Showrunner “Sorbigolova” called the news of the revival of Disney + “bitter”

daredevil Showrunner Stephen DeNight responded to the news that the Marvel defender will receive the Disney + series without his participation, calling the announcement “bitter.” Stephen Denite, who acted as showrunner, director, screenwriter and producer during the first season daredevil on Netflix, got on social networks to announce that the character will return thanks to Disney +, saying that all he wants is a “big show of Sorvigolov”. What we can all agree on.

Although Denite is not involved daredevil The renaissance, Disney, is likely to draw inspiration from what he created on the Netflix show. daredevil remains one of the most well-received iterations of any Marvel character, and fans are loudly calling for the series to return after its cancellation in 2018.

Where Knight is not the only one daredevil The showrunner reacted to Disney news, and Eric Oleson, who was the showrunner of the third season of the Marvel Netflix series, also turned to social media to praise the actors, characters and fans. “Glad to hear #Daredevil is alive,” Oleson wrote on Twitter in response to a recent announcement. “The best cast and the best fan base EVER!” ยป

Disney + daredevil The series would be a sequel

While DeKnight and Aleson will obviously be excluded from daredevil revival, the return of the character will thank them both, as recent reports have claimed that the Disney + show will be a sequel to the Netflix series. Also to bring something new to the case.

This is stated in the reports daredevil will be “the first of the Netflix Marvel series to receive a new but ongoing series.” This is convincing evidence that the new Disney + daredevil the series will consider everything that happened on Netflix a canon. Although this news is not confirmed by any official channel, given this daredevil Star Charlie Cox has now taken on the role of Matt Murdoch Spider-Man: Don’t go homeFans can be sure that the actor will portray the Man without Fear again when he debuts at Disney +.

There were rumors about a daredevil for a while, and news of it finally surfaced late last week. Although no details of the casting or plot for the series have been released, the announcement contained news that Matt Corman and Chris Ord have been invited to write the series, which debuts on Disney +.

So far more daredevil There is news that Marvel has many other shows that are planned to be released on Disney +, including Miss Marvel, She-Hulk: Lawyer, Secret Invasion, Iron Heart, Armor Warsa series set in Wakanda, untitled special Halloween, Special holiday “Guardians of the Galaxy”.and Hawk’s eye unscrew Echo. And, if we believe the latest rumors and reports, we could see Matt Murdoch / Sorvigolovo Charlie Cox, Jessica Jones with Kristen Ritter and many others appear in several of them before returning to their own shows.


The Disney + Daredevil series will be both a sequel and something new

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