Rating, ratings AT&T Byron Nelson 2022: KH Lee repeats, withstanding the challenge of Jordan Spit

What do Sam AIDS, Jack Nicklaus, Tom Watson and K. H. Lee have in common? As of Sunday, they are the only players in history to win AT&T Byron Nelson for several years in a row. Lee followed in the footsteps of some of the best players in history and kept some of the best in his own generation to finish under the age of 26 and win at TPC Craig Ranch for the second year in a row.

Lee took 63 points on Sunday, the lowest round of his career to beat Jordan Spit (2nd), Hideki Matsuyama (T3), Justin Thomas (T5) and Xander Schaufele (T5). Unbelievable, but it was not the best round of the day on Sunday at Nelson and not the best round among these players. Schauffele had previously dropped 61 to set the club number at 23 below before Matsuyama dropped it to 24 below after his own 62.

However, Lee was nailed everywhere. He came out 31 out of the front nine in front of the Eagle at №12 after approaching 240 yards from 5 feet. Then came two more birds – including the last one – but it was actually a pair (which was rarer this week than birds and eagles) that will be the highlight of the day.

With Spieth (and the entire city of Dallas) rushed behind, Lee had 12 feet at par after an awkward hit on the chip that he couldn’t get to the hole. Spit headed for the 17th, where he watched everything unfold in front of him, and Lee buried the shot to keep the advantage in one shot to the last hole.

“I fired … 9 less,” Spit said of Lee. “We failed from 15 to 18 [miles per hour] our last 10 or 11 holes, so this count this afternoon, especially the last set of closing holes, is just phenomenal. »

Spit and Lee are both birds this 72nd, and Lee disappointed the gallery, hoping that Spiet will win his hometown tournament for the first time, and Spit is licking his wounds before next week’s Grand Slam career tournament at the PGA Championship.

For Lee, this was unexpected, given his recent game, but not his history on this course. Lee now has a total of 51 in less than two years, and although he has only one of the top ten between last year’s and this year’s victories, it will be difficult to face him at TPC Craig Ranch in the future. He may never be one of the greats with whom he now sits in the Book of Records for his entire career. But when it comes to defeating the world’s best in a week in Texas, no one has made the best of the last two years at the event. When it comes to winning one of the best restrained tournaments of the year, KH Lee belongs.

Here are the rest of our AT&T Byron Nelson ratings.

2. Jordan Spit (-25): If Spiet ever looks back, it’s hard to imagine that it wouldn’t be the 10th hole where he threw three 7-foot shots. At the time, it looked like he was going to take part in a golf tournament, but in retrospect, he probably lost it.

“I think I’m back to 10, I looked good on the bird, but I got too aggressive and hit him on the first break,” Spit said. “Then I kind of hit my head in the wind there in second place and missed about 3 or 4 feet to go from thinking I was going to be a birdie, to how I’m going to deal with a birdie, I mean, that’s obviously “But I played the holes from there just the way they were supposed to be played. I caught three more birds, and that wasn’t enough. »

However, he finished first and second in two starts since the Masters, as well as first and second in shots from that to the green in those two races. Now he could withstand the blow next week in Tulsa, Oklahoma, because exhibiting (especially on the courts) is risky, but he will have a hell of a ride in the process, and as he did this week at TPC Craig Ranch, the best entertainment in the sport . Rating: А

T3. Hideki Matsuyama (-24): It was another bad end to a busy season for Matsuyami, who finally scored 62 like an eagle. I didn’t think it was a particularly great place for him this week because of its quality on tough courses (not sure if anyone noticed, but it wasn’t a tough course), but it could be a harbinger of next week’s PGA. in the Southern Hills. He hits the ball very well (fourth in shots from the one to the green), and the only thing that ruined the fabulous season on Matsuyami is the injury he received before the Masters. In addition, he has a couple of wins, the top 15 at the Masters and the top five, which could cause controversy next weekend in Tulsa. Rating: А

T5. Xander Schaule (-23): When Schaufele finished his last round, he was solo and a 100-1 leader to win the tournament. You don’t see it very often, but Schauffele came out early and dropped a nasty 61, which lifted him up in the leaderboard, but unfortunately left too little room for the rest of the field when he was sitting at the club. In the end, as everyone knew, he fell from the lead, but it was a great performance on Sunday to qualify for next week’s PGA Championship in Southern Hills. Rating: A-

T5. Justin Thomas (-23): JT had 2 in his first seven holes on Thursday and was 14 behind in the lead before playing the last 65 holes in the 25 smaller ones to put himself in the fight. He failed to turn back the clock and resume Sunday’s tournament, but his golf was nonetheless impressive after those first seven holes of the first round. JT was unable to use a very successful week at the TPC Craig Ranch. , but he is now in the best position next week to compete in the second major championship of his career, where he will appreciate what he does best, namely breaking big pieces of iron into tiny silos. Rating: A-

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