Presidential 2022. Macron leads in Orne, Le Pen is gaining ground

In Orne, a department rather anchored on the right, Emmanuel Macron became the leader of this presidential election, but less brilliantly than in 2017. © L’Orne hebdo

The Orne department puts Emmanuel Macron (LaRem) in the lead in this second round of the 2022 presidential election with 55.11% of the vote (79,267 votes). Marin Le Pen (RN) received 44.89% (64,559 votes).

This is a difference of six points, or about 9,000 votes, less than in 2017 for the incumbent president (61.64% in 2017) and the same for the leader of the National Rally (38.36%) .

Macron and Le Pen neck and neck in the 3rd constituency

If in each of the three districts of the department Emmanuel Macron is ahead of Marin Le Pen, the differences are still very different.

On First Constituency (Alençon-Domfront): Emmanuel Macron won with 59% of the vote (28,125 votes). Marin Le Pen: 19,543 votes (41%).

On second constituency (L’Aigle-Mortagne), 184 votes separate the leading Emmanuel Macron from his rival Marine Le Pen. Macron: 23,424 votes (50.21%), Marine Le Pen: 23,240 votes (49.8%).

On Third Constituency (Argentina-Flers) : Emmanuel Macron wins with 56% of the vote (27,718 votes), ahead of Marine Le Pen (21,776 votes – 44%).

Legislative purpose

As in the first round, Emmanuel Macron stands out in more urban areas when the campaign favors Marine Le Pen to him. It is clear that the transfer of leftist votes was largely in favor of Emmanuel Macron for two-thirds of the department (Bocage, Pei d’Argentan and Pei d’Alencon). On the other hand, less open in the east (Pays d’Ouche and Perche), where the candidate from RN, who has already collected a lot in the first round, is friends with his rival.

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So many indicators that the two finalist parties of this presidential year 2022 and those who remained on the dock in the first round will undoubtedly use seven weeks before the parliamentary elections (June 12 and 19), which is even more in the only department of Normandy, which is not take into account Deputy Larem.

Macron achieves his best results in Alençon and Fleury

To Alencon, Emmanuel Macron received 64.59% of the vote (6042 votes). Marin Le Pen: 35.41% (3312 votes). Registered: 14,757. Voters: 10,230. Whites: 668. Draws: 208. Participation: 9,354. Turnout: 69.32%.

Emmanuel Macron’s best result was obtained at the polling stations of Emile Dupont (73.65%) and Hôtel de Ville (73.59%). Therefore, in the city center.

At the polling station of Albert Camus (County Courtea), Marin Le Pen came in first with 55.17%.

In Point-du-Jour kindergarten, Emmanuel Macron comes out on top with a difference of four votes from his opponent. He scored 50.66% with 154 votes, Marine Le Pen: 49.34% with 150 votes. At this polling station, Marine Le Pen came out on top in the first round.

To ArgentanIIn the second round of the presidential election on Sunday, April 2, 2022, voters preferred Emmanuel Macron.

The candidate from La République en Marche received 57.53% of the vote. The result is very close to the national (58.2%).

Marine Le Pen (National Rally) is 42.47% in Argentina.

In the Flers, if he wins in total with more than 58% of the vote, Emmanuel Macron garnered 64.43% of the vote in the Flers, against 35.57% in favor of Marine Le Pen. White votes are 6.53%, and invalid ballots slightly exceed 2%.

In Orne, Marine Le Pen has progressed by six points in this presidential year 2022 compared to 2017.
In Orne, Marine Le Pen has progressed by six points in this presidential year 2022 compared to 2017. © L’Orne hebdo

In L’Aigle, the balance of power is clearly identical to the national scale: 58.38% for the incumbent, compared to 41.62% for his opponent. Emmanuel Macron wins with more than 1 point, but the gap is significantly reduced compared to the 2017 election, and the number of abstentions increases to 30.43%.

In Mortan-au-First in this second round, Emmanuel Macron was also clearly ahead of Marin Le Pen. 62.22% of Mortania’s voters elected him to a new term. Marin Le Pen, who scored the most votes in the first round in the whole Pole, received only 37.78% of the results.

In Bagnoles-de-l’Orne, out of 153 votes cast in three polling stations, the incumbent President Emmanuel Macron received 97 votes, or 63.66%, while the RN candidate, Marine Le Pen, received 55 votes, or 36,33%.

The strongest restraint

If in Orni the content in the second round of this presidential year 2022 (23.72%) is less than at the national level (28.01%), it is still gaining two points compared to 2017 (21.84%).

It is larger in the first constituency of Alençon-Domfront (24.08%) than in the second constituency of L’Egl-Mortan (23.34%), where the difference in votes between the two candidates is the largest. and in the third Argentan-Flers (23.73%), where Macron scored 56%.

National result

Sunday, April 24, 2022 Emmanuel Macron (LaRem), the current tenant of the Elysee Park, was reappointed for 44 years at the age of 44.

He is the first president of the French Republic to be re-elected since his five-year term.

Emmanuel Macron (LaRem) won nationally with 58.54% of the vote. Marin Le Pen (RN) is 41.46%. The content froze at 28.01%.

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