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– Focus on the 14 projects vying for the 32nd Montpellier Mediterranean Film Festival Development Grant

Director Alaa Eddin Alyem, whose project El Dorado was selected

Tomorrow, Tuesday, October 25, Cinemed Meetings, three days of professional meetings organized as part of the 44th Mediterranean Film Festival in Montpellier (read the article and interview with Christophe Lepark). The menu highlights the 32nd edition of the Development Assistance Grant with 14 selected feature film projects, which directors and producers will present to a jury consisting of George Goldenstern (former director of the Cinéfondation of the Cannes Film Festival), Kateryna Bizern (Céci Moulin d’Andé), screenwriter and producer Yasmina Nini-Faucon (Istiqlal Films) and producer Thierry Lenouvelle (Cine-Sud action).

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There will be two development grants (provided by the CNC and the Occitania region, and linked to technical donations by Titra Films French Kiss and Saraband) and a writer’s residency at Céci Moulin d’Andé). By the way, went through this pitching in recent years The last queen [+lire aussi :
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It should be noted that Cinemed Meetings also includes the 8th edition of the “Du court au long” system (13 first international feature projects proposed by filmmakers with short films in this year’s competition in Montpellier, which will be judged by a jury of two writer residencies), a new program Cinemed & Aflamuna/Beirut DC (a selection of seven projects in development from the Arab world signed in particular Dima El Horr, Hicham Lasry or Raed Andoni), joint meetings with all individual meetings of project managers with professionals present in Montpellier, Châtaignes Boost Camp and Chemin Faisant, round tables and the “Talents en court” operation.

Projects participating in the development aid grant competition :

Aisha will not fly away againMorad Mostafa (Egypt)
Production: Sausan Yusuf for Bonanza Films
Aisha, a carer for the elderly, lives in Cairo, where she discovers an underground African society full of tensions between different groups. Stuck in a relationship with no future, routine, pressure and hard work lead her to a dead end.

Looking for WoodySarah Chazley (Egypt)
Production: Marianna Khoury for Misr International Films
Sarah, a lonely little girl, grew up in Cairo with Woody, her Ethiopian nanny, and her absentee mother. Twenty years later, Sarah decides to confront her mother. Will she be able to bury her past before becoming a mother herself?

Second wifeMeriem Mesraua (France)
Production: Francois d’Artemar for afternoon movies
Taking extreme measures to preserve the illusory shelter of her marriage, Salima confronts the fragility of her image, which has been maintained for too long.

The hard life of a pig!Christy Wiebe (Lebanon)
Production: Christine Younes for Bee On Set Productions
35-year-old Chadi works as a mascot for the event. After the breakup, he decides to leave Lebanon. While applying for a visa, he meets Lea, an activist activist. Thanks to her, he learns that his father, who died during the war from a stray bullet, was actually killed on the orders of Deputy Habbush. Chadi then decides to stay and get revenge with her “Happy Pig” costume.

The way of the hanged manAyub Lanud (Morocco/France)
Production: Marie Gutman for Meroe films
Escaping the gendarmes and leaving his native Douare, Rahal, a 30-year-old marginalized youth, rescues Taher, a “zouri” child who was about to be sacrificed, with the goal, according to legend, of finding a treasure. Both accomplices, pursued, find themselves forced to travel together through the Moroccan countryside, where reality and belief mix, for better and for worse.

sleepless city (Ciudad sin sueno) – Guillermo Garcia Lopez (France/Spain)
Production: Anne-Dominique Toussaint for Les Films des Tournelles
La Cañada Real, a suburb of Madrid, is one of the largest illegal slums in Europe. Ramon, a 13-year-old Roma boy, has always lived here with his family. With their best friend Said, they film the world around them on a shared mobile phone. One day Said announces to Ramona that he is returning to Morocco with his family. Ramon learns that his house is going to be demolished. For the first time, Ramon sees a chance to leave La Cañada, revealing his hidden desire to live a life different from that of his parents, who will do anything to prevent eviction.

As God will giveMarie Gulbiani (Georgia)
Production: Kate Kalandarishvili for Midifilm
In the Panki Gorge, a region of Georgia at the foot of the Caucasus Mountains. This is the dramatic story of two Muslim women who embark on a journey to pursue a man who has joined the militants in Syria. They try to find out what exactly surpasses their love, but at the same time can destroy the world.

El DoradoAlaa Eddin Alyem (Morocco)
Production: Francesca Duca for the smallest gesture
A group of migrants arrive in Morocco with the intention of crossing the sea to reach “Eldorado”, a secret utopian island, but they end up in a factory making tomato sauce for pasta, pizza and ketchup for the eponymous Eldorado brand. .

Exiles also die of loveMarie Le Floc (France/Belgium)
Production: Lionel Massol for Big Eight Movies
Wael, exiled to Lorient with his 15-year-old daughter Reem, works at the port of Keroman. He has just secured, after six years of research and waiting, the release of his wife Susan, an acclaimed actress who is very committed to the Syrian revolution.

The man of the houseAndamion Muratai (Albania/Italy/Greece)
Production: Blarina Gotze for Lissus Media
This is the story of Fran, the Sworn Virgin, who must compromise her masculinity to become a mother to her niece Zana, a young orphan girl struggling with puberty. Although Fran already supports the family, she understands that Zana wants much more than material comfort. The film explores the painful process of reclaiming femininity and motherhood, deliberately buried for years.

YugoslaviaIvan Bakrach (Montenegro/Serbia/France)
Production: Wilhelm Selsky for Arizona Productions
On her 55th birthday, to overcome complete loneliness after her son’s departure abroad, Yugoslavia uses her vacation to look for a new apartment. This quest will change his life in an unexpected way.

White House (Casa Bianca) – Francesco Romano (Italy/France)
Production: Raffaella Pontarelli for Amarena Film
Felicetta feels marginalized by her family and oppressed by the context in which she lives. One day, a powerful Camorra boss asks him for hospitality. Something deep will be born between them that will threaten their confidence.

OilYves Pia (France)
Production: Damien Magherby for Les Valseurs
Hicham is a customs officer from southern Tunisia who is trying to somehow ensure the survival of his family. His life changes when he meets Tesla, a donkey who got lost on the Algerian border and is carrying bags of cocaine…

paradiseElizabeth Silveiro (France/Spain)
Production: Claire Chassan for Dolce Vita Films
Emma and her brother Mark are going to Spain for the summer. Emma meets Nadezda, a Russian woman who works at a brothel in the city, whom Mark has spotted to finally lose her virginity…Emma, ​​attracted to a woman for the first time, is completely stunned.

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