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Anthony Clemot and Jean Ginger at Dior © GP

Bluff! We waited four months before discovering Jean Imber’s table, led by Anthony Clemo at Dior, on the corner of Avenue Montaigne and Francois Hier. I must say that little Jean, who was almost unemployed, accumulated new items on the sidewalk opposite, in Relais Plaza, under the sign “Jean Ginger on the Plaza Athénée” and on the Cour Jardin. And yet this table has nothing to envy its real neighbors and fake rivals.

Candied tomatoes with straciatella and basil © GP

The beauty of the decor in the boutique / gallery above, light, light, airy (signed, yes, Peter Marino, to whom we already owe Cheval Blanc in Samaritan opposite Pon Neuf) has no equal quality of table setting (signed Dior…) and service, which manages to be chic without getting stuck, relaxed, not trivial, pedagogical with moderation and elegant with relaxation. In short, from the bar to the dining room without much effort follows an atmosphere of happiness and complicity.

Raw lobsters with citrus © GP

The kitchen is run by a very serious team led by Anthony Clemo, who for two decades was the second, shadow and lieutenant of Antoine Westerman, first in Buerehiesel, then three stars in Strasbourg, where Jean Ginger once did an internship. ) – then in Mon Vieil Ami on the island of Saint-Louis and in Drouant, constantly watching everything. The menu skillfully combines fresh salads, snacks, cute vegetables, iconic dishes taken from old Christian Dior recipe books – and we know that the guy Jean loves to play archaeologists to taste always – as well as some dishes that are modern or with tradition always .

Granville crab, avocado and grapefruit © GP

Good examples of what you taste there? of gourmet raw lobsters with citrus, gourmet candied fruits with straciatella and basil, tsatsiki-style cucumber redesigned as “black cucumber”, renamed after Christian Dior’s estate in Grasse, from which he once tasted, chopped cucumber, cucumber, Greek yoga also an incredible Cuban turbo, cooked in rum, cooked to perfection, supplemented with Mediterranean vegetables.

Risotto with green vegetables and herbs © GP

We will add “Croc New Look”, in other words a mini-croc-monsieur, with ham, Conte cheese and truffle flavor, as well as a cake “Granville” with avocado and grapefruit, which is similar to the brother or cousin of “classic avocado” from To- Share, but where the egg in avocado, grated with charcoal, is replaced, thanks to skillful technical skill, a very well-seasoned crab. And we will not forget to praise this divine surprise – a wonderful risotto with green vegetables and greens from rice arborio, cooked al dente and worthy of a wonderful Italian table.

Cuban style turban © GP

We will end with one of the beautiful cakes signed by the master of home-made sweets Romuald Bizart, former confectioner Antoine Westerman in Buerehiesel and Alcazar, such as the impeccable bourbon vanilla flan or tart with strawberry basil and vanilla whipped cream. In addition, good ice cream with turbines, such as vanilla or pistachio, with their “stuffing” of pistachios or pecans. As for wine, in the eclectic menu we choose several nuggets, such as the elegant Marsannay “En Ouzeloy” 2018 by Domaine René Bouvier or the wonderful Bourgueil Jour de Soif by Domaine du Bel Air. Book! There are many people…

Strawberry tart and vanilla flan © GP

Mr. Dior

30, Avenue Montaigne

Paris 8

Such. : 01 40 73 53 63

Weekly closing. : no.

Opening hours: from 11.30 to 19.00.

Menu: 55-155 €.


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