Russia threatens to strike military facilities in Britain, warning about the supply of British weapons to Ukraine, – Reuters

RUSSIA has threatened to strike at military targets in Britain after Britain supplied weapons to Ukraine.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said that strikes on NATO member states could be authorized.

Russia has threatened to hit targets in BritainAuthors: AP

She said: “Do we understand correctly that in order to disrupt the logistics of military supplies, Russia can strike at military facilities in NATO countries that supply weapons to the Kiev regime?”

“After all, this leads directly to death and bloodshed in Ukraine. As far as I know, Britain is one such country.

This came after Russia’s foreign minister warned that nuclear global war was now a “real” threat, as British and NATO weapons were already “legitimate” targets in Ukraine.

In a horrific statement, Sergei Lavrov said that the risk of World War III was now “significant”, saying that the West was, in fact, waging war against Moscow because of its support for Kyiv.

Sergei Lavrov, Russian Foreign MinisterAuthors: EPA
New Russian intercontinental ballistic missile
Russia’s new Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missileAuthors: EPA
The building was damaged by a Russian missile strike in Odessa, southern Ukraine
The building was damaged by a Russian missile strike in Odessa, southern UkraineAuthors: Getty
The Ukrainian military found several Russian missiles
In the village of Berezivka, the Ukrainian military found several Russian Hurricane missiles.Authors: AP

Lavrov accused NATO forces of “adding fuel to the fire” by “pumping weapons into Ukraine.”

In an interview with Russian news agencies, he said: “This is our key position on which we base everything.

“The risks are significant now.

“I do not want to artificially increase these risks. Many would like that. The danger is serious, real, and we should not underestimate it. “

And the military hawk said arms supplies from Britain and other NATO countries “would be a legitimate goal,” echoing what Russian commanders had said before the invasion in late February.

Putin warns that Russia
Explosions erupted in the separatist Moldovan state bordering Ukraine

Lavrov accused the West of deliberately trying to “deplete the Russian army” and exhaust its ability to wage war, which the minister optimistically said was an “illusion.”

But he argued that Russia wanted to prevent a nuclear war at all costs.

Western countries have provided Ukraine with aid, weapons and equipment without deploying troops or introducing a no-fly zone.

Britain has provided anti-tank weapons, anti-aircraft missiles and plans to send Stormer armored vehicles to help them fight Russia.

But there are fears that anything more could provoke an open war with Moscow, which could easily escalate into a nuclear exchange.

And with this danger looming over the region, the world is on the brink – the international tension is the highest since the Cold War.

And Lavrov rekindled the fire, openly accusing the West of a covert conflict against Russia.

He said: “NATO is, in fact, waging war on Russia through a proxy and arming this trustee. War means war. “

The Foreign Minister also criticized Kyiv’s approach to peace talks with Moscow.

He said: “Good will has its limits. But if it is not mutual, it will not help the negotiation process. “

The Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba called Lavrov’s comments a sign of Russia’s weakness.

In a statement on Twitter, Kuleba said that Russia had lost “the last hope to dissuade the world from supporting Ukraine.”

He added: “It only means that Moscow is losing.”

Britain has also downplayed Russian warnings.

Armed Forces Minister James Happy told the BBC: “Lavrov’s trademark has been such a bravado for about 15 years when he was Russia’s foreign minister.

“I do not think there is an imminent threat of escalation.”

This came after the United States on Monday approved a potential sale of $ 165 million worth of ammunition to Ukraine.

The Pentagon said the package could include ammunition for howitzers, tanks and grenade launchers.

Moscow’s ambassador to Washington has called on the United States to suspend supplies, warning that Western weapons are fueling the conflict.

Moscow has stepped up its accountability to Britain, saying Ukraine’s secret unit, Psiop, had committed atrocities during the war, such as raping a woman and bombing children.


Meanwhile, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres is due to arrive in Moscow today to meet with Vladimir Putin and Lavrov, the most high-profile peacekeeping mission since the start of the war.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has claimed thousands of lives or wounded, turned the city into ruins and forced more than five million people to flee.

Russia has not yet captured any of Ukraine’s largest cities after its forces withdrew from the outskirts of Kyiv last month in the face of resistance.

Putin’s new war aims to focus mainly on the East – and more troops have been sent there to attack the two provinces.

Focusing on the east and south, Russia has also targeted other parts of Ukraine with missiles and air strikes.

On Monday, his defense ministry said it had destroyed six facilities supplying railways that were used to deliver foreign weapons to Ukrainian forces.

The Ukrainian military command said Russia was trying to bomb Ukraine’s railway infrastructure to disrupt arms supplies to foreign countries.

The head of the State Railways of Ukraine said that as a result of shelling by Russian missiles at five stations, the railwayman was killed and four others were injured.

World War III is a REAL DANGER, and British weapons are the target
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President Volodymyr Zelensky said last night: “Obviously, every day – and especially today, when the third month of our resistance has begun – everyone in Ukraine cares about peace, about ending it all.

“There is currently no simple answer to this question.”

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