our selection of movies and TV series in audiography from 21 to 27 May

As every week, Télé-Loisirs offers you an audio recording program. This system consists of a voice-over that describes what is happening on the screen and allows the blind or partially sighted viewer to understand what is happening outside the dialogue. Depending on your box or the platform you use, you need to activate the audio description. As with subtitles with hearing impairment, surgery can be exhausting. Here are our recommendations for May 21-27.

The best audio description programs for Saturday, May 21

Fatima (film, 21:00, France 4): A maid left by her husband, Fatima does everything she can to raise her two daughters. She is fluent in French, but is determined to pay for the medical education that Nesrin, her eldest daughter, dreams of. Until the day she is forced to stop working after the fall. In this seemingly banal story, Philip Focon signs a sensitive and very fair work, augmented by his actresses. In 2016, the film won three Césars, including Best Picture.

In the shadow of the dunes (TV movie, 21:10, France 3, unpublished): In the middle of the forest was found the corpse of Babar, a resident of the surrounding city, tied to his ankles and wrists. While the first findings determine the death from asphyxia, the mayor is concerned about the reputation of the city and its surroundings. Meanwhile, Baker, a criminal authority in the capital, arrives in the village to try to get his wife back. Bruno Salomon is quite convincing in this exotic thriller.

Murders in Lands (TV movie, 22:45, France 3): A woman’s body was found in Ossegor. Judge Walter Beaumont was investigating a victim convicted of ticket trafficking. He must cooperate with Captain Isabel Hirigoyen. An investigation with a simple but effective script against the backdrop of an unfinished novel in a wonderful Landes setting. Good fun.

The best audio description programs for Sunday, May 22

Civilizations and climate: the dawn of time (documentary, 11:40, Arte): In the Mediterranean basin 3200 years ago, at the end of the Bronze Age, several civilizations collapsed in one or two generations. What role did climate play in these events? Archaeologists and historians are bringing together the object of their research around Greece and the Middle East, and especially Ramses III’s Egypt. Mixing geology and climatology with history opens a new era of scientific research.

The best years of life (film, 21:10, France 2, unpublished in its purest form): A victim of memory loss, a man finds, thanks to his son, a woman he loved in the past. Claude Lelouch returns to his greatest success. The result, sometimes awkward, is often touching.

The best audio description programs for Monday, May 23

daddy (film, 21:00, France 4, unpublished in its purest form): In Algeria in the 1990s, a designer whose sister, a journalist, was killed decides to hold a parade at his university in protest. Bright first film, electrified by the talent of Lina Hudry.

Torch: Chupacabra Adventurers (TV series, 20:50, Canal +, unpublished): Mark, the pilot of the show “La Flamme” finds himself in a reality show called “Le Flambeau” with 13 other candidates. They will have to live on the wild island of Chupacabra for 38 days. All these adventurers are subjected to a series of trials and trials. The winner will receive 450 euros. Some good moments of humor and remarks that fell into this parody of the famous adventure show Ko-Lanta.

The best audio description programs for Tuesday, May 24

Discard my doubts (film, 21:10, France 2): Widowed for several years, Ervan divides his free time between his pregnant daughter and the father he cares for. His daily life is turned upside down when he learns that the latter is not his biological father. Deciding to remove the veil from his origins, Ervan conducts his own small investigation. It was then that Anna… Cecil de France and Francois Damien appeared in her life without warning, forming a charming duo of this charming feature film. He has a good dough in the role of a nice guy, it is more pleasant and spicy. Lively dialogues and comic situations give this film a sensible comic tone, above all dramatic and, above all, full of sophistication.

Tandem – “The Curse of Nostradamus” (series, 21:10, France 3, unpublished): At the foot of a pine tower in Montpellier, an inanimate man wakes up, near handwritten paper. He quickly falls again, this time dead. Arriving at the bottom of the tower, Lea learns that this is a specialist historian of Nostradamus. The famous paper is a parchment of the Middle Ages, containing the text in Old French. Soon, there is a suspicion that the researcher fell from the tower. Despite the often useless background music and random shots, we allow you to admire the unexpected crime story.

The best audio description programs for Wednesday, May 25

Market law (film, 20:55, Arte): Thierry Togurdo, in his fifties, has lost his job and is undergoing unnecessary training. At the end of his rights, he agrees to work as a security guard in a supermarket to support his family, including his disabled son, who needs to be cared for in a specialized high school. Vincent Lyndon works skillfully in this stern and realistic film about social injustice and the modern world.

party (film, 21:00, France 4): A six-year-old cabaret worker sees her life turn upside down when one of her clients asks her to marry him. This first feature film, created by three directors, with its unusual tone reveals the talent of Angelica Litzenburger.

Rousseau’s fault – “Ines and fate” (series, 21:10, France 2, unpublished): Coming from a cardiologist, Benjamin Rousseau sees Ines, one of her first-graders, 5 months pregnant, in the hospital corridors. Her pregnancy was discovered too late and she was unable to have an abortion. By agreement with her parents, 17-year-old Ines decided to give birth under X to continue her studies. But is it his own choice? Actors of great accuracy for a touching life lesson.

The best audio description programs for Thursday, May 26

whip (film, 21:00, France 4): Young ambitious drummer Andrew joins the prestigious class of Fletcher, who quickly proves to be humiliating him. This rigorous and intense work pays tribute to jazz, despite its particularly dark context.

The curse of Provence (TV movie, 21:10, France 3): In Provence, Renan Thomas, director of a new show in Rampart – one of the biggest tourist attractions of the medieval city, stabbed a masked comedian during a mission. Set in a telegenic tandem, this plot offers components of a good thriller: a thick mystery, a touch of romance and breathtaking twists.

Mother’s Day (film, 21:15, C8): In Paris, the travels of several women, including the President of the Republic, who experience their motherhood differently. Uneven choral film, with a script without a big surprise, which is worth a lot of interpretation.

The best audio description programs for Friday, May 27

Diplomacy (film, 20:55, Arte): In Paris on the night of August 24-25, 1944, Swedish Consul Raul Nordling knows that Hitler ordered to blow up the most prestigious monuments in Paris. The man tries to persuade General Dietrich von Holtz not to do irreparable things. Actors Andre Dussolier and Niels Arestrup, both great, cover this intense and exciting camera from start to finish.

In the war (film, 21:00, France 5, unpublished in its purest form): Stefan Brieze literally immerses the viewer in a heated debate over wages after the sudden closure of the factory. With Vincent Lyndon, as always, a settler who takes the lead in the trade union struggle. Influential.

Candice Renoir – “Lies always seek to follow the truth” (Series, 21:10, France 2, unpublished): Melanie Meyer, in her forties, was found dead under a quarry. A few traces of blood on top of the rock quickly disprove the thesis of suicide or accident. Candice Renoir is investigating with the victim’s relatives. Interpreted with precision, exciting and smooth investigation.

Easy girl (film, 23:30, France 3, unpublished in its purest form): In the south of France, a teenager and her very beautiful cousin lead the way in the company of a rich playboy and his wife. A sophisticated study of the characters, illuminated by the revelation of Zahia Dehar.

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