Paul McCartney sings with John Lennon on his new tour

Paul McCartney has started his tour He returned “in the United States. During the concert, he sang a” duet “with John Lennon on” I have a feeling “.

Two months before his 80th birthday, Paul McCartney set out for the first time since the Covid-19 pandemic. At his first concert in the small town of Spokane, Washington, the legendary artist played many classics from The Beatles, The Wings and his solo career, including several pieces of potpourri.Abbey Road. But the real surprise is that he was able to sing with John Lennon.

We said we would come back, and we came back! introduced the singer and multi-instrumentalist of the crowd, which was at Spokane Arena on Thursday. And believe me. We are very happy to be back. I’ll take a minute to enjoy. »

McCartney’s last tour dates back to 2019: his European tour, scheduled for 2020, was canceled due to a pandemic. Meanwhile, he recorded a solo album, McCartney III, plays almost everything himself, in the tradition McCartney 1970s and McCartney II 1980s.

McCartney, keyboardist Paul Wicks Vickens, drummer Abe Laboriel Jr., guitarist Rusty Anderson and bassist Brian Ray opened the concert. You can’t buy me love The Beatles and Junior Farm Wings. The Hot City Horns (saxophonist Kenji Fenton, trumpeter Mike Davis and trombonist Paul Burton) have joined the band to create the track. ” Release by the Wings, and participated in other songs during the evening.

McCartney played Hefner’s famous bass, as well as electric and acoustic guitar, mandolin and piano. In the middle of the concert, the band took the stage, and McCartney talked about recording the first demo of The Beatles, ” Despite all the danger “Then the band played it and then.” Love me “And single” dance tonight released in 2007.

Then McCartney switched to acoustic guitar and performed solo. Blackbird “and” Here today “Dedicated to Lennon before moving on to the ukulele for” Something author George Harrison.

Then he introduced old piece “it turned out” You never give me your money “, The name that launches potpourri Abby Road. It was the first time he performed it live in almost 20 years. After the inevitable Hey Jude the band left the stage and then returned, waving flags of the United States, Britain and Washington, and McCartney waving a flag in the colors of Ukraine.

We have something special for you “McCartney launched, and the group began” I have a feeling Lennon appeared on the big screen and sang with McCartney. Footage and vocals were taken from the last Beatles concert in 1969. (McCartney said Peter Jackson wrote to him: “ “We can remove John’s voice, and he can sing with you.” I replied, “Oh, yes!” “).

Everyone had a difficult year Lennon sang. And it was true.

Paul McCartney never specifically mentioned Covid. But he seemed pleased and perhaps stunned to return to the stage, reunite with his fans, sing the wonderful songs of his vast career and accept the legacy of his oldest musical comrades. Returning to where he once belonged.

Paul McCartney’s set list
“You can’t buy me love”
Junior Farm
“I need to bring you into my life”
“Come to Me”
“Let me collapse”
“Women and Wives”
“My Valentine”
“Maybe I’m shocked”
“I just saw a face”
“Despite all the danger”
“Love me”
“Dance Tonight”
“Here today”
“Queenie Eye”
“Lady Madonna”
“Fu you”
“Being for Mr. Kite’s sake”
“Obla di obla da”
“You will never give me your money”
“She entered through the bathroom window”
“The group is on the run
“Let it be so”
“Live and let die”
“Hey Jude”

“I have a feeling”
“Golden Dreams” / “Carry this weight” / “The End”

Richard B. Simon

Translated by the editors

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