Pauleta, PSG legend before QSI

After the explosion in Bordeaux (2000/2003), the former striker of Estoril and La Coruña became a PSG legend. Pedro Miguel Pauleta is a striker from the 2000s who wears an unchanged Paris team that lacks the level of the current team.

Aigle des Azores did not arrive at PSG during the club’s best period (2003-2008), but his talent, sense of purpose and self-sacrifice saw him return to legend, scoring 109 goals in 211 appearances in all competitions.

However, when he arrives in the capital, there is a huge amount of pressure on his shoulders as he comes off three great seasons with the Girondins. The Paris leadership spends 10 million euros on this. The Portuguese player doesn’t yet know that the club’s heyday awaits him, that he will become a legend and one of the best scorers in history.

The Portuguese has big ambitions since his arrival, he wants to discover the Champions League, win titles, including the French champion, and he manages to get out of the game in a team that alternates between good and less good. In his first season, he scored 18 league goals with a mediocre team. Every season he does his job, scores at least eight goals and earns the captain’s armband after two seasons. Pauleta scores impressive goals, he is always well positioned, he makes a lot of effort on the field, and not just waiting for the ball in the opponent’s penalty area.

Pauleta, a legend of the 2000s from Paris

Winner of the French Cup in 2004 and 2006 and the League Cup in 2008, however, he would have to wait until the third and fourth seasons of his Paris adventure in 2006 and 2007 to become the league’s top scorer with 21 and 15 goals. From 21 goals, he scored just two penalties and was well ahead of Fred and Peter Odemwingie with seven goals. The following season, he was named top scorer after a tight battle with Steve Savidan (13 goals) and Ismael Bangura (12 goals). In his final year in the capital, his goal tally dropped to eight, his fewest since arriving in France.

He began marking club history in 2007 with a brace against Montpellier that saw him join Dominic Rocheteau as the club’s all-time top goalscorer with his 99thousand and 100thousand purposes. In December of the same year, he led the ranking with his 101st numberthousand a goal in a Parisian shirt.

When it was time to say goodbye to the team in 2008, Aigle des Azores, hovering over the championship and making the opponents’ nets tremble, became the best scorer in the history of the club.

He will remain the top scorer (109 goals) until 2015

Pauleta will remain the record holder (109 goals in 211 matches) in the history of the club until 2015, when he will be overtaken by Zlatan Ibrahimovic. He has now dropped to fourth place among the top scorers behind Edinson Cavani, Kylian Mbappe and Zlatan Ibrahimovic, but he remains one of the fans’ favorite players who appreciate his humility, professionalism and love for the club.

He regrets the most that he did not win the French championship title. Not far behind in 2004 with second place. But fourteen years after his departure, he continues to proclaim his love for PSG, and when he returns to the Parc des Princes, he receives a standing ovation worthy of the greatest.

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