Qualifying matches CAN Cote d’Ivoire 2023: new coach Celle has already placed his ladder!

Following his appointment as Mali’s national coach, former Mali Eagle, Eric Secu Celle held his first press conference on Friday afternoon at the Hotel de l’Amitié in Bamako. This first press conference was an opportunity for him to contact the local sports press and publish his list of 25 players called up for the first days of the CAN Côte d’Ivoire 2023 qualifiers.

On May 7, 2022, Eric Seku Celle replaced Mohamed Magassuba as coach of the Eagles Mali. This coach, who has been a disgraceful defender during his career, on the other hand, is inexperienced, because he cut his teeth only at the level of the lower divisions of France. He is credited with being selected from among many other candidates who have applied to the FMF competition for the position of coach of the national team of Mali. And after his appointment, he did not make any public appearances on the spot to comment on his new mission at the head of the Eagles of Mali. It was a good opportunity for him on Friday. That is why the purpose of this first press conference was to reveal the motives that led him to choose the national team of Mali, and, above all, to meet with the local sports press, which gave hard times to his predecessor.

In his speech, the new coach of the “Little Eagles” Eric Seku Celle first thanked for the warm welcome given to him in Bamako. The same gratitude was addressed to Femafut and his former colleagues for their attention and choice. He noted that if he has been following the Mali national team for a long time, it is thanks to this local press, which works professionally, making relevant analyzes about it. “Even though I’m in France, I see all the work you’re doing around this team,” he said. At the same time, he is very happy to be here in Mali and hopes to establish good relations with the Malian press. He said he had many inquiries from the foreign press to answer questions, but he decided to give exclusivity to his first interview with his Mali brothers. “I come with great modesty, confidence and I know that everything will go very well with you, because you are a professional. Of course, I will listen to everyone as a professional. You know very well what filters should be, but as the person I am due to my education, I listen to your demands and criticism, ”he promised the Malian sports press.

In conclusion, reaffirming his gratitude to the federation, coach Celle believes that the choice of his humble man is due to one thing: his devotion to the leaders of Malian football, so that the “Eagles of Mali” reach the top of African, even world football. and to say that he counts on the support of all the Malians to succeed in his mission.

In response to questions, Eric Secu Celle did not overdo it, structuring his ambitions in the dynamics of continuity to bring to the national team of Mali the little thing that she lacks, namely efficiency in all tests. According to him, according to the 4-4-2 system, he intends to instill determination in the young “Eagles”, who are all talented (according to him), but need a good coach to achieve results.

Compared to the next game against the Congo, he released a list of 25 eagles. Analyzing this list, it turns out that these are the same players who played in the last playoffs of AFCON and the World Cup, some of whom lack playing time in their respective clubs. To convince him of his choice, the new coach testified to the individual qualities of the players we want to blame before explaining the absence of certain tenors on this list, including two Dukurs (from Everton and Lance).

The regrouping of the team is scheduled for May 31 with headquarters at the Hotel de l’Amitié in Bamako.

Let’s hope that coach Celle is the right ladder for Mali to climb to the roof of Africa.

Adam Tunkara

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