Six ideas for 100% free walks in Brest – Brest

  • 1 Take a walk near the capuchins

  • A cultural emblem of the city of Brest, the Ateliers des Capucins, a former monastery converted into industrial workshops, boasts of being “the largest public square in Europe”. The place is open daily for free to anyone who wants to walk through its doors. As well as hosting a restaurant, theatre, climbing wall and business incubator, Les Capucins regularly hosts free events, exhibitions, conferences, shows… the fruit of a rich and extensive programme. Large spaces also allow student cyclists, roller skaters and dancers to train. A real “melting place”, which makes it an ideal place for walks.

    Our file “Capuchins, the history of a new district in Brest”

  • 2 Reverie in the garden of the National Botanical Conservatory

  • The garden of the National Botanical Conservatory is one of the pearls of Brest. Covering an area of ​​30 hectares, it houses nearly 2,500 different plant species and boasts the third largest collection of endangered plants in the world. It offers its visitors an exotic setting suitable for raising awareness and conservation of flora and fauna. The place, open from 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM until September 18, is also a very good birding observatory. Every Thursday afternoon in July and August at 2:30 p.m., a facilitator from the Conservatory offers tours of the site to open your eyes to accurate and sometimes obscure specimens. The audio guide is available for free via smartphone, and the youngest can also take advantage of the Grimoire des Plantes treasure hunt. [Le site internet du Conservatoire botanique]

    And for those who want to see more, you can visit the greenhouses of the botanical conservatory! But it pays! (The Telegram / Rémy Quéméner)
  • 3 Treasure hunting with geocaching

  • Do you know geocaching? This discipline, which appeared in 2000, consists in using GPS functions to find hiding places in different places of the planet. On the edge of Brittany, an ideal and diverse playground. After downloading the app (it’s free, of course), the user will have access to precise GPS coordinates, revealing the location of caches created by other participants (usually small boxes). The goal is to find as many hiding places as possible! In this context, local tourism players offer four discovery itineraries suitable for all ages on the lighthouse route. A good way to combine heritage discovery and treasure hunting… [Les infos pour télécharger l’appli et l’utiliser]

    A scene of the daily life of schoolchildren in front of the Saint-Spas church in Recouvrance
    A scene of the daily life of schoolchildren in front of the Saint-Spas church in Recourance. Before/After at the “Metamorphoses of Brest” exhibition. (Document Cédric Dauphin/FORB4N)
  • 4 Immerse yourself in the past with the “Metamorphoses of Brest” exhibition.

  • What was Brest like in the past? From June 20, the exhibition “Metamorphoses of the City” entertains by comparing current images with clichés of the past. The results of these superpositions sometimes show great upheavals, but also show that certain places have retained the same physiognomy. The exhibition can be seen at the town halls and at the MJC de l’Harteloire until September 22, 2022 during opening hours, as well as on location at key locations in the city. Can you find them all?

    Fruits and vegetables, cheeses, cakes, textiles, art... the markets of Pays de Brest are full of treasures.
    Fruits and vegetables, cheeses, cakes, textiles, art… the markets of Pays de Brest are full of treasures. (Illustrative photo of The Telegram)
  • 5 Trip to local markets

  • What better way than local markets to discover the good products of the area? In Brest this summer, every day has its own market. The ability to buy (often at low prices) high-quality and local products. All this in a unique atmosphere and sometimes a very beautiful setting. There are almost forty of them on the Breton tip. Each with its own specifics. Seafood, cheese, fruit and vegetables, textiles, art… Everyone can discover the secrets hidden in these special events in the region. And it’s without obligation to buy!

    To discover the markets of Finisterre, click here

  • 6 Escape with free summer events

  • Whoever says holidays, says parties! And in Pays de Brest, the locals know how to do it. The summer program is packed: Thursdays in the port, Abers 2022 in Llandé, crab festival in Plouartzel, Breton weddings in Breles… So many events, the entrance to which is absolutely free and which reflect the cultural richness of the territory. It begins this Thursday, in Brest, on the occasion of Thursdays return from the port and the arrival of the artist Kali. Celebrate without spending a euro, it’s possible!

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