Our selection of gift ideas for children born in the summer

Don’t panic: our selection of gift ideas will help you satisfy boys and girls of all ages born in the summer.

Solar temperament and the universe to explore!

How often the stars, climate and science come together to glorify the effects of the sun on mood and health. It is known that the strong and regular summer sun is favorable for those born from mid-June to mid-September. You may have noticed that babies born in the summer are active, courageous and enterprising. Cheerful and optimistic, they are willing to take on new activities and know how to dedicate themselves to them until the goals are achieved. Children also have a proud temperament, especially when they reach the end, but may also be prone to mood swings and discouragement.

Who says it’s summer, he says in the fresh air, but this is no reason to limit kids to traditional balls or rackets, on the contrary. For children born in summer, for whom the sun is second nature, the interior is not associated with cold or isolation. The games we usually think of indoors also encourage reflection, concentration, patience and perseverance. The qualities that these children strive to develop. This is where you have to look for gift ideas that are sure to please young summer visitors, especially among these construction games that have made us all happy: Lego.

Of all the games and toys, Lego designers probably offer the widest and most suitable selection of gift ideas for children born in the summer. You need to see the scale of the Lego universe at Leclerc to get an idea of ​​the opportunities offered by this almost century-old brand that is constantly updated. All you need is a deck, foundation or foundation to play anywhere without worrying about losing those bright bricks. Their size and the size of the accessories, inversely proportional to the size of the child, vary depending on the designs and stories to intersect space and time.

Toys and moments to share

No matter how adventurous or adventurous he is, the child’s world begins with his environment and his immediate environment. A miniature planet where he will build, receive and design the foundations of what will become his universe. Children born in summer are sunny and not alone. They are happy to share their activities and toys with others – to some extent, of course! Designers are a great way for children to have fun experimenting, and it’s important to show them how to build with joy, respect and empathy. From this point of view, Legos designers are a wonderful school of life.

Babies born in the summer, even if they may seem more autonomous, appreciate being accompanied, followed or preceded. Lego Duplos opens up a whole world of learning for toddlers, starting at six months, to play, disassemble and rebuild in a safe and progressive way. A way to take his first steps, both in the countryside and in the city, elements of which he can find and recognize. Animals or businesses, vehicles or figurines allow a child to follow their first stories and continue what they have found and know, up to 3 years and beyond with the help of Disney Princess or Jurassic World.

Lego has no jealousy, but a desire to share and share a toy that is in all boxes for all ages, genders and tastes. If you need to follow the precautions listed on the package, the elements still complement each other and call for the craziest imagination of history: world history, music concert, Christmas, racetrack. Brick boxes are also a great gift, both as a supplement and separately, but still choose more stimulating models. Nowadays, you can find the same sophistication in the Duplo locomotive with its cubes and applications for smartphones, as in Lego Technics for older children.

Gifts that cover fashion and age

The essence of the construction game is to build yourself over time. Lego understood this well, adding one after another to the collections Friends and City the Creator (which allows you to create animals, vehicles or robots from scratch), Dots (dedicated to creative hobbies), Stuntz and Architecture one after another. Super Mario, Ninjago, Marvel, DC Comics, Harry Potter and, above all, Star Wars (with the magnificent Millennium Falcon), Simpsons or even Minecraft labels are there to meet the demand of young boys and girls looking for heroes and heroines. This is an opportunity to offer a gift that shows that you follow and are interested in their childhood.

For the youngest, as well as for the oldest children, Lego offers complete gearboxes to shift to a larger gear. The main Lego Technics that create the game in the game are a real trademark of the brand. The all-terrain buggy or passenger train with remote control, as well as Dom’s Dodge Charger from Fast and Furious will satisfy teenagers and parents who are engaged in their own hands. More confident Lego collectibles, identical reproductions of existing and iconic models such as the Mc Laren Senna Gtr or the Ducati Paningale V4 motorcycle, fascinate and delight the most discerning.

New toy every day: this Lego slogan has never been so true! Offering a Lego box, you will present not one, but 365 gifts on the occasion of this anniversary. Gifts that develop and grow with the child, which she rediscovers with happiness and nostalgia and passes on with joy. Durable and made of durable ABS material or vegetable plastic, Lego toys meet the strictest safety standards and do not deteriorate. Finally, because brick is a brick, in addition to offering priceless moments of play, be aware that some collectors buy the highest rated models at exorbitant prices!

Whatever style you decide upon, that look can be further enhanced by the type of shutter hinges used. This will make room for the child who receives them in the large family of these building games. This is to offer toys that are recognized as one of the best, most valued and best-selling in the world. It is finally to believe you and us, all of us who were given Lego as a child and who are still fans of them as parents and Magicmaman!

With a very wide selection, more than twenty categories, five age groups for children and a really wide price range, Leclerc, the brand’s historical partner, allows you to choose the most suitable model. In addition to celebrating its 90th anniversary, Lego offers a great game from June 2 to August 10 to try to win fantastic prizes: a gift you can’t refuse!

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