lane

The 7.6km Risle Greenway project between Saint-Sulpice and La Ferme de Rey was approved on 3 February 2022, along with a funding plan.

As the project complies with the Voie Verte standard with a building width of 3 meters, it ends up receiving €453,755 in subsidies for a total of €2,035,021.

At the same time, the cost item increased by 457,059 euros, thus this route amounted to 2,929,169 euros. Therefore, the level of CDC self-financing will be 30%.

Among the rising costs, we note the cost of footbridges and access difficulties during the construction phase, as well as the item “uncertainty and price revision”, increased by €183,379 before taxes in the current inflationary context, knowing that payments will be stretched until 2014. This item now amounts to €282,841 before tax.

According to Cdc, works between 2022 and 2023 from St-Sulpice to L’Aigle and from 2023 to 2024 from L’Aigle to Ferme de Rai.

118,000 euros more for liquids

The Chief Financial Officer of the Cdc also explained that the intermunicipal community has to face an increase in energy costs of +20% for district heating and +25% for electricity compared to the budget forecast, which already integrated provisions of 20%. Also, in addition to the increase in the price of food products, “the remuneration of civil servants increased due to the revaluation of the index in July.”

Specifically, we note the increase in allocations €118,000 for liquids (electricity, gas, etc.), 30,000 euros for food (dining room) and 120,000 euros per staff. From a budget perspective, these new costs are offset without using surpluses, notably thanks to a €25,000 saving on insurance following last year’s market review and a tax surplus of €158,000, unknown at the time of the budget. euro.

These compensatory receipts will not be available every year, and Jean Cellier warns that “if it goes through this year, we will not be able to afford these increases every year.”

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