Professional tour of the east coast Marc-Olivier Place opens the season with a victory

Marc-Olivier Plasse showed all his talent and strength of character at the opening of the East Coast Pro Tour (ECPT) on Wednesday in Toronto. Five strokes behind at the beginning of the day, golfer Mercier finally won his first professional title.

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Nicholas Richard

Nicholas Richard

Several players from PGA Tour Canada and PGA Tour Latinoamerica attended the Toronto Open, hosted by the Courtyard Marriott at Lionhead Golf Club in Brampton, Ontario.

Marc-Olivier Plasse finished eighth on the track last season, and the 26-year-old had every intention to start stronger.

However, the local favorite Sebastian Shirmak started better. During the first round on Tuesday, which offered the players good conditions, despite the strong wind, the Toronto man gave the card 67 (-5). He had a truly exceptional back nine, hitting three birds in a row and an eagle between holes 13 to 16.

The best Quebec was Max Gilbert with -2. Last season, the golfer from Saint-Georges took first place in the overall standings.

At the end of the first round, Plasse was five strokes behind.

“I felt I was playing well in the first round, but I was a little short of letting go, I had a lot in my head. There were some hesitations in my game, “Plasse explained after the tournament.

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Perfect day

It was during the last round that Plasse really unfolded. Before starting the round, he made a good game plan with his coach Benoit Lemierre and his mental coach Sarah Brisson-Lego. He believes he started the round with a better approach than the day before.

Mercier is known to be one of the best trained players on the track. He analyzes the game and the elements of the field, as few know how to do it, and believes that he has made the necessary changes to better attack in the last round.

According to the founder of the course Massimo Roja, the temperature was perfect and the conditions were optimal to allow golfers to fully express themselves.

Plasse took the opportunity to pass card 32 (-4) on the front nine. He played a smaller shot in the back nine, thanks in part to a huge strike on the 17thand pit, par 3 of 170 yards. He stopped a 20-foot blow to the bird. After that, his competitors could not keep up.

Leader after the first day, Shirmak fell, particularly at age 15and hole and double lantern for 16and. He missed a bird strike on the next hole, and it was over for the Toronto.

Thus, Plasse was able to enjoy his first professional victory in his career thanks to a total score of -5. “I did not expect to win the tournament. It’s a pretty amazing feeling. »

With this victory, he will secure a place in the Canadian Cup, and also takes first place in the standings.

“One of my goals this year was to win one or more tournaments, so I’m very happy to have decided that in the first tournament. One of my biggest goals is to finish first in the GolfIn Cup [classement général]. It gives me confidence, I look forward to the rest of the summer. »

The next ECPT tournament will take place at Chateau Bromon on May 29 and 30.

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