Review of Vol.2 Dandadan – Manga

Chronicle 2:

They may have completely different personalities at the base, the reserved nerd Ken (alias Okarun) and the temperamental Momo must now form the most unlikely duo against the supernatural beings that threaten them, with a clear goal: to return the boy’s thing, the very thing that Mem-Turbo stole, the spirit , which is at the heart of his curse. On the advice of Seiko, Momo’s grandmother, they came up with a fairly simple plan on paper: challenge the evil entity that prides itself so much on its speed to a duel in order to draw it out of the tunnel that serves as its lair and thus weaken and then eliminate it. But when the decisive moment arrives, things don’t go as planned, as an additional enemy appears: a Jibakurei that has taken the form of a giant crab begins to chase them, sowing discord in its path…

As it follows from the results of the first volume, this second volume begins with a bang, with a mad chase masterfully managed by Yukinobu Tatsu: not content with offering an intense rhythm and frenzy, the author also knows how to accentuate all this with a little additional unforeseen events, as well as humor that remains very present in the various character projections (including Grandma Turbo as she is inside Ken) and above all the visual work which remains impressive with some great full page or double page spreads, the sense of detail present in both the sets and in design, and a small package of angles that should be ambitious enough, like the very cinematic final page of Chapter 6, which plays out on several levels at once. time.

Therefore, it is difficult to hide your pleasure in the face of this explosive cocktail, especially since the author does not forget to nuance the figure of Grandma Turbo a bit, explaining what she is. But the first phase may have ended in the story, the issues are far from over as they deal with an inappropriate curse that has affected Okarun, so much so that the final part of the volume will quickly have things start again around another threat and the involvement of another teenager whose somewhat haughty, hypocritical that hideous personality will make you smile more than anything at her idiocy (if only she knew what her holy grail actually was…). But before coming to this new release of adrenaline, the mangaka is interested in something else, namely the first real evolution of the relationship between the two main characters. Once the curse affecting Ken is lifted, will the two teenagers simply stop seeing each other? Will their relationship stop there? Yukinobu Tatsu gives intelligent answers to these questions. And even if there’s nothing particularly surprising, it’s frankly well-managed according to certain small steps, such as when these two look everywhere for each other or when Ken comes out of his shyness to protect Momo’s image in the face of some rumor. The two main characters then slowly develop a genuine relationship, and it’s really noticeable that the author spends a good amount of time developing this relationship rather than just focusing on the action/humor cocktail, but it goes without saying that this relationship needs to be further strengthened to be better accepted by the main characters. interested parties.

If the first volume of Dandadan proved to be fundamentally enjoyable in its recipe, it is with this 2nd volume that the work shows its full potential, adding a little more substance to the main binomial in addition to violent action, frank humor and masterful graphics. Dandadan has not stolen its solid reputation, and we look forward to the continuation of the incredible adventures of Momo and Okaruna!

Chronicle 1:

To defeat Grandmother Turbo and remove the curse that hangs over Okarun, the boy and Momo have no choice but to challenge her to a race. Although it is not easy to defeat the spirit of an old woman who can reach speeds of up to 100 km/h, things take a turn for the worse when the jibakurei takes the form of a giant destructive crab. To succeed in their mission, the duo will have no choice but to outwit…

Electric, full of energy, colored with good narrative ideas and eccentric in its delirium, the first volume of Dandadan hardly left you indifferent, and we’ve been waiting to see the confirmation of Yukinobu Tatsu’s story with this second volume, which appeared simultaneously. By revealing the potential of his work, the mangaka affirms all the efficacy of manga, which affirms its identity.

The confrontation between Meme and Turbo ends in an explosive way at the beginning of the piece, which leaves no time to breathe. Dandadan thus names the first “arc” or the first confrontation of the month against the poltergeist, so the reader expects other threats to enter Momo and Okarun’s daily lives. Indeed, the two characters have not yet finished their sentences, so the task of this second work is to unfold their tormented days, confirming the recipe of the title, in particular the dynamics centered on the main characters and their idiosyncrasies.

As for the first part, something quite classic is shaping up as you read, with a core group of characters that will provide the perfect little surprise in terms of interaction. But the author maintains his own personal touch, especially through the delusional tone of his manga and its unbridled nature, resulting in understated humor that is always beautifully enhanced by Sylvain Schollet’s translation work. Thanks to this special touch and this association between classical strings and a funny and masterful construction, the new adventures of Momo and Okaruna take shape, keep their unrestrained breath and always create a little more of the mystical and grotesque folklore of the work.

Also, Dandadan does not forget about his slice of life, marked by a school comedy, drawn effectively. At the heart of this aspect is the relationship between the two headliners, with touching sincerity and an equally wonderful beginning of romance. Yukinobu Tatsu remains as cute as he is funny in these sequences, even introducing a new character whose classicism will also leave its little surprise.

So the potential for this big launch in Fall 2022 is confirmed. Dandadan stands out as a gem of efficiency, a shounen with a simple frame that hides an avalanche of ideas for tone, humor and aesthetics, all served by a cast that couldn’t be cuter and brilliantly scratchy. With such a controlled start, we can only expect perfection for the next opus.


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