Prince Amori de Bourbon-Parm is running in the parliamentary elections

Prince Amori de Bourbon-Parm is trying a political adventure by running in the June parliamentary elections in the Orne district. A descendant of the Capetians joined the Reconquista Party! from Eric Zemmur.

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Amori de Bourbon-Parm is running in the parliamentary elections in Orne

Last February, Prince Charles-Emmanuel de Bourbon-Parm and his son Amori responded to an interview with Valeurs Actuelles in which they announced their support for Eric Zemmour in the run for president. “I think Zemmur is bringing back topics we haven’t been able to talk about so far. It liberates languages, it liberates language “explained Prince Charles-Emmanuel, convinced that the candidate would surrender “Country on the way” and give back “A little common sense.”

A few months later, the candidate, backed by Charles Emmanuel and Amori de Bourbon-Parm, failed to run in the second round of the presidential election with 7% of the vote, but support remained unchanged, this time in the election. . Now Prince Amori, who is 31 this year, the eldest of Prince Charles Emmanuel, is starting to get involved in politics himself.

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The prince joins Eric Zemmour’s party

Prince Amori de Bourbon-Parm is running in the parliamentary elections in the second constituency of Orne (61). The announcement of his candidacy is accompanied by his official website, which calls for donations. Orna’s Second Constituency is the easternmost of the department’s three constituencies. It covers the natural regions of Per Orne and Pays de l’Egl. His current MP is Veronica Luvaji (LR), re-elected in 2017 after his first term (then UMP) in 2012.

A few days after Bourbon-Parma’s official support in Zemmour, the candidate reacted proudly to Figaro. The BMF provided comments from Eric Zemmur. “There is an obvious continuity between the monarchy, the empire and the republic. Forty kings created France, Napoleon organized it, and the Republic is part of this legacy, “said Eric Zemmour.

I am very proud of this support “Eric Zemmour answered directly, learning that he has the affection of princes. For his part, Amori de Bourbon-Parm has already said that he met with the former polemicist and that he called his name during the parliamentary elections.

Prince Amori de Bourbon-Parm is the great-great-great-grandson of Robert I of Parma, the last sovereign of the Duchy of Parma and Pleasant. Robert I himself is a descendant of Philip V of Spain, grandson of Louis XIV, who was the first Bourbon to rule Spain. He is also a descendant of King Christian IX of Denmark and a descendant of the Orleans branch of the Bourbons through his great-grandmother Maria of Orleans.

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