Restos du Coeur and the Food Bank in L’Aigle are concerned about the sharp increase in the number of beneficiaries

L’Aigle’s Restos du Coeur fear they will have to deal with increased demand this winter (©Le Réveil Normand)

The energy crisis and the increase in goods of daily demand immediately affect family budgets. On the antenna of Food from the heart with Eagle (Orn), “we have so many families, as if we are in the middle of winter, while we are still on the summer scales. This means that in the coming winter period, we will practically double the number of assisted families compared to 2021,” they said. Joel Vannier.

550 people helped in restaurants

The person in charge of Restos Aiglons currently has 308 families, many of them with three or more children, i.e. approx. 550 people supported in their difficulties. Forecasts for an increase worry Joel Vannier, especially since the shelves could be very empty.

We will have less food to redistribute to our beneficiaries. We will probably have to ration to be able to satisfy everyone.

Joel VannierBranch manager of Restos de L’Aigle

He explains that the philosophy of Restos is to give what is offered, not to buy food. However, “we are seeing that the supermarkets are selling before the deadline and therefore we have less products during our daily collections. Therefore, we will have to be very careful with our stocks,” warns the manager the day after the departmental meeting in the supermarkets.

Sias helps for an average of 24 days

Vigilance that also starts with antenna work, because “we have not yet turned on the heating and grouped food in fewer refrigerators and freezers to consume less.”

At the food service of Intermunicipal Center for Social Action (CIAS) there is also an increase in demand. “From 1Er From January to September 30, 2022, we distributed 30,516 meals, that is, 5,570 more than last year during the same period.” Emily Ozanne. The head of the food service adds that 30,805 kg of food was distributed during this period. This is to support 277 families for an average of 24 days, i.e. 489 people, including 150 children.

Emily Ozanne goes into detail and notes that “in 21% of cases it is about problems with managing the family budget, in 20% it is related to a lack of resources, and for 19% of families it is waiting for the opening of various rights.” .

Cias make you buy more

If you analyze these numbers, it is “worrying”. Catherine Lemé, director of Cias, “to see the arrival of a new audience, and this is directly related to the current economic situation. These are working people and pensioners who, due to inflation, are having a very difficult time making ends meet.”

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Faced with this increase in need, Cias must accept a less profitable Food Bank collection in 2021 than in normal times. “Normally, the generosity of the residents of the territory allows us to store 9 tons of non-perishable food products, but in the conditions of Covid-19 last year, we had 2 tons less,” poses Emily Ozann.

On the last weekend of November, “there will be a food collection, and then we will see if people give less because they are also struggling or if they mobilize again.”

Cias buys more food, even though our partners always support us. We are buying more than usual to meet the needs and provide a balanced diet for our beneficiaries, but for the 2021 collection, I have anticipated these additional costs.

Catherine LemeDirector of Cias Pays de L’Aigle

Thus, the Cias and especially the families who have resorted to it, are counting on a large mobilization of everyone during the next gathering to replenish supplies. We will return to this, in particular, to start looking for volunteers.

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