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Dear readers, it’s still sunny days here

There will always be aperitifs

And little games, I will keep talking to you

As long as you have enough pockets to carry them

For this 2nd week are called:

Avimbave, Bangkok, The End of Artichokes, Level 10.


Avimbave! Avimbave! The lion is dead tonight! You have a song in your head, and now you’re playing well 😊

Which of the black panthers or white tigers will take power? Use the abilities of your animals, but beware of hyenas, winning a few is good, but winning them all is boring!

AWIMBAWE is card game Mathieu Russell, illustrated by Oban Rittano, published by Explor 8, for 2 players from 8 years old.

Equipment : 32 cards (24 cards “land animals”, with abilities according to their characteristics, values ​​from 1 to 6 from 4 different localities, 4 cards “Eagle” values ​​from 7 to 10. 1 card “White Tiger”, 1 “Panther” card black ”and 2 cards“ Play Aid. ”The crowns on the cards are the winning points.

Tric Trac

let’s play : Everyone has their own territory, on which lie 4 cards, covered with 4 cards up, and 6 cards in hand. In turn, you place the card face up in the center of the table [Si elle a un pouvoir, celui-ci est de suite exécuté]. The other player must follow the map of the same type of terrain: wins the highest value. If he can’t follow, he has to play the Eagle card. [qui donne le choix de fuir ou de combattre, et donc de perdre ou de gagner des points]. If he can neither follow nor place the eagle, he must discard one of his cards and lose the trick.

If a player wins 4 Hyena cards, he loses the round.

Otherwise, the player with the most crowns on the cards wins the round.

To win the King of the Savannah, you will need 2 winning rounds.

It tricks for 2 players, available, family, with original graphics, can be seen as an introduction to stunt games. We also appreciate the lexicon of trick games, which is not known to all players.

Tric Trac


Create the most profitable floating market.

BANGKOK is a card game by Eric Plotton and David Paputa, illustrated by Maud Chalmel, published by Laboludic, 1 to 4 players, 9 years old.

Equipment : “Help in the game” card, 1 “1st player” token, 16 “Chile” cards with 2 peppers on the back, 60 cards [avec 4 lots de 3 cartes « Barque » de départ, avec 1, 2, 3 ou 4 bambous au verso]4 pontoon tiles “with 1 goal.

Tric Trac

let’s play : Each player receives 1 Pontoon card, which will give him points at the end of the game and 3 starting Boat cards. The “boat” and “Chile” cards form 2 separate decks. Floating 3X3 card market [Avec 7 cartes « Barque » et 2 cartes « Piment »] placed in the center of the table. In his turn, a player can improve his hand by exchanging one of his cards for a central floating market card, and then create and complete his floating market as soon as he has more than 3 cards in his hand. Chile cards allow you to score extra points. As soon as the player has played his 9th card, the round ends, and the player who scored the most points thanks to his cards “Pontoon” and “Chile” wins.

In Bangkok, you have to manage your hand by laying out the cards to best serve you in the common market. It reflects the atmosphere of Bangkok’s floating market, where traders are constantly maneuvering their boats. Very cute at first glance, much more sensible than it seems. Be careful not to focus only on your floating market: also watch your opponents and do not leave them too full boats. Practice with the solo version, then in groups with the expert version.

The program has fast games that you enjoy playing.

Tric Trac

The end of artichokes

Our vegetables have power!

Change vegetables, but do not overdo it with artichokes.

Card game by Emma Larkins, illustrated by Bonnie Pang, published by Gigamic, for 2-4 players, 10 years old.

Equipment : 100 cards [40 artichauts et 6 de 10 autres légumes, avec des effets] and 4 Game Help cards.

Tric Trac

let’s play : Each player receives 1 game aid and 10 artichoke cards that form a pile in front of him. “Vegetable” cards form a garden in the middle of the table. Take out 5 cards and put them in a line face up to form a garden. All players take 5 cards from their stack. The first player chooses 1 card from the garden, puts it in his hand and plays as many cards from his hand as he wants, applying effects [mais au début ce n’est pas possible, car il n’a que des artichauts]. Unplayed cards in his hand are placed in his own pile of discards, and he draws 5 new cards. The town is completed with 5 cards. And it’s up to the next player. When a player needs cards, if the disc circle is empty, he shuffles his discard pile and replenishes his hand by 5.

The winner is the one who is the first to draw 5 cards without artichokes.

Vitaminized, smart, effective card game for any audience. Once you remember the “power” of each vegetable, you can easily connect the parts of this little game“Deck construction”.

Tric Trac

Level 10

Like in a video game, but … with cards: help Izzy cross 5 worlds. 😊

Do you hear this little “Music 8 bit” ringing in your ears?

Joint game with limited communicationHisashi Ayashi, illustrated by Francisco Coda, published by Matagot, 1 to 5 players, 8 years old.

Material: 53 cards (40 cards of 5 different worlds, level from 1 to 8; 10 cards “Reset” (for each world value 0; 3 cards “Pause”)).

Tric Trac

let’s play : 2 re-initialization cards of each world are placed in a column to start the world row. Select the number of Pause cards you want to include in the game, depending on the desired level of difficulty. In turn, you must place one of your level or pause cards or a Reset card. The level map must be from the same world as the row in which it is placed. It must be equal to or greater than the value on the left. It must be placed in the running column. There must be 4 level cards and 1 reset card in the 5-card column. 1 pause card can be placed instead of any level card. Its number is equal to the number of the left card. As with any shared game with limited communication, you only have the right to say how many cards of one world you have, or to indicate in which world you want to play a level or reset card.

Be careful if 1 player cannot place a level 1 card, pause or reset, the game is lost. If you place all the level and reset cards, you win the game.

Good card gamewhich has everything to become mandatory. Some will say it’s “The Game light” and… why not? It does not deprive the game of pleasure 😊.

And I not only fell in love with the box, which is my favorite color, but also with it retro game design which will attract a lot of nostalgic video games.

Little games, part 2

For some of these little games will you break?


As long as you have enough pockets to store them!

And if you don’t mind, let’s meet again next week for other “little games”. [Attention, “Petit” par la taille, mais par la mécanique et le plaisir du jeu].

Ah, yes, I already said that 😊.

See you.

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