Printival Festival in Pesena: all the hammers of Bobby Lapoant!

Bobby Lapoent turned 100 on April 16, but it didn’t happen. His hometown of Pezenas celebrates his XXL Printival!

He had a hasty pun, a tense calembredaine, abundant alliterations, paranormal paronomasia, an open valve … Anyway, in short, Bobby Lapoent had the art and the marrier to turn a song into a voluntary linguistic delusion! And fifty years after his departure, from which we still cannot return, he remains the only one who demands that we open our ears without pulling them, so that, following his example, we do not miss it. .a!

However, this rare case, which does not leave marble, was not recognized in his life at fair value (as priceless as he has always been in alliance with the pleasant). Only in 1976, four years after his hasty death, a holistic box set published by Philips at the initiative of Joe Dassen, did not reveal the scale of the genius of the extended. There are forty-eight such posthumous people, it’s not trivial, and it’s timeless!

Unheard of with him – a refined word

After the 23rd Printival in XXL fort maous format, Bobby Lapoint’s name will continue to soar without zeal, but in the clouds, you bastard! At the end of June, Universal will release a double CD book with rare and unpublished titles, photos from the archive of his daughter Tichy Lapoant and anecdotes from his biographer Sam Olivier … And in the fall Pesen will premiere the film. Barbu du Square, a theatrical play written by Bobby Lapoent in 1952, was never staged, but well constructed, forced!

Fortish in mathematics, who later invented the method of graphical and phonetic representation of numbers (binary system), our Piscénois pure juice in 1922 published at the age of 29 his first work, Twelve songs of a happy fool : thirteen basic texts of his work, some of which will become songs (Fish Fa, Sentimental Executioner, Insomnia, Revenge, your Katie has left you), but which do not find an echo. He tries to have his texts interpreted by the Jacques brothers he adores, but they find them too difficult to canonize. Only Burville has a good taste for gossip Aragon and Castile1954 for his film April Fool ре which, unfortunately, failed.

It was not until 1959 that he made his debut as a singer at the Cheval d’or, a cabaret on the left bank. There he meets Georges Brassens, who becomes his friend and supporter of Setua. There is also the iconic Francois Truffaut, who hired him for his film T.will go to the pianist. For the sequence where he swings his song crimson dancing like a jackhammer, the director will make sure he has subtitles.

Thus, as a “singer with subtitles”, he enters the chapel sixties, his decade of complete hyperactivity. Doing what he pleases, which makes him very happy, he multiplies recordings, gala, tours, television … and even performances in the movies with Claude Sote, but without laughter. He is admired by Georges Brassens, Pierre Perre, Charles Aznavour and Joe Dassen (who produced his latest album, Understand who can on the cover, nose in daisies, worship), but success runs away from him and life, the flute, too.

Whoever pinches the sea, the crab rinses. He died of cancer at the age of 50. But his smile survives: when on our players, his witty recordings pirouette, it is he who breaks our reels, everyone is amazed.

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Printival Festival in Pesena: XXL edition in honor of the 100th anniversary of Bobby Lapoenti

23rd spring

Tuesday, April 26 : inauguration of the festival (18:00) and opening night of “L’Ultra Bal” (21:00).

Wednesday, April 27 : “Bobby’s Suitcase”, a show for young audiences (14:00), Zaza Fournier (19:00) and “Méli Mélo Dis Boby!”, A special evening of Bobby Lapoite (21:00).

Thursday, April 28 : joint set “Destination Gaspésie / Occitanie” (12:00) and Oldelf + Tom Byrd (21:00).

Friday, April 29 : Etienne Fletcher (12:00), CharlesCros Award (15:00), Martin Lumine (19:00) and Laura Caen + Pauline Croes (21:00).

Saturday, April 30 : Iaross (12:00), Art Showcases (15:00), Bonbon Vodou (19:00) and Java + YN (21:00).

Information: 049 50 534 658.

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