Product Alert: Don’t eat these crab sticks sold all over France!

The second recall is done on crab sticks. In early September, Odyssey brand has already started a recall campaign for its products. Due to the presence of microbes, the crab sticks had an organoleptic defect.

The withdrawal of the product from sale was necessary, as is the case with the Netto brand. This was reported by the website Rappel Conso surimi sticks is no longer a consumable.

What is the reason for this product recall?

The recall of surimi sticks involves the batch 00124527 with GTIN code 3250390797258. Note that the recall takes place at the national level. Packs of 24 pieces of crab sticks were available in all Netto supermarkets in France.

The product was sold from August 8 to September 23, 2022, with a redemption date set for November 28, 2022. Consumers should know that the reason for this campaign product recall is the presence of staphylococcal enterotoxins.

Some staphylococci produce this protein, which contaminates food. Staphylococcal enterotoxins can be produced during food preparation. Unfortunately, these enterotoxins have the ability to withstand extreme temperatures during freezing or cooking.

The manufacturer warns consumers

The Food Chain Monitoring Platform explains that they are the main cause of human food contamination in France. They are also one of the first reasons in the world.

Those who have used these Netto brand crab sticks should watch out for a few symptoms. Gastrointestinal disturbances such as vomiting may occur. And this is a few hours after eating contaminated food.

The Netto brand urges its customers not to consume these crab sticks. Depending on the product recall, consumers may return the sachets to the point of sale. The customer will be eligible for a refund if they return the product by October 8. Indeed, the withdrawal procedure ends on this date.

Carrefour warns its customers

Regular shrimp tails on September 27 product recall list. Those normal shrimp tails peeled without sulfites in plates of 250 g.

This Carrefour Le Marché product has the health label EN 62.160.112 EC. The commercialization of these shrimp tails lasted from September 15 to September 23, 2022. Since they were on the shelves of Carrefour supermarkets all over France, you should check if you bought them.

Stop eating those Carrefour prawn tails with the bundles 2222570002. Expiry date until 09/26/2022. Parties 2222580002 with a best-by date of September 27 is also subject to product recall.

The recall campaign includes two other series of Carrefour shrimp tails. One owns plots 2222620116 whose consumption is limited until October 1, 2022. Please check if you have the one in the lots 2222650003 in your closet

The Carrefour brand has set an expiration date of October 4, 2022. All these links which are no longer edible have barcode 352368043666.

Presence of Vibrio vulnificus

Carrefour sounded the alarm about this product on caused by Vibrio vulnificus. These are gram-negative rod-shaped bacteria. They are especially present in the marine environment, hence the contamination of these shrimps.

You should know that Vibrio vulnificus belongs to the same family as the bacteria responsible for cholera. Vibrio vulnificus causes Food Poisoning in a person who swallowed food, suffered from its contamination.

Gastrointestinal disorders do not cause serious complications in a healthy person. However, sensitive people or people suffering from chronic diseases should be careful. Nonintestinal disorders may be severe, such as generalized infection or sepsis.

Cooking above 65°C destroys these bacteria and prevents the consequences of its pollution. If a person with a wound comes into direct contact with Vibrio vulnificus, a skin infection can occur. If you have any questions, please contact Carrefour Customer Service on 0 805 500 120.

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