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If it is always difficult to explain with confidence how legends are born, we can often date their birth. This is the case with polo by Piaget. In 1979, we saw that this watch appeared with a bracelet, perfectly integrated into the case, both made of gold. The brand created this model, drawing inspiration from the dominant spirit in polo clubs, an elite pastime that cultivates elegance and sophistication.

The style was original, the design seductive, as was the combination of precious metal with dynamic style. That year, the prestigious watch industry welcomed an unprecedented masterpiece to its ranks. More precisely, according to the consecrated term, a new icon, which was immediately accepted by many stars and personalities.

Apparently, the brand has come close to the sport that gave it its name, and since the 80’s has participated in the spotlight of polo, sponsoring important competitions and supporting teams in its colors. ” If we want everything to remain as it is, everything must change “, Tancred philosophized in the film cheetahVisconti.

Piaget Polo of 1979 release. DOCTOR

In 2001 polo Piaget is metamorphosed.

Its silhouette has been updated, and the dial is decorated with large numbers and a date of 6 o’clock, which confirms the avant-garde character. “, We soberly analyze at Piaget. Atypical, its design becomes recognizable at first glance, thanks to the geometric boldness. In fact, the dial in the shape of a pillow fits snugly into the heart of a round bezel.

Five years later, the collection soars to new horizons, welcoming an automatic mechanism at the forefront of evolution, caliber 800 P. Complications come into play as exceptional Polo Relative Swirl.

Outside of his field of expression, filled with nobility, Piaget was still determined to enter the world of sports, when in 2007 the manufacturer developed its first mechanical chronograph mechanism, designed and manufactured by hand, caliber 880 P.

Polo Skeleton, steel body 42 mm, automatic mechanism.  29,400 euros.

Polo Skeleton, steel body 42 mm, automatic mechanism. 29,400 euros. DOCTOR

Casual luxury

A new step forward, in 2009, with the use of titanium for a very dynamic Forty-five. In the same year, corresponding to the thirtieth anniversary of the village poloPiaget presents five memorabilia that match the design of the 1979 model. For example, two white gold watches with diamonds, designed for both men and women, with two different diameters, resonate with the style of historical dials.

For the designers, the goal was ” without ostentation reveal their value “As for the other three commemorative commemorations, they are reminiscent of the alternation of gold on the body and bracelet.

In 2016, polo where Piaget begins a new chapter of his existence, and to his name is added S. Automatic model with three arrows and a chronograph, working with specially designed mechanisms, covered with steel.

As for the brand, we are talking about everyday luxury and versatility. Possibility to wear one watch with a tuxedo and with clothes for rest. The concept is more relevant than ever in 2022 with new versions skeleton 42 mm or Date 36 mm. For Polo, the game continues calmly.

Piaget after a few dates

• 1874: Georges-Edouard Piaget, a native of La Côte-au-Fe, in Jura, Switzerland, at the age of 19 begins to make watch movements.
• 1943: Piaget trademark registered. The industry attaches its name to its products and launches its first watches.
• 1979: creation of Art poloinspired by the spirit of sports discipline.
• 2001: lines of Art polo upgraded.
• 2006: The collection welcomes the new generation automatic caliber, 800 P.
• 2007: The collection is joined by the first mechanical chronograph mechanism, designed, developed and manufactured by Piaget, caliber 880 P.
• 2009: two 30-year anniversary models take part in the design of historical dials.
• 2016: launch Polo C.
• 2022: presentation Polo shirt Date 36 mm and Skeleton polo shirt 42 mm.

* Modified version of the article published in our latest special issue of 100% watchmaking, in which an error occurred.

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