Preview Heat – Sixers: Miami needs to send a message

Let’s, let’s continue to tease these semifinals of the conference with the series Heat – Sixers! It’s time to reunite Jimmy Butler and his former companions, with the exception of Joel Embiid, at least at the beginning of the series. Without the support of the MVP caliber, Doc Rivers’ men leave him with the same flaw as their great husband’s talent.

Meeting in the regular season 2021-22:

  • Sixers- Warm : 96 – 101
  • heat- Sixers : 98 – 109
  • Warm – Sixers: 99 – 82
  • Sixers – Heat: 113 – 106

Will we have the right to see again how Philadelphia defender Embid in a mask steps on the land of Florida, which he injured in 2018? There is nothing less definite, but if we have to tell you something definite, it is that the outcome of this series will largely depend on the date of Jojo’s return. Officially declared absent until the end of the second game, the guy could return at the same time as the series in Philly. Therefore, his teammates will have to try twice to win the match against Heath only after the aperitif, during which they sent Falcon rillettes. The Trey Young Hawks performed very poorly and suffered from the harsh law of South Florida heat, losing 4-1. And that is the strength of this Miami team: a suffocating defense that ultimately confuses because it is dispassionate. Gifts, good in their role, hard-working and very physical, without much effort. The perfect protection is what. And in the attack, we are close to a deadly combination: Jimmy Butler – the head of the beach in South Beach, and we know what a guy’s appetite for such a series, which is more opposed to his former friends from adventure. He will no doubt want to prove to his companions that he has progressed since his departure, that he will be a fan of sh┼Źnen the Jim ‘. Behind him, Tyler Erro, Max Strus and Victor Oladipo will be ambushed in the swamps of South Miami, ready to draw to replace their leader. We will also note the contribution of conductor Kyle Lowry, but the metronome of the beach orchestra will not be present during match 1 due to a painful tendon. Everything is headed by Eric Spoelstra, whose resume as a coach is no longer presented. He didn’t doubt his ability to send Doc Rivers back to Pennsylvania with red buttocks.

Thus, for the Sixers, the task will be to return home with a victory in his pocket, so as not to press Joel Embide back against the wall as soon as he returns, and demand 110% from him, even if we suspect that the competitive Cameroonian spirit will not force him to play below this percentage. However, even filled with the purest desire to win, to return with two lags on the clock, it would greatly complicate the situation for Joel. Note that we are not saying that this will be the case, but Philly has given us enough elements of their fragility against the Raptors to insist on this scenario. We welcomed Tyree Maxi’s first round, which is important for his team’s success against Toronto, and although the latter will have to show at least the same level so that his team can exist at the beginning of the series. Of course, we haven’t mentioned this yet, but we are obviously waiting for James Harden. In senator mode, since mid-April, Blackbeard has been sailing the trade winds, but a storm is brewing if he does not move the train to become the leader of his gang. It was for this situation that Philly brought him, that is, to accept the swelling when Jojo is unavailable. He is able to extinguish any defense when he starts it, and that’s exactly what needs to be done … provided that it also follows in his camp: Sixers defended very hard consistently against Dinos, but “consistently” This time may not be enough, and Doc Rivers will have to find a parade to prevent Miami from taking the right path to victory, and that’s the whole match.

We hope that Jojo will return soon to add tension to this series, or the madness of Ramesse, who will finally be able to show that he has all the strength to lead his team. In any case, the Sixers will have to find something to stay on top, otherwise the series could end in favor of the Miami team in their place.

program of the series

  • Game 1: Heat – Sixers, Monday night, May 2, at 1:30 p.m.
  • Game 2: Heat – Sixers, Wednesday night, May 4, at 1:30 p.m.
  • Game 3: Sixers – Heat, Friday night, May 6, at 1 p.m.
  • Game 4: Sixers – Heat, on the night of Sunday, May 8, the time will be determined.
  • Game 5 *: Hit – Sixers, on the night of Tuesday, May 10, the time will be determined.
  • Game 6 *: Sixers – Heat, on the night of Thursday, May 12, the time will be determined.
  • Game 7 *: Hit – Sixers, on the night of Sunday, May 15, the time will be determined.

* if necessary

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