PICTURES. Animals of Kenya, painted by Lisa Wurpilo, an artist from O-Doo

For many years the artist painted wildlife in his paintings. Whether local or on the antipodes of his native Franche-Comté. His style, brushstrokes and explosive colors make his painting unique. It is on display in Besançon until the end of July.

Contemplating the canvas of the artist Lisa Vurpio is like immersing yourself in a bath of colors and sensations. In such a difficult period, when stress and worries about tomorrow are our daily destiny, his picture is a “sprout” of prosperity and optimism. She will exhibit her paintings at the Galerie Médicis in Besançon until July 30, 2022.

A young woman comes from the village of Four in Ou-Doo. The attraction to graphic art appeared very quickly and directed his studies. After earning a bachelor’s degree in illustration and cartoon, Lisa Vurpilo ​​entered a very prestigious Emile school. Cohl In Lyon. Then two inseparable elements will appear from his picture: animals and color.

For several years, Lisa Vurpio was inspired by the animals of the Besançon Citadel to learn how to draw their features and record their attitude and appearance. In love with freedom and open spaces, she turned to a fellow naturalist photographer for advice on studying wildlife and African animals in their natural habitat. In July 2021, it is finally a big trip to Kenya for her.

In the midst of a pandemic, the artist finds herself almost alone with her Maasai guides. “I learned a lot from the animals of the citadel, but I needed to see these animals in the wild. As soon as I arrived in Kenya, it was very emotional. The grandeur of landscapes, animals in complete freedom without any human presence, it was a unique moment for me. I had the feeling that I was at the origins of the world. “ Lisa tells us.

For the artist, this first trip was not just an encounter with the wildlife of Kenya. It was also a very pleasant human meeting. Tembo by Jackson is the only camp in the middle of the reserve, which is run by the Maasai. “Jackson Naurori, who usually greets animal photographers, did his best to make me discover his country with my pencils and sketches. I tried to learn a few words of their language and immerse myself in their culture in order to feel the connection with the place. “

As soon as she returned from Masai Mara, the artist immersed herself in her memories and her sketchbooks to begin creating her paintings. With each gesture, brush stroke, the animal takes shape. Immersed in his thoughts, the artist gives birth to his elephant, and he will be blue.

Liz Vurpiyo has always been interested in colors. “It seems to me that I have this sharp eye, and it has become my trademark. I paint with additional colors. It gives architecture, construction of colors in relation to each other and expresses balance “the artist explains in front of her paintings.

Alberto Brito is exhibiting the works of Franche-Comté for the third time, and there is always success. “His painting is good. I like a bit of the pop color of his paintings. Everything is spontaneous and very simple.” launched by the manager of Galerie Médicis.

He also finds this simplicity in the painter. “Lisa is simple, spontaneous, no matter what her brush. At first a little elusive and shy, you have to trust her. This is a very pleasant meeting for me and those who like the gallery “ Says Alberto.

For Alberto Brito, these ferocious beasts should inspire fear, but they evoke completely different feelings in him. “When I see the appearance of African animals painted by Lisa, I do not feel any aggression, but, on the contrary, a lot of tenderness. The view of an animal for me is the key to its painting. He is peaceful and kind. “ Says the gallery owner.

Exhibiting in various galleries in France or Switzerland, Lisa Vourpio leaves the visitor indifferent. His gaze seems to have captured this journey to the land of animals. Everything is done to surprise. The beast, which usually merges with the tones of the savannah to better surprise its prey, then turns into an explosion of color palette to better surprise those who contemplate it.

Sebastian has been following Liz Vurpio for several years. As soon as he learned that she was exhibiting again in Besançon, he hurried to come and see her new paintings. “I really like his picture. I found her during her exhibition at the Besançon Citadel called Regard animal. Basically, I like portraits of animals, and what she paints touches me. This explosion of colors really lifts the heart in this difficult time “ trusts this visitor.

In exceptional cases, Lisa refuses to paint for more intimate painting. She then examines all the gray palettes. If this can confuse the visitor, these few black and white works come from a pair with the gallery owner Mezhev on his ability to convey the same amount of colorless emotions. And it works perfectly.

About twenty paintings are offered in this trip to the land of the Maasai. They express all a mixture of strength and softness in a hint of color.

At the request of Alberto Brito of the Médicis Gallery, Lisa traveled to Kenya for the second time at Tembo by Jackson. Located in full savannah, among lions, elephants and wildebeest, is the only camp he runs Masai, Jackson Naurori. Opportunity for the artist to immerse himself as closely as possible in the culture and color of this people.

During this second trip, the artist sought to integrate into society to better understand the exhausted faces, colorful clothes and their military conduct.

The colors of traditional Maasai attire are perfectly combined with the bright paint of the artist. During the trip, the artist even had the pleasure to take part in the integration ceremony. “It was a great feeling for me that I was able to wear their holiday clothes. The women handed me colorful clothes and jewelry. I felt that nature and the Maasai made me a great gift. “Says Lisa.

You have until July 30, 2022, to come and see Lisa Vurpio’s paintings in Besançon. Medici Gallery, 9th place Victor Hugo.

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