Personality: What character traits dominate?

Human character is one of the most important goals of psychology. In particular, character traits determine a person’s behavior, actions and decisions. They are both fixed and variable, general and specific, simple and complex, and so on. That is why it is important and at the same time difficult to know one’s own character. However, man does not like to have boundaries, he always wants to know more and discover the secrets of the universe and the human person. In this article, we will introduce you to a visual method of relational psychology that will reveal your dominant character traits.

Want to reveal your identity?

Start by looking at the photo below. The image that your eyes find first matches your character. If you continue to look at the photo, you will undoubtedly discover other images. However, to get accurate test results, take as a guide the image that came first to you, not the one you liked best. In the following lines you will find the meaning of each animal in the photo.

What do you see in this photo?

personality quiz on character traits


From ancient times the horse symbolized freedom and strength. This is what you also think about when you see a horse racing at full speed. He commands respect and admiration. We see that he loves his freedom the most and feels better outside of human society.

Free nature of horses

personality test of galloping hair

If you see the image of a horse first, you can maintain a balance between following its instinctive nature and the behavior of manual and socially appropriate behavior. You follow your goals with passion and do not give up on your goals easily.

Is the horse the first image your eyes have found?

personality test for the psychology of a stallion in the photo

A rooster that gathers five virtues

Have you seen a rooster?

that the rooster reveals to the individual

Did you know that the rooster has been praised by the Chinese for centuries as the embodiment of the five virtues. He looks civilized, he is a fighter with spurs in his legs, he bravely attacks in the face of the enemy, he demonstrates humanity, smiling for others to join him when he finds food, and he never misses his duty early in the morning. These are, in particular, the dominant qualities of the person who first notices the rooster – civilized, combative, courageous, humane, faithful to his duty. A real man of honor!

The rooster performs morning duties

crowing of a rooster in the morning personality test

Crab lesson

The crab has to teach us an important lesson – to go our own way, but we must also be prepared to admit a mistake and change direction if necessary. Sometimes you need to listen to the ideas of others and accept their point of view. It is important to be open to new perspectives. You should not blindly follow the crowd. There are times in life when you need to step away from society to give yourself a chance to think.

Did you understand the lesson of the crab?

quiz personality crab in water

If a crab has attacked you, chances are you are shy and very sensitive, but also loves to explore and uses your time in isolation to get rich.

Do you see the crab in the photo?

image of a crab of psychological significance


Did you first notice the mantis? So we need peace, silence, which often means loneliness. You do not like chaos and noise, which are very tiring for you. The mantis shows that you do not want to keep up with the fast pace of the modern world of people who eat on the run, drink coffee while driving to the office and hastily complete their tasks. You have your own rhythm, which allows you to eat calmly and spend the time necessary for the quality of each task. This does not mean that you lead a slow, boring life. No! You lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle. In addition, you are able to act quickly if the situation requires it.

Have you noticed a mantis?

the importance of the mantis for human character

Do you like the meaning of the mantis?

mantis on a branch in the woods

Wolf intuition

Although we are civilized and intelligent beings, we must also pay attention to our intuition and our instincts. This is the message of the wolf. You need to know how to strike a balance between harmony and discipline, reason and sixth sense.

wolf in the image of the personality test

If you first see a wolf, you are a shrewd person who trusts his intuition. You can easily build strong relationships with others. You care about your friends and family. But from time to time you can become tough and competitive.

wolf guards her cub in the woods

Loyalty of the dog

What are the main qualities of a dog? He is kind, faithful, devoted. These are, in particular, the dominant characteristics of a person who first sees a dog in a photograph. This is very good news, because these are very important qualities for every man. You feel great love for your loved ones and are strongly attached to them. This, of course, hides the risks – your heart can be easily broken. You have a gentle nature, you like to serve, help and protect others. So you have to be careful with people who try to take advantage of your good heart. Just as a dog is a person’s best friend, you also have the ability to be a very good friend.

what the dog says about the dominant character traits

Very beautiful dog

dog holding a flower in his snout

An eagle that can reach every peak

The eagle is free in the air, but it can find solid ground for its wings. He is smart enough to always stay near water. The wings are very careful to choose a partner for life and thus form the perfect couple.

If your eyes immediately found the eagle in the photo, then you have his nature. Balance can be found everywhere. You are not afraid to set goals above others and fly to achieve them. There is not too high a top for the wings of this bird! The eagle also represents a wonderful combination of spiritual, intelligence and strength, between flight and solid land.

free eagle personality test

A beautiful flight of an eagle

an eagle flying over the mountains

A beautiful transformation of a butterfly

People who see a butterfly are not afraid of change, like most people. He is an incredible force in life. We cannot grow without change. Butterflies are also flexible enough to adapt to any situation. When difficulties arise, they take the opportunity to improve by making a beautiful transformation, like a butterfly.

Also, do not forget that you make the world beautiful and bring joy to all who are lucky enough to meet you.

the importance of the butterfly for human character

What a transformation!

beautiful transformation of a butterfly

Pigeon and peace

The dove has always been associated with peace. People who first see a pigeon are some of the kindest and most generous in the world. It is the quality of innocence that is inherent in them and attracts many people. These people realize that peace is the highest value and that it should not be threatened. They hate war, and unlike those associated with the rooster, pigeons almost never use force to win. We need such people in the world!

have the character of a blue dove

white dove sitting on a white terrace

The sweetness of the pigeon

girl holding a pigeon in her arms

The concept of personality is particularly fascinating because it represents a mixture of several psychological aspects. There are many factors that determine a person’s personality, which can also change over the years. There is a great interest of people in personality tests. Although they are used for entertainment or curiosity, they are also an important tool in a professional, academic or therapeutic setting.

Share the test with your friends!

two girls doing personality test on laptop

This visual personality test is based on the psychology of relationships and the functioning of the subconscious. Unlike the Rorschach ink stain test, which depicts a meaningless image that requires a person to strain the mind or imagination to understand the image, the test we offer works quite differently. Read the following lines to understand yourself.

psychology of relationships

Personality tests based on relationship theories should accurately determine your personality type and dominant character traits based on your attitudes toward the various images that have been combined into one. Relationship psychology assumes that we all have repetitive patterns of relationships or patterns that reflect our personal history, lifestyle, and character. In particular, it is the unconscious connection between these diagrams and the proposed images that helps us to discover our character.

female eye in a piece of mirror

The work of the subconscious

As we have already said, this test is not intended to provoke the imagination. You also don’t need to choose the animal you like best or the animal you associate with. You need to allow your subconscious to act freely and choose an animal that will reveal your personality type. Therefore, it is important to consider the image that your eyes first noticed.

Of course, the subconscious can be influenced by external factors – a movie you watched recently, a book you read, a conversation you had, and so on. It is possible that in this case there will be deviations in the end result. Therefore, we must not forget that we cannot trust this test 100%. You can consult a psychologist to learn more about a person’s character.

Otherwise, you can always have fun and share this test with friends to compare results!

two girls laughing in front of laptop doing personality test

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