Purchasing power: what consumer societies want from the government

Minister of Economy and Finance Bruno Le Mer receives them in Berce this Wednesday afternoon.

While inflation continued to rise by 4.8% in April and purchasing power issues dominated the presidential campaign, the government is working on a financing bill (PLFR) on purchasing power, he said.

purchasing power law

“. This bill should be considered by the new parliament.”

as soon as deputies are elected

“- said the President of the National Assembly Richard Ferrand last Sunday. This Wednesday, Minister of Economy and Finance Bruno Le Mer receives in Berce, national representatives of consumer associations.


Purchasing power is the top priority of Emmanuel Macron’s second term

Invited were the UFC-Que Choisir, Rural Families (FR), the Association for Consumer Protection, Education and Information (ADEIC), the Confederation of Consumer Affairs, Housing and Habitats (CLCV), the Force Ouvrière Consommateurs Association (AFOC) or the Association for Information and protection of employees (INDECOSA-CGT).

Purchasing power measures

Turned to

Le Figaro

, the associations announced that they hope for measures in favor of purchasing power, in particular through the continuation of the existing exceptional assistance. ”

Given the price level, help is needed

“Says Jean-Yves Mano, president of the CLCV, who asks that

energy test

“Of the € 100 given to 38 million people in France in April, it will be permanent to pay”

once a trimester



Purchasing power is “probably the issue we’re going to move on the fastest,” says Attal.

Jean-Yves Mano also calls for an extension of the 18-cent discount on the pump introduced per liter.


April is initially valid only until the end of July. ”

We must keep the discount for everyone, not just heavy drivers

“- adds Arno Focon, National Secretary of INDECOSA-CGT, who fears that this assistance will apply only to road professionals. Representatives of the association also mention the extension of the tariff billboard for freezing the price of natural gas. From these two points, the associations must win their case, as the government announced at the end of this Wednesday’s meeting of the Council of Ministers that it will extend until the end of 2022 the discount on the pump and the tariff shield on prices.


Purchasing power is the top priority of Emmanuel Macron’s second term

INDECOSA-CGT is also asking for a reduction in VAT on the basket of basic necessities and an increase in the Livret A rate.

Tariffs are so low that people are losing money by saving

Arno Focon remarks. In addition, several associations are hoping for a symbolic reassessment of personal housing assistance (APL), which fell by 5 euros in 2017 caused a lively controversy. ”

Symbolically, this covers the price of a pack of pasta

Says Jean-Yves Mano.


The executive should not reduce VAT on basic necessities

Better dialogue with the executive

Another aspect of their claims, consumer societies hope to be able to build better relations with the ministry. ”

We ask for a devoted interlocutor, because today we do not have a Minister for Consumer Affairs

“Says Patrick Mercier, president of ADEIC, who wants to be able to engage in a privileged dialogue with the government. ”

We need a direct channel where we can have a dialogue without aggression and without demagoguery

“He says. Associations are also demanding to freeze or even increase their operating subsidies, which have been falling for several years.”

It is imperative that Bruno Le Mer take into account the existence of consumer associations and the benefits of their existence

“Says Chantal Yue, president of the French Family Association.


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