Slafkovsky wolf and Wright’s eagle

Which of Juraj Slafkowski or Shane Wright, because that’s what it’s all about, will have the most productive career in the National Hockey League (NHL). The Canadian will decide on the first choice of project in July next year, while ensuring that it becomes a 21st century debate. Unless the Habs targets American Logan Cooley, the small blast center measures 1.79 meters (5 feet 10 inches) and 79 kilograms (174 pounds). These are the three names that are circulating.

In many ways, Slavkovsky and Wright could not be more different.

The first, strong Slovak winger, skilful, excellent scorer, instantly recognizable on the ice, shows a relaxed look. Smiling, a joker, he has fun with the media, surprises with his straightforward, somewhat hoarse, which is sometimes still inherited from an insecure Englishman.

Juraj Slafkovsky impressed at the Olympic tournament, scoring 7 goals.

Photo: Reuters / DAVID W CERNY

We meet him near the hotel in the city center. The weather is good. Slavkovsky gives autographs. He sits down for an interview.

In Slovakia, people are under stress– he said later on Friday at an official meeting with all media.

Apparently, the guy decided a long time ago that he would not be like the people in Slovakia.

The wolf, we were told. This is how he described himself to the Canadian leaders when they asked him what kind of animal he would be, a classic of Montreal in the camp of assessing hopes.

Slafkovsky chose fangs because wolves rarely attack alone, rather than as a team.

Wright himself entrusted his colleague Guillaume Lefrançois Press – which would be a cute teddy bear for those who would ask questions – to see yourself as a bald eagle. The bird is not exactly an eagle, we apologize to ornithologists: it sounded better.

This choice points to two different mentalities, another example of the difference between two gentlemen.

Initially different in their game, Wright is more brain-methodical, which, in his opinion, explains why he is sometimes criticized for a certain lack of passion and commitment. In front of an audience full of journalists, the winemaker felt that it was a perception that his sense of anticipation and intelligence allowed him to work better, but not always at full speed.

He told us the same thing in Kingston in May.

Wright wants to be the first choice at the auction. He repeated it again. He deserves it, he says.

So he thinks, I think of something elseSlafkovsky sat down, smiling, completely confident.

In the same breath, he admits it fun“,”text”:”ce serait le fun”}}”>it would be fun to get out in the front row, but it is didn’t think too much.

In the end, it doesn’t change anything. It is important how your game adapts to the team. Everywhere is different. No matter who chooses me, I adjust and I will have a great career. »

The quote h Juraj Slafkowski

Wright received the exclusive status of a player to play in the OHL at the age of 15 (OHL). All his life he was under pressure, in the spotlight. Frank, direct, he still knows how to answer questions, he is used to this world.

Slafkovsky, less. Not afraid, he says everything he thinks, as this time at the Olympics, where he openly criticized the referees with strong arguments when we met him in the interview area after the match. At the age of 17, in the midst of international competitions… The Slovak is fearless.

Wright and Cooley broke bread with CH staff members. Another treat for Slafkovsky, who after his 15-minute interview met with Kent Hughes, Jeff Gorton and the two scouts we represent, Martin Lapoint and Nick Bobrov, for an hour.

He is waiting for the transfer during the game.

Shane Wright was the captain of his team during the Canadian Hockey League.

Photo: The Canadian Press / Jeff Robbins

I got a free steak. It is never unpleasant, launched Wright. 1-0 from Ontario.

My discussion was much tastier than dinner, Slafkovsky answered. 1-1.

Two polar opposites, two players with very different strengths: an interesting dilemma.

Natural marriage

Returning to the Canadian, Slafkovsky also did his homework. He had an ideal envoy in Thomas Tatar during the World Cup and, above all, a good salesman from the largest French-speaking metropolis in North America.

He told me that he had never had as much fun as theresaid the young Slovak.

People recognize you everywhere, they come to talk to youhe added.

And the pressure? He pauses. Short.

I think it’s a very strong motivation to play well. No matter where you are, if you play badly, it will not work. Just more intense in Montreal. But in this context, you are trying even harder. I will enjoy every moment and play to the fullestsaid Slafkovsky.

Some are already dreaming of a trio with Nick Suzuki and Cole Cofield. The impressive winger, who dominates the possession of the puck, will complete a rather scary line on paper.

He heard about it, but don’t bother. No more than with his amazing statistics in international tournaments: seven goals in the same number of games at the Olympics and the title of best player of the tournament, nine points in eight games of the World Cup.

Striking contrast with his 5 goals and 5 assists in 31 games in the Finnish league.

He has the answer again.

I had more freedom on the international ice. I could try more things. In Finland, with our very strict system, the game was more difficult. A little flat. Not only me, but also other players found it difficult to show their individuality. It’s a defensive game and we haven’t scored much. But that’s no excuse, I had to score more goalsdropped Slavkovsky.

Strange to say, but it would be easier for me to adapt my game to the National League than to a game in defense, as in Finlandhe added.

He does not lack confidence. A real predator. Like a wolf.

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