Pregnancy: Is It Possible To Eat Surimi During Pregnancy?

From: Rebecca Chocron, nutritionist

Surimi is food that makes our lives easier! It can be eaten in salads, baked goods, salty cakes or even terrines. Surimi, invented in Japan, is now taking its place on the shelves of our supermarkets. But does a pregnant woman have the right to use it whenever she wants? Deciphering with Rebecca Chokron, a nutritionist.

What is the composition of surimi?

As consumers, we often think about the composition of surimi. What is this product made of? Does it really contain crab, as evidenced by its color and aroma? Is it good for health? Answers by Rebecca Chokron, dietitian.

Surimi sticks … do they really contain crabs?

Contrary to popular belief, surimi does not contain a single gram of crab. It is made artificially from white fish waste. This is an ultra-processing product. ” Surimi contains natural crab flavors which will give it a little flavor – says Rebecca Chocron, a nutritionist. Alaskan pollock, putasu or even white hake is the main fish used by the food industry to make surimi.

More precisely, “ surimi is made of 40% of fish meat. Other ingredients – water, egg whiteeggrapeseed oil and salt “- Rebecca Chocron explains. ” The French standard required today states that surimi must contain at least 30% fish meat. We are now at the level of 40% in mass distribution – says a nutritionist. There are other ingredients: wheat starch, soy and sugar. This is seafood also contains many additives : « potato starch, milk … The number of ingredients varies from eight to thirteen “, indicates “60 million consumers”. The orange color of the product comes fromcoloring based on paprika extract.

Surimi boiled or raw?

Crab stick (or surimi) is good cooked food, unlike sushi or sashimi, which are eaten raw. In stores, this product is made from white fish waste pasteurized. ” It is subject to cooking at temperatures above 70 ° C. Mention of pasteurized is not necessarily registered, but is mandatory Says Rebecca Chocron.

Is it possible to eat surimi during pregnancy?

Surimi is a fresh food that is often appreciated in our summer salads or as a snack with a little mayonnaise. When you are pregnant, you can eat it! No problem, subject to certain precautions.

Want surimi during pregnancy?

Like sushi or raw fish, surimi contains fish flesh, which may contain bacteria such as Listeria monocytogenes. However, because it breaks down during cooking, it is possible to eat surimi during pregnancy.However, care must be taken expiration dates, adhere to storage conditions and using any bag or box shortly after opening. Preference should be given to products that are sold in vacuum packaging in supermarkets, and avoid those that are sold “in bulk” in salad bars, for example.

How dangerous is the use of surimi for a pregnant woman?

It is better not to use surimi in the daily diet, because it will not meet all food needs future mother. Even if there are no strict medical contraindications, according to the website of the National Food Safety Agency (ANSES), it is better to consume surimi in moderation during pregnancy, because the risk of listeriosis is not zeroeven if it is low. Pregnant women with an allergy to egg white should not consume it. Surimi is also a very salty food. Excess salt in pregnant women can cause hypertension or water retention.

Low risk of listeriosis and toxoplasmosis

Surimi is prepared and pasteurized, so the risk of listeriosis or toxoplasmosis is very rare. On the other hand, “ the expiration date and the cold chain must be observed “Rebecca Chocron warns. ” You can even freeze surimi and thaw to eat “- continues Rebecca Chokron, nutritionist.

Some risks associated with heavy metals

Marine pollution leads to the presence of heavy metals in some fish. In general, it is predators at the top of the food chain, such as sharks, swordfish, devilfish or marlin, that tend to accumulate these heavy metals in their bodies. In the context of surimi, fish used in production, such as pollock, blue whiting and hake, they are unlikely to keep him.

To sum up, when you are pregnant, you can occasionally eat a few surimi sticks if you want! When cooked and pasteurized, this food does not pose a risk to our health and the health of our child. However, such food should be consumed in moderation, its food consumption is not optimal. In any case, follow the advice of your doctor or dietitian.

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