Pierre Shendoerffer – The Goal of 500 Million (1966)

From Pierre Schondoerfer, the general public keeps mostly his war films (317th Platoon, sunin Bien Phu) or his military dramasL.Honor Fr.captain, Drum crab), but the filmography of pman againvemuch richer and more diversee. Afteris a carriereis in the fleettargeteis up to eighteen years, which leads him toin Indochina Fr.where he opens the production as part of the cinematographic service of the Armed Forces, to captivity. From this experience he will make a documentary, Anderson Sectioncrown Oscar in 1968. AND evThe event will radically change his life: he meets Joseph Kessel on Hong Kong, which advises him withtry it on fiction and warmth recommends its producer Georges de Beauregard, the main figure of the New Wave (To Panting, but also L.eto the priest Morin, Lola). Surrounded by these two prestigious figures, Shendorffer rotates Devil’s Pass in 1956, adaptation withnovel by the writer. Aprilewith differentrent long-mfloors (ramuntcho, PechoirIceland), he turns toone of themy dear, war and its horrors, on by 317th Platoon (1965), pstory aboutsquadron sent to the front Deehe isn Phu, and extracted from the villageone of his own books. The film is a successes and define the director’s style, full of realism. A year later he finds his actorBruno Kremer runs away nearpossibilityThe goal is 500 million. WITHTheyfor a while departs from his favorite genre andTry crime fiction, it implicitly evokes the specter of battleAlgeria andOAS. Scenario is written by the directorenot himeI, in collaboration with Jorge Semprun, fideemployee Costa Gavras on WITH Where Confessionamong others, and the Minister of Culture of Spain from 1988 to 1991. After his release from prison, Reichau (Kramer), a former paratrooper, offers a hit from the mysterious Yo (Marisa Mell): to steal a mail bag with five hundred million and deliver it from Paris. on Bordeaux. The only accomplice he finds to help him with this operation is Pierre (Jean-Claude Rolland), the officer who once exposed him.is… A thriller joins the collection Make my day! esaidee from Studiocanal, lan opportunity to reflect on this surprise on participation in the work of the director.

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Trauma cAlgeria is located in the center ofeI’m from the scenenario dThe goal is 500 million. The conflict seems to be still alive, it haunts each of the heroes, the memories of their fellows.eres dWeapons killed in battle remain in everyone’s memory. France, then in the midst of post-decolonization and the pre-May uprisings of 68, appeared to themandI like the changing country Fr.where these reactionaries nno longer have their place. In his fascinating analysis of the film prefeel like a bonus, francois Angelier dwritten by delsewhere Pierre Schondoerffer as a color analystes-war. How a nation can rise again aftereor different fratricidal battles? The director brings the starsIanswering elements giving on to see men locked in archaic codesïinquiries and obscurantism, consisting of myths and factssex (in ttestifies to the meal between the officers), from which Reichau wants to separate. Duringa trYou’re beautifulequence, the latter, a member of the Commando DeltaOAS, which participated in coup attempteNoéraux, meeting on a construction siteFLN veterans who came to work on recovery withTriumphal Arch. Strong image, symbol of meme, which Shondoerffer captures as a polite conversation between dold enemies destroyed. The hero is presented in timea sceno needwhere his violent instincts (he takes his gun to aim at a neighbor at his windowtre) and self-destructive (it adheres to the canon dgun to the temple, face on mirror) presents it as a hexagonal prototype of Travis Bickle Taxi driver. Machine on kill the lost in an urban environment thathe laneagainstbe just as hostile and unhealthy. Always trusteat its principles and on his people, hedid not accept the dishonor of his condemnation and, phe give it uphe is still called a captain, seemingly attached to his priesthood, almost despite him (He doesthe man has only three works: the king, oneyou or the captain “). A estateanachronistic and virilic spirit, which I summarizes in these words: ” J.I hate men who consider themselves men becausethey staged a war ». The myth of the nobility of battle as a rite of passage, which points to the director on because of the brutality of this ubiquitous television newsIescrewHe talks about the massacres in Yemen or Vietnam, which the protagonist comments on, analyzes, analyzes strategies, as he would do before a normal football match.

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