Porcherie, the cry of a generation against the far right

This is a (slightly) impromptu ending to the song. A chorus that became the anti-fascist slogan of an entire generation. “Youth fucks NF”, get their audience to sing “Bérus” in November 1989. But their name pigsty, on which this cry from the heart was grafted, but was (almost) not intended for the conduct of this struggle.

“We were social cases, from a broken bourgeois environment or from broken working-class families,” – explained Francois in Independent, in November 2013. Electric guitar (Laurent), voice (François) and Dédé, a rhythm machine that replaces the traditional drummer. A crude configuration that sustains and perpetuates the Bérurier Noir rebellion.

Protected by the public, which plays the role of law enforcement, since 1982 they have been giving wild concerts in the subway, in front of the Center Pompidou… Underground punk network, word of mouth radio, fanzines make them successful. Few radios and even fewer televisions…

Despite increasingly large concerts, where they limit admission to 50 francs (€13) in protest against exorbitant prices, nothing catches their attention. They take care of it: Francois still works as a handler at BHV, Laurent as a facilitator at the leisure centre.

but, “In 1988, everyone was scared”under pressure from the right and extreme right. “We never did a concert again without at least two CRS vans outside the venue. There was even an article from AFP introducing us as the cultural branch of Direct Action.” mentioned Marsa, the band’s manager, in Releasein 2004. In 1989, the group decided on a series of “harakiri” concerts.

Exploitation of animals, bigotry, violation of rights… The name is “a radical list of global violence”.

On November 8, 9 and 10, 1989, a concert took place in Olympia, which will remain a monument in the history of French punk. Among the reinforced figures, supported by jugglers, clowns, a fire eater, a version of Pigsty whose end, altered, perpetuates the slogan.

There is a name “radical list of global violence”writes Fanfan on his website (1): animal exploitation, fanaticism, violation of human rights… “The world is a real pigsty / People behave like pigs / Battery economy / Thousands of tons of deaths. (…) The Third World is dying, pigs are being stuffed / Tensions are rising, GIs are itching…” And then, at the end of the song: “Police Army: Pigsty/Apartheid: Pigsty/Lim Time: Pigsty/Et Le Pen: Pigsty”.

Agreed, adds François, criticizing “fat bastard Le Pen”… And, in conclusion, calls on the youth: “We believe you: never more than 20%, never more! (…) At all Nazi demonstrations, be present and prevent them! Because we are black, we are white, we are yellow and together we are dynamite! »

pig squeal

Bérurier Noir has always been filled with radical anti-fascism. In the studio version pigsty, they began the piece with an excerpt from Jean-Marie Le Pen’s speech on September 28, 1984, at a National Front of Belgium rally in Brussels: “Ladies and gentlemen, what happens tomorrow will form the basis of a great Belgian national movement. »

The FN, which had just made a breakthrough in the municipal elections in Dre (ten elected, including three deputies), then in the European Parliament elections (11%), still provoked a reaction of rejection from left-wing parties, trade unions, associations and citizens. … That day the demonstration was overcrowded, and Le Pen, forced to interrupt his speech, uttered these words, which on Pigsty ends with a pig squeal.

“We thought we would get a trial, and we were ready! “, In 2017, Laurent started working at the online magazine Greenroom. “We wanted a debate, we wanted to go on TV before him. In the end, he didn’t do anything (…) and we quickly realized that the youth were extremely responsive to this particular song. »

Until even the title of the song is forgotten in favor of the chorus. It still resonated in 2002, when Le Pen Sr. made it to the second round of the presidential election. “The new generation had to take the torch” sorry Mars, I’m still in the Greenroom. Ace! Since then, his daughter has turned to him twice without uttering the famous slogan (2)…

(1) Fanxoa/archivesdelazonemondiale. (2) Despite a new version of the track written by Laurent in 2017.

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