One piece: Netflix reveals in the video parts of the series’ decor and new characters joining the cast!

INaaki Godoy, the lead actor who will play Monkey D. Luffy with showrunners Matt Owens (SHIELD Agents) and Steve Owens (Secret Materials), gave a first look at the concept art series One Piece in a published video. from Netflix.

In this video we see a picture of Going Merry, the famous sailboat crew with straw hats at the beginning of their adventure and Miss Love Duck, a ship with a duck’s head of the infamous pirate Iron Mace Alvida. An overview of the concept and design of the Baratie restaurant is also provided.

Since the information was released during the Japan Netflix 2021 festival, the platform continues to regularly share information through its social media accounts. Information about the cast of the series One Piece Live-Action. Thus, the actors who will embody the famous Mugiwara group became known.

Yes, the official page of One Piece on Twitter published the actors. Inyaki Godoy will have a big responsibility to play the crazy and charismatic captain of the band Monkey D. Luffy. His right hand, a swordsman with three swords, will be interpreted by McKenna, known for his acting work on the Pacific frontier. Nami the thief of cats will be played by Emily Rudd (Street of Fear).

In addition to these characters, the pirate captain Alvid will be played by Elijah Isorelis Paulino (Sex life of female students). Vincent Reagan will play Luffy’s grandfather, the hero of the Marine Monkey D. Harp. Peter Gadiot (Once in Wonderland) will play the charismatic character of Red Shanks, a terrible pirate who inspired Luffy to go sailing.

The crew sniper and incorrigible mythomaniac will be played by Jacob Romero Gibson (Greenleaf), and Taz Skylar will play the cook with the tender heart of Sanji (Boiling Point).

On the first day of the show, the Netflix Geeked platform opened six new actors who joined the cast of One Piece live-Action. These six actors, who complement the cast of the series, will be present in the plot at different times and at different levels.

Like Khalador, Alexander Maniatis (Warrior). Falcon’s Eye Mihok, the strongest swordsman in the world, portrayed by Stephen Ward (“The Day We Didn’t Meet”). Chief Zeff du Baratti will be played by Craig Fairbrass (Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare), Captain Ax-Morgan Morgan – Langley Kirkwood (Black Sails). Kaya and Nodziko from Celeste Luts (Home Affairs) and Chioma Umeala (Isono).

One Piece tells the story of a group of pirates who go in search of the famous treasure left by the pirate Lord Gol D. Roger after his death. To recreate the vast universe of anime, you have to build impressive works. In the famous video, Inyaki Godoy, Matt Owens and Steve Owns showed the huge scenery that comes to life in South Africa to make the series as realistic as possible.

Ships like the Going Merry, Miss Love Duck and the mighty Baratie were built entirely from scratch. Because in One Piece, in addition to the ingenious plot, we must also recognize the work of art that Eichiro Oda, the mangaka, has been creating for many years.

Matt Owens said: ” given the level of detail and attention to all these sets, they are time consuming… now we are building a room of Arlong maps, and it’s been two weeks, but it’s a big job because it’s a very important place “.

There have been no release date announcements so far. The series is likely to be released in 2023 on Netflix.

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