Opinion. “Two years in office…”

“Enthusiasm to carry out the ‘exciting’ mission entrusted to you, as well as the desire in the body to improve our daily lives – this is what has been in your DNA since June 2020.” Without denying your good faith, it is still necessary, for the sake of objectivity, to admit that all this, after two years, is neither very visible nor very tangible for all millavois.

However, you never stopped communicating, operations, celebrations, inaugurations, raising awareness, announcements to “make us keep the owl to the hawk”, to make us believe that Millot is progressing, that Millot is on the way to once again being the locomotive of south Aveyron with the team, which “questions itself, which adapts, which considers, which could, which would like”…

But… alas, Madam Mayor, in the face of this outpouring of optimism, the Millavois who have listened and watched over the past two years still want to tell you in this anniversary month that they don’t quite share your enthusiasm.

Rather, they want to tell you that they can’t do it anymore. They can no longer see their city decaying, they cannot see any decisive measures to improve their daily lives. They ask you to make the values ​​being defended real and concrete. They ask you to live the fights, not just celebrate or talk about them. They ask you, even before having the desire to leave your mark on the city (politics of mobility), to first take care of their daily life and living environment.

It’s been two years since Millavoi suffered from a city that wasn’t supported and cared for. The streets are dirty, unhygienic and still too little vegetation (despite all the good will of ill-equipped and too few agents and the 1st large-scale clean-up operation of the area on June 28, 2022!)

Residents and merchants want to tell you that they can no longer tolerate the bad signal sent by empty downtown windows that are not maintained by unscrupulous owners who are not charged anything (commercial wasteland tax… ). Millavois are also tired of suffering from disastrous roads: worn-out markings on the ground, potholes, cracks, deformations, potholes… these are real urban obstacles that hinder the movement of people with disabilities, strollers, bicycles… they also want to tell you that they exasperated by insecurity and exponential rudeness with annoyances that are all too often downplayed. You who yesterday described them as marginal and insignificant, “they are unbearable for you today and you declare war on them (June 2022)”: the time has finally come, because unfortunately you will see it at the expense of bad habits when you let it go , you have the defect of attaching very quickly…

Millavoi would like to let you know that they also regret the degradation of some neighborhoods, many schools, rental stock (when will rental permits be granted?), increased parking costs without an alternative solution (transportation…) etc. They also want to let you know their disappointment in the fight that you are not ultimately fighting alongside them “to support the quality, quantity and local supply of care today”.

Their disappointment that you abandoned projects important to them (SILEX…). Your constituents also want to share their legitimate concerns with you as they helplessly witness your agents disaffected and your elected officials resign without you being present to honestly reassure them… so for the remaining 45 months, stop the spewing, stop the temporary, to blame the lack of budget in order to justify their choices and their shortcomings, to stop the disappointing trips back and forth, to put an end to this “sharp satisfaction”, to expand the field of their actions, which makes the whole reality of the municipality, allowing verification by EVERYONE and FOR EVERYONE.

And finally, on this anniversary, Millavoi wants to tell you that politics is not just about communication. They want to tell you that it’s one thing to just do it for image, to communicate and please a certain number of residents, but to do it deeply, cultivating real relationships of trust and intimacy with the greatest number is another.

Karine Haumaitre, municipal elected official.

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