Saint-Gervais-Mont-Blanc: The most beautiful view

The resort of Saint-Gervais-les-Bains in the heart of the Alps has taken advantage of its ideal geographical location at the foot of Europe’s rooftop. The city, which stretches from 580 m to 4807 m above sea level, includes 4 villages (Le Fayet, Saint-Gervais, Saint-Nicolas-de-Véroce and Le Bettex), 215 km of marked hiking trails, 15 mountain biking trails and numerous alpine tops.
Increase the scale of this station with an exceptional territory.

The tour of Val Montjois is 5 days in the loop from Saint-Gervais-Mont-Blanc. The route begins with the mythical tram Mont Blanc, one of the last cog trains in France. During the trip, travelers will be able to admire the view of Mont Blanc and its usual route, as well as flocks of sheep and cows of Guernsey from the Col du Tricot or watch the marmots that live in the nature reserve Contamin Monschau. For experienced travelers, this younger brother of the Mont Blanc tour allows you to enjoy a moment of relaxation in an area protected from all human activity, overlooking the majestic peaks that surround the roof of Europe.

Saint-Gervais - Mont Blanc Tram
© Bernard Tartinville


The top of the Mont d’Arbois gondola, accessible to tourists and mountain bikers from the center of the village, is the starting point for many mountain bike routes. From an altitude of 1800 m you can go down “dré dans l’pentu” to Saint-Gervais. “Wizz” is a 5-kilometer route of blue complexity, which allows you to play with the terrain, which consists of turns, humps and jumps in a playful descent in the middle of fir trees. Lovers of space can go on the route “Saint-Nicolaine separation” 17 km to the resort. One hundred meters of the ascent leads to the Croix du Christ, which offers panoramic views of the peaks of Mont Jolie and Mont Blanc. Then the trail wraps around Vanaya’s head and descends into the woods to the center of the village.

Saint Gervais - MTB
© Boris Moligne


The ascent to the mythical peak of Mont Blanc begins in the countryside, taking the tram du Mont Blanc to the shelter of Nied d’Egl. Then the route passes through the shelter Tet-Rus, Dom du Guter and the Boss ridge. A demanding and dedicated race, a classic for any climber, which promises a fascinating 360 ° view of all alpine massifs after reaching the top. If you make a climb at night, a beautiful sunrise will bring the icing on the cake in this mountain epic.

After training, athletes will find comfort in the natural warm waters of the Mont Blanc baths for a good rest. Relaxation workshop, steam baths, indoor and outdoor pools will get rid of all ailments and allow you to recharge your batteries.

© Pascal Delosh

Saint Gervais - Thermal baths
© Christoph Dage

Cool route one day, one lake

Tourist office of Saint-Gervais Mont Blanc

House of Saint-Gervais, 43 rue du Mont-Blanc, 74170 Saint-Gervais les Bains / 04 50 47 76 08 / [email protected]

Guide of Saint-Gervais / Le Contamin; 04 50 47 76 55 or [email protected]

Saint-Gervais thermal baths; 04 50 47 54 57

Mountain lodges and restaurants

Refuge du Mont Joly: a shelter for the Val Montjuis tour and a restaurant accessible to families from the top of the Bettex gondola. From the arrival of the gondola to the shelter takes about 45 minutes walk from about 150 m D +. or 04 50 93 10 10

Asylum Nid d’Aigle: the starting point of the usual route of Mont Blanc, it is also open to those
who want to spend the night in a shelter. Open from June 11 to September 28. or 04 50 58 05 78

Refuge de Miage: Chalet in an ideal location overlooking the famous House de Miage.; 04 50 93 22 91 or [email protected]

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