At 33, Sarah BOVI, a Belgian pilot, already has several driving hours on the clock, showing the talent that should allow her to overcome the void left by Vanina ICKX in 2012 and devote herself to the education of her son, Aldo.

Since Condruzienne has finished marketing, Belgium seems to have found a talented pilot to continue in the hierarchy of successful pilots of the fairer sex, as previously Christine Beckers, Yvette FONTAINE, Gilberte THIRION, Nicole SOL and Vanina ICKX, before her and often gaining drag in front of her colleagues – by men.

With her boyish looks, Sarah BOVIE practically discovered motorsport by going karting at the showground before becoming hooked at the grand opening of the indoor karting complex. Accompanied by her dad Quirin BOVIE when she was barely 12 years old. years


At BOVYs, car racing is a really long story that Quirin’s father made his passion and wanted to satisfy for two decades, starting with Hill Climb in Formula Vee AUSTRO and continuing this process, driving a TROJAN-Mc LAREN F5000, but he quickly crashed .

His next goal was to compete in the European F3 Championship, purchasing a RALT RT3 in 1977 and then selling it to a French driver, a great hillclimb specialist at the time, nicknamed “L’Aigle des Montagnes”, who modified this F3 into an F2 version Cote.

Meanwhile, BOVY competed in several rounds of the European F3 Championship in a CHEVRON B43, but in anonymity, before starting as a manufacturer, creating in 1980 its own F3, the BOVY PB 4”, powered by Novamotor-Toyota and a chassis heavily inspired by DALLARA.

Due to a lack of budget, this adventure was, as it often is, unfortunately but short for the French pilots Pierre PETTY and Patrick LANCELOT in the racing program agreed with the La Chatre driving school and which ended after Patrick LANCELOT. destroyed his BOVY PB4 during the Zandvoort event.

Have you ever run out of ideas? he was on base to introduce the first CHEVROLET CAMARO in the French Production Car Championship in the early 80’s along with Jean-Claude LAGNIER, with whom he participated in the Bugatti test at Le Mans where they set the lap record. !

BOVY also competed in 11 editions of the 24 Hours of Spa at the old and new circuit, and even though that classic never left him a lasting memory, apart from his 6th place overall and 1st in the N/Div group . 5 in 1989 in a PORSCHE 944, his enthusiasm for endurance racing has always remained unchanged.

His dream of competing in the world’s greatest endurance race, the famous 24 HOURS OF LE MANS, almost came true in 1990, when he entered the SPICE SE 90C for the English team GP MOTORSPORT alongside France’s Pierre de TOISY and Spain’s Pancho. EGOZKUE, he felt cheated throughout qualifying because after the first engine failure, during the Pierre de TOISY lap and the V8 Ford Cosworth swap, BOVY suffered the same mishap that forced the trio of drivers to no longer continue in these conditions, especially , which then turned out that the team had not removed the protective foam from the intake pipes, causing the second power unit failure!

He was offered a second chance at the 24 HOURS OF LE MANS when Marcel TARRES offered to share the wheel of the PORSCHE 962C with him, but BOVIE, who was allergic to pollen, was taking antihistamines at the time, which was not incompatible with high-speed driving, and he , unfortunately, was forced to reject the offer.

Today, at the age of 72, he retired from motorsport for a long time, not hesitating to become the number 1 supporter of his daughter Sarah, who continues to amaze with her talent.


His 33-year-old daughter Sarah, on the other hand, never ceases to amaze, having been involved in motorsport since the age of 12, much to the dismay of her father, who had to stop fighting to find the wheel during her career.

After a brief appearance in karting, she was noticed by no less than Thierry BOUTSEN, the owner of his own GINION team and the best Belgian driver since Jackie X.

This came in 2005 when she was able to showcase her talent behind the wheel of a Formula Renault 1.6 in Belgium before moving on after a brief stint in BTCS. (Belgian Touring Car Championship) always for Team BOUTSEN in the Blancpain Endurance Series in Mc LAREN MP4-12C and in 2013 in ASTON MARTIN V12 Vantage Team GPR.

In 2015, she participated in several RENAULT SPORT TROPHY competitions for the Spanish Monleau Competicion Team, and a year later she participated in the LAMBORGHINI SUPER TROFEO EUROPE in the HURACAN GT3.

We then find her again in 2017 in the BLANCPAIN GT SERIES ENDURANCE CUP in a LAMBORGHINI Huracan GT3, before continuing in the ASIAN LE MANS SERIES the following year in LMP3 in a LIGIER JS P3.

Under the new W Series reserved for Formula 3, driven exclusively by female hopefuls and under the leadership of David COULTHARD and Alex WURTZ, it moves from reserve to owner in 2019.

During 2020, the year of Covid, she can be found 16 times during the French LIGIER JS Cup and even twice behind the wheel of a 5-ton MAN truck developing around 1200 hp during two “trucks” with French sleeves !

With a busy schedule in 2021 where she will alternate missions in the MICHELIN LE MANS CUP GT3, EUROPEAN LE MANS SERIES LMGTE, GT WORLD CHALLENGE EUROPE ENDURANCE CUP and FIA WORLD CHALLENGE EUROPE ENDURANCE CUP, she experienced her first participation in the 24 HOURS OF LE MANS for driving a FERRARI 488 LM/GTE, in which she took 36th place overall and 9th place in class.

As for the current 2022 season, Sarah BOVIE has just quickly proved what she’s got under the hood by taking the first WEC Women’s Pole at Monza in early July, where she will also finish 2nd alongside her teammates to Rachel FRAY’s team. and Michelle GETTING in the GTE/AM class.

And just three weeks later, the same trio, joined by young Frenchwoman Dorian PIN, did it again at the last 24 HOURS OF SPA, the world’s premier GT endurance race, winning GTE/AM 26 years after another all-female crew of Florence DUEZ, Yolanda SURER and Kate RAFANELLI in a BMW at the time.

For Sarah Bowie, her career now seems to have finally begun, and we are sure that she will continue to amaze with other exceptional feats in the future.

For now, that’s all we can wish her, and let’s be sure her father has no more regrets about her following in his motorsport footsteps.

Manfred GIET

Photo: Publishing agency

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