Sniper Elite 5: A guide to collectibles and starting points

The Occupied Residence at Sniper Elite 5 has 19 additional collectibles and two additional starting locations. The guide below shows you where to find all secret documents, personal letters, stone eagles and personal items of level 2. Like, for example, ancient statuettes, most are in the castle itself, although some are hidden in the vicinity.

As in our Atlantic Wall Collectibles Guide, we will go around the map clockwise from right to left. This guide also contains minor history spoilers, but we’ve tried to keep them to a minimum.

Occupied collectibles and starting points

Agenda (Secret Document 1)

From the starting point of the Forest Glade, climb to the right side of the map and go to the patrol in the forest Ford, marked with a blue icon. Kill the Nazis here and climb the waterfront to the right of MG42. You will see a small shack with boxes stacked around it. This information can be found on the box in the middle pile.

Note: daily orders can also be found on the drawer on the south side of the central bridge leading to the castle; the box is to the east (right) of the MG42 in this area. It can also be found on a desk in Kummler’s office.

Immediate request for attic repair (secret document 2)

Continue on the right side of the map through the forest and to the castle stables to the southeast of the castle gardens. Enter the north-eastern building with the Waffenkammer sign adjacent to the road. Take this document from the table on the left side of the building, the same table with bolt cutters and the key to the old tunnels.

Note. You can also find it attached to the door near the group statuette (below), the same room that gives you access to the attic of Meller’s office.

pistol workbench

Take the weapon key from the officer in the same area to find this workbench in the armory at the door at the table with the preliminary information.

New orders that come into force immediately (secret document 3)

This secret document is behind the workbench on the table. Note: I also found this document on the table on the ground floor of the farm in the northwestern part of the map with the SMG workbench. I also found it at a checkpoint near the main (south / central) entrance to the castle on a drawer near the tent and parked car.

stone eagle 1

From the castle stable, look north / northwest towards the castle itself. To the northeast of the gardens and gazebos you will see two buildings with pointed roofs attached to each other. The stone eagle is on top of the nearest roof.

Place of departure from the castle stables

Across the road north of the castle stable is a camp with several green tents. Find a campfire for this starting point just north of these tents, on the east side through a stone wall and small iron doors.

Soldier statuette (personal item 1) and a good plan, let’s do it (personal letter 1)

Go through the castle gardens to the building with the stone eagle. Kill the sniper in the tower and search his body to find this personal item. Then find Plan Bon, let’s do it on a small chest on the left side of the tower with a statuette of a sniper and a soldier.

Rifleman’s workbench

Enter the basement of the castle to find a weapons chamber and a rifle workbench. Basements can be accessed from three different zones:

  • The tunnel leading from the northern edge of the forest through the wine cellar, then across the bridge to the cellar.
  • A ramp descending at the southern end of the main courtyard of the estate.
  • Stairs from the ballroom.

Brother, I have a plan (Personal Letter 2) and a group statuette (Personal Item 2)

Climb to the third floor of the castle (from the second floor you can find a dark narrow stairwell; on the map it is in the middle of the northern edge of the castle). Go to the first room on the right to find this personal letter on the table. The personal item of the group statuette is in a box to the left of the letter.

Repair completed (secret document 4)

This secret document is part of the main goal. He is sitting at a desk in Moller’s office.

Operation Kraken and gratitude (documents classified 5 + 6)

Operation Kraken is on a small desk in the right back of a secret room in Moller’s office. Gratitude can be found on the table under the portrait on the left in the secret room.

Don’t disappoint me, nephew (Personal letter 3)

From Moller’s office, turn right and enter the first room on the left (Kummler’s office). This letter lies on the marble personal desk on the left as you enter. The schedule lies on the table in front of you when you enter, if you haven’t already taken it.

Need a scapegoat (personal letter 4) and a statuette of an old man (personal item 3)

From Moller’s office, go left to the northwest end of the castle. Enter the second door on the left, and then immediately into the bedroom. This letter lies on a chest at the foot of the bed.

Interact with the portrait on the left side of the bed in the same room to open the safe with this personal item inside.

Workbench SMG

Exit the castle on the northwest side. Head west through the gardens until you reach a farm by the river. Enter the attic through the vines on the northwest side of the farm behind the SMG workbench.

stone eagle 2

Exit the farm and go to the bridge near the checkpoint (south of the farm). Look to the southeast to find this stone eagle perched on the ruins of a stone wall on a rock. It is in front of a tree with red leaves and to the left of a tree with pink flowers.

stone eagle 3

Cross the bridge. Stop on the other side and look straight (west / southwest) to find this eagle sitting on the chimney on the farm in front of you.

The starting point of the ammunition farm

Open the door to the wooden house behind the farm north / northwest of the previous stone eagle. It’s on the northwest edge of the map.

That’s it: all collectibles and starting locations at Occupied Residence, the second mission of Sniper Elite 5. Also be sure to read our step-by-step instructions for Spy Academy and War Factory. To get even more tutorials leading to information in the game, stone eagles and workbenches, go here.

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