Serge Vigueru, a volunteer at heart, a sweet personality of the Pays de L’Aigle, has died

In 2020, Serge received a medal from the city of L’Aigle for his dedication and commitment (©Le Réveil Normand)

Creator of the antenna L’Aigle (Orne) Civil Defense and president for 28 years, Serge Vigoru died at his home on Friday at the age of 65.

He was born on August 9, 1957 in the village of Ternant, municipality of Monnai, Serge divided his days between school in Monnay, where he attended, and working on the farm with his parents, Joseph and Genevieve. After starting school in Tregaro College in Hase, Serhiy turned to agricultural studies to help his parents on the farm, but “he didn’t go.” Then he wanted to become a priest, but “they just closed the small seminary.”

The opportunity to join DDE (Equipment Department Management) as a draftsman finally presented itself to him “even though he could not draw at all”. Continuing his career in L’Aigle then Mortagne-au-Perche Prior to his retirement in 2017, Serge was involved in, among other things, building permits, town planning certificates and land use plans.

Not wanting to remain idle, Serge the day after his retirement worked at Bonhomme Funeral Homes, where “he really wanted to support people in pain, to accompany families.”

The will to serve

Always striving to be as close and considerate as possible to the population, Serge joined the Gasse fire brigade very early on, encouraged by the then chief of staff, Alain Counier. “Despite the sight of blood that made him close his eyes during his first intervention,” Serge devoted his time over the years to the fire department in Gase and then L’Aigle, even into the mid-90s.

At the same time, in 1990, Serge passed the MNS (National First Aid Monitor) exam organized by ADPC61 (Association of Civil Defense Departments) during an 8-day training course. Serge was initially tasked with training firefighters, then Thierry Gillan and André Gosselin, then president of ADPC61, asked to set up a branch in the eastern sector of the department, where ADPC was not represented.

Wear his heart on your sleeve

After several months and several inquiries, the adventure began with the birth on November 4, 1992 of the ASPCRA (Association for the Civil Protection of the L’Aigle Region). Struggling for the first years to find first aid stations, Serge was very keen to ensure the work of the association, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year and which he left in February 2020, handing over the baton to Cécile Gauthier.

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Thus, in 28 years, thousands of people were able to discover and appreciate a man who “wore his heart on his sleeve”, his good mood, his generosity, his dedication… whether in the first aid stations or during the many trainings organized by the branch .

Unbreakable friendship

Serhii, it was constant availability, the desire to please everyone… When we shared things with him, he showed unbreakable friendship… He had rules, and when someone deviated from these rules, it made him angry, but it was for a good cause .

Thierry GillanHead of the Department of Civil Protection

“He never gave up, never said no. He was always at the service of others, he thought more about others than about himself,” his relatives admit.

A memory imprinted in everyone

During his professional or volunteer career, Serge met many people, and many reacted to his disappearance by recalling a memory, a moment, an anecdote he shared. “He leaves a great void, we shared so much with him, we will miss him! “.

He will be paid his last respects Friday, October 7 at 10:30 a.m. in the church of Saint-Martin de L’Aigle with, according to Serge’s wishes, only fresh flowers.

The editors express their deepest condolences to his wife Veronique, three children, five grandchildren, as well as relatives and friends.

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