QMJHL Lottery: a portrait of the 5 best potential customers

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MONTREAL – 18 QMJHL clubs have their own list. The CSR Support Center has its own. Who is most looking forward to Curto’s next draft, whose lottery will take place tonight at the RDS studio?

Pierre Scholett, director of CSR, has an idea about this.

“We are the only organization in the whole league that has to publish its list, so it involves a lot of criticism, a lot of comments. This is the part work “- recently thought the former chief scout Victoriaville Tigres, who also worked as a scout for two years on behalf of the NHL Central Recruitment, before taking control of the CSR in 2020.

“All the teams will say they don’t look at our list, that’s part game. But funny, I get sms, emails and calls .. “When will you release the list?” »

Cholett, who has been in the industry for 25 years, published the results of the work of 10 scouts he leads last Wednesday. At the top of this ranking is the defender of the Phénix du College Esther-Blonden Thomas Lavois, slightly ahead of the goalkeeper of Gaulois de Saint-Hyacinthe Gabriel D’Egl.

“The walk between him and D’Egle is probably not that big, because this year is special that we have no idea how the oppression will turn out. It will depend on who is in the accounts, it will depend on many factors. I would see D’Eagle come out on the 1st, and I wouldn’t be surprised. I’ll see [Justin] Poirier turns out to be № 1, and I wouldn’t be surprised either. I think most teams have roughly the same names, but not in the same order. »

Here are the top 5 CSR, as Sholett sees it.

Tom Lavois
Right Defender, Esther Blond College (M18 AAA)
March 31, 2006 | 6 feet 3 inches | 190 pounds

In 36 games with Phoenix in his first U18 AAA campaign, the guard scored 7 goals and 14 assists, with a difference of minus 4.

Pierre Cholett’s analysis: “He’s a great, great defender, yes, but he’s very mobile. […] This is a young guy who has a direct impact on his team. You come to the arena and he hits you in the face. You don’t have to wait a couple of months or two to say, “Yeah, it’s not worse.” »

“He is a young man who plays with conviction. Everything he does, he does with conviction, to live or die. He makes decisions, there are no fluctuations game. What he does, he tries to do well. The more we moved forward in the season, the more confident he was. After all, it was like a man among children. In this regard. »

“As for the scouts, they say about his development cap that … the sky is the limit. It is incredibly. He is a really good defender. »

Work: “He has a good puck, he has a good shot, but he must gain confidence, throw it faster and more often. It will come in time. »

Gabriel d’Egl
Goalkeeper, Saint-Hyacinth (M18 AAA)
November 21, 2006 | 6 feet 3 inches | 191 lbs

The 16-year-old goalkeeper finished second in the AAA U18 (0.919) in second place, second only to Samuel Saint-Hilaire (0.934), who is two years older. D’Egle could be the first goalkeeper to be selected first in the overall standings after Maxime Dayno in 2000.

computer: “He has everything he needs to succeed. He is tall, fat, athletic, lightning fast and focused. All patent for him to be successful, he has it. He just needs time. He must goalkeeperthat he accumulates minutes and minutes. »

“We didn’t have many goalkeepers in Hockey Canada [du Québec] over the past few years. He, like Tomas Lavois, goes into it. I’m already associated with Hockey Canada, I run Quebec, and he already is [sur notre radar]. We can predict that for people under 20, for example, these are guys who will fight for the job. »

Work: “He is a very, very, very active young man in his goal. He is very purposeful, but I think he needs to learn to calm down a bit. We often hear that Stephen Waite says that the goalkeeper should have a reassuring presence for his teammates. He must demonstrate that he is in complete control, he must remain calm. »

“It can be fixed, there’s really nothing to worry about. »

Sasha Buiswert
Left-handed Central, Academy of Mount St. Charles (15)
March 17, 2006 | 6 feet 1 inch | 151 lbs

The striker Troyes-Riviere has been set to continue his development in the United States for several years. Dedicated to Muskegon Lumberjacks USHL in the next campaign, Boyswerth scored an impressive total of 51 goals and 43 assists in 56 games this year in his second season with Mount Saint-Charles Academy, Rhode Island.

computer: “We did not have the opportunity to see his game in person in the winter, as we would like. We were satisfied with a lot of videos. The question we had in his case was the caliber of the game. I think that the M18 AAA from Quebec, let’s say we like it, remains the highest caliber in our territory, and I believe that Sasha did not develop in this caliber. .

“When he came to the QMJHL Cup, we knew he was a great guy, a great center left-hander who rode well, with good hands and good vision. What we were looking forward to seeing once mingled with players of his level. Because, in our opinion, there (on Mount Saint-Charles) were not necessarily players of his level. On Monday, during the first match of the first day, it was very difficult for him. But he was able to adapt quickly. The more the match went, the better it was. The next day, then on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, he was the best forward on the ice. Point. »

“It is rare to see a central player of this size who is so good at the puck and has good vision. That’s really good package for the central player. He plays a lot, is creative with the puck, has a good shot, skates well, patient, calm, does not panic. In our opinion, he is really the best forward in the draft. »

Work: “He’s a big guy, tall and thin, 6 feet 1” and 150 pounds. He is growing. I am sure that by gaining muscle mass, he will strengthen. His skate will be more explosive, more stable and stronger. »

Justin Poirier
Right forward, Chateauguet (M18 AAA)
September 4, 2006 | 5 feet 6.5 inches | 183 pounds

The Grenadier striker finished the season at the top of the list of top scorers with 33 successes, to which he added 16 assists, which allowed him to finish in 6th place.and Author of the U18 AAA league. His brother, Jeremy Poirier, defender of the Saint-John C. Doggs, was chosen from threeand round of the Calgary Flames in 2020.

computer: “Justin is a really special talent. This is a natural marker. To have the talent of a natural marker, you need to develop it, with this you do not come into the world the same way. Probably, he is a child who threw thousands and then thousands and thousands of puck in his life. He has an extraordinary throw of the wrist, released quickly and without warning. And it’s not just that he makes sharp, accurate shots, but also that he knows exactly when to do them. […] It shoot extraordinary. »

It’s hard to explain, but he’s “5 feet 6” with half a powerful striker! Beats like a train. […] Justin looks like a tank. She goes in a straight line. His skate is special, he is not the most elegant skater, but he is moving forward quickly. […] He’s not the kind of guy who’s going to get in the attack zone, brake and cut inside to hit or hit the puck. No. He is in a straight line, and when he holds on to the defender, he makes a very small feint and then shoots. »

Work: “He will have to learn to get close to the net, as Cole Cofield did. In these calibers (M18 AAA) it is possible rating from the blue line and the head of the throwing circles. When you move to a higher level, you should agree to lightly oil your nose with butter. »

Italian Eliot
Right-handed striker, Séminaire Saint-François (M18 AAA)
March 23, 2006 | 6 feet 1 inch | 175 pounds

In 39 games with Blizzard last season, the Italian scored 17 goals and made 15 assists.

computer: “Eliot is another big, big guy. He is physically strong, he is a good skater and has a good hockey flair. She is a very responsible young man who has a great throw. »

“You take it, you play it next year and coach will like it, because it takes into account all the small details. He wins his throws. If you don’t play with him in the center, he will block punches, he will use his physical shape, and his work ethic is exceptional. But I can’t wait to see if he can on his 2and or 3and year of numbers on the board. »

“I have divided criminals into 3 or 4 categories. For me, he is a good striker in both directions of the ice, a bit like Nathan Gaucher in Quebec. He is not necessarily a very abusive guy, but he is a guy who will succeed at 200 feet. »

Work: “When he’s in the center, he becomes, as ridiculous as it may seem, too responsible. He will postpone his offensive game. He will always be the third person, both entering and leaving the zone. »

* The QMJHL 2022 lottery will determine the top five choices. Cape Breton Eagles (43%) have the best chances to win, ahead of Victoriaville Tigres (28%), Baie-Comeau Drakkar (24%) and Chicoutimi Saguenéens (5%).

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